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My Role as a Citizen of

Recently, my friends visited California. I asked
them what were the most things they liked
there, they answered me that cleanliness. In
India as population is increasing pollution is
also increasing. Wherever we see there is Air
pollution and Water pollution. We can survive
for some time without food, but we cannot
survive even for a few minutes without air. This
simple fact tells us how important clean air is
to us. ue to air pollution many people get
many respiratory problems. This happens due
to humans! i.e. vehicles produce high levels of
pollutants. It is poisonous gas. It reduces the
o"ygen carrying capacity of the blood. #or this
we can switch to fuels like C$% and unleaded
petrol. We can plant trees and use bicycle or
public transport or go by walk for nearest
And the ne"t thing to make our &arth look blue
and green is to reduce water pollution. Water
is a precious resource. 'any of us throw large
(uantities of garbage, untreated sewage, and
dead bodies into water. 'ain cause is many
industries discharge harmful chemicals into
rivers and streams, causing the pollution of
water. &"amples are oil re)neries, paper
factories, te"tile and sugar mills and chemicals
factories. These industries cause chemical
contamination of water. The chemicals released
include arsenic, lead and *uorides which lead
to to"icity in plants and animals. There are
regulations to prevent this. Industries are
supposed to treat the waste produced before
discharging it into waters, but (uite often the
rules are not followed. The soil is also a+ected
by water, causing in acidity, growth of worms,
The importance of pesticides and weedicides is
for the protection of crops. -owever, all these
chemicals dissolve in water and are washed
into water bodies from the )elds. They also
seep into the ground to pollute ground water.
.ometimes untreated sewage is thrown
directly into rivers. It contains food wastes,
detergents, microorganisms, etc, Water
contaminated with sewage may contain
bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites which
cause diseases like cholera, typhoid, and
/aundice. The bacteria present in the faeces of
mammals are indicators of the (uality of water.
If water has these bacteria, it means that it
has been contaminated by fecal matter. If such
water is used by us, it can cause various
infections. #or this 0aws of industries units
should be strictly implemented so that polluted
water is not disposed o+ directly into rivers
and lakes. Water treatment plants should be
installed in all individual levels we should
consciously save water and not waste it.
Reduce1 reuse and recycle should be
our mantra2
We can think of creative ideas like reusing
water used for washing and for other
household tasks.
#or e"ample, water used for washing
vegetables may be used to water plants in the
3 you know4 While brushing your teeth,
leaving the tap running may waste several
litres of water. A tap that drips once every
second wastes a few thousand litres of water
every year. Think about it2
5ollution is no longer a distant
phenomenon. It is a+ecting the (uality of our
daily lives. 6nless we all reali7e our
responsibility and start using environment8
friendly processes, the very survival of our
planet is in danger.
I conclude by saying that save water, save
trees and save earth.
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