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Re d e f ining Te chnolog ica l Horiz ons
Re d e f ining Te chnolog ica l Horiz ons
R283 Electronic Single Phase Energy Meter is
developed for domestic and commercial users. It
is designed especially for those regions/areas
where power theft is a major concern. This model
comes up with comprehensive Anti-Tampering
features. State of the art Digital Signal Processor
and highly accurate Sigma Delta ADC integrated
circuits have been incorporated to measure kWh.
Current (I) sensors are provided on both Neutral
and Phase wires to record/measure the energy
in case of different tampering conditions.
Fulfills IEC 62052, class 1 accuracy requirements.
The meter is protected against Electrostatic Discharge
(ESD), Surge Immunity, AC/DC Magnetic Fields as per
IEC 61000-X-X requirements.
Seven digits register showing energy consumption (kWh)
kWh reading display on LCD in case of power
Meter can also measure voltage, phase current and
neutral current (Optional)
Low battery indication ( ) when 25% life of the battery
is left
Error indication (Error 1/Error 2) in case of
hardware/software faults
Pulse output (3200 impulses/kWh) displayed via LED on
meter name plate
Features (Contd......)
Self diagnostic of memory
Reliable LCD with ultraviolet protection
No effect of tilt on meter accuracy
Resistant against dust & moisture
Anti Tampering Features
When one of the input wires i.e. phase or neutral is disconnected
or fan dimmer used to tamper the meter then Alarm LED on meter
name plate lights up and segment of Earth Fault Detection Erth
appears on LCD. In this condition meter keeps on billing by measuring
the current flow (Current = 1 Amp) with reference voltage and unity
power factor.
When meters input and output are interchanged/reversed to
tamper the meter, then Alarm LED on meter face plate lights up and
segment of Reverse Energy Flow Rev displays on LCD, which indicate
that the connection of meter are reversed. However, in this case the
meter keeps on recording energy accurately.
Protection against external influence such as strong Electromagnetic
field, Radar magnet, CD drive, etc.
Electrical Specifications:
Operating Voltage 240 Volt
Basic/Max Current 10/40 Amp
Reference Frequency 50Hz
Accuracy Class 1.0
Meter Constant 3200 imp/kWh
Starting Current 40mA
Power Consumption
o Voltage Circuit Less than 2W, 10VA
o Current Circuit Less than 4VA (at basic current)
Initial Start up Time After 5seconds of supply of rated voltage
Billing Record
Monthly reading for last 24 months of 4 tariffs and totals (TL) of the
Cumulative MDI(kW)
Current Month MDI(kW)
Avg. Power Factor(PF)
Temperature Range:
Storage -25 C to 80 C
Operating -25 C to 60 C
Relative Humidity:
Storage 0 to 95%
Operating 0 to 95%
Weight & Dimension:
Weight 1.26 Kg
Dimension 23.9cm 16.4cm 8cm
Windows Displays Sequence:
Each window displays for 5 seconds and scrolls
01. Meter Serial Number.
02. Active Energy (KWh)
03. Maximum Demand Interval (MDI) of Last Month
04. Maximum Demand Interval (MDI) of Current
Month (KW)
05. Instantaneous Active Power (KW)
Connection Diagram
Dielectric Strength:
Power Frequency Withstand 4 KV for One Minute
Impulse Voltage Withstand 8 KV: 1.2/50 Micro
Short Time over Current 1200 Amperes for 0.5
Insulation Resistance More than 5 Mega Ohms.
Creepage Distance 20mm Minimum
DC Magnetic Field 1000 Amp/Turns
AC Magnetic Field 400 Amp/Turns
Electromagnetic Compatibility/ Disturbance (EMC):
Electro Static Discharge IEC 61000 4 2
Radio Interference IEC 61000 4 3
Fast Transient Burst IEC 61000 4 4
Surge Immunity IEC 61000 4 5
Damp Oscillatory Wave Immunity IEC 61000 4
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