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30/06/14 6:22 pm Summer Internship: Most Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews | CareerAnna.

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Summer Internship: Most
Frequently Asked Questions in
Posted by: Career Anna August 27, 2013
Tags: Business, Career, Placement


This is that time of the year when summer internship placements are going to begin in almost
every B-School. All the rst year students are busy making resume, running to the seniors to ask
what are the questions asked in interviews, trying to catch up with any alumnus or a friend who
has cracked the company similar to the companies they are aiming at. In some cases, even
trying to spend sometime over coffee with a senior placecommer Yes, lot can happen over
coffee even for summer placements is what we perceive.
However, let us not forget that at the end of the day, it is our ability to perform in the interview
that nally decides if we would be able to get through or not.
Summer Internship- Ticket for future Job Offer
Summer Internship can be your ticket to locking down future job offer, without not even
waiting for nal placement time to begin. If you aim at this, you need to ensure that your
internship is in the prole or industry sector that you want to work in later and build the career.
Generally, this could be in a reputed organization where you get to share and gain industry
knowledge. This also enables you to learn the operations and different activities which you need
to perform in roles and responsibilities you would be performing in your dream organizations.
Prepare well for summer internship placements. Start practicing being the active participant in
mock group discussions and even take mock interviews. This would get you the hang of the
entire selection process for summer internship placement process.
Accept the summer internship offer if you lie the work and want to build your career in same.
Do not just accept the summer internship offer due to the stipend being offered irrespective of
the fact that you like the work or not. Starting your career as a trainee or an Associate should
not bother you, job description and job expectations should be the major concern for you.
Summer Internship- How to start preparation
To start the preparation for summer internship, most important thing is that you know the
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30/06/14 6:22 pm Summer Internship: Most Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews | CareerAnna.com
Page 2 of 5 http://www.careeranna.com/summer-internship-placements-frequently-asked-questions/
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companies / sector you are aiming at to build our career. Do an extensive research on the
company / sector this will not only help you in interviews but would also help you in
understanding if the respective industry is in sync with what you want to do in future.
As the part of the preparation, in initial days do a research on companies products,
initiatives, services, vision, policies etc. If you dont do it early and keep the notes ready with
you; take my words that you will not be able to do this once the actual placement time starts.
Once it starts, you would be just running from one room to other for different processes and if
there is no shortlist, then you would not feel too good that you can gear up yourself for studies.
Remember, all the studies and preparation needs to be done before the summer internship
placement process starts. And do not forget to take notes during this time as you would just
have the time to go through notes once things kick off.
The gist of the most commonly needed things to be taken care while preparing for summer
internship placements has been captured in the image below.
Summer Internship Placement process
Summer Internship- Most Frequently Asked
Questions asked in summer internship placement process can be broadly classied into 3
categories. This article brings to you the most Frequently Asked questions from each category
and it is expected that you prepare the answers of these questions well ahead of time.
Category 1: Behavioral Questions Form the most
important part of the interview
Tell us about yourself.
What are your greatest strengths?
What are your greatest weaknesses?
Tell me about something you did or failed to do that you now feel a little ashamed of.
What are your career options at this moment?
What are your hobbies & interests?
Which is the last book you read?
Tell about a situation when you or your work was criticized.
How do you feel about reporting to a younger person (minority, woman, etc.)?
Would you lie for the company?
If given a chance, what one thing you would like to change in your life which you have done?
Can you work under pressure?
Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Are you willing to travel or relocate?
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30/06/14 6:22 pm Summer Internship: Most Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews | CareerAnna.com
Page 3 of 5 http://www.careeranna.com/summer-internship-placements-frequently-asked-questions/
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How do you dene success and how do you measure up to your own denition?
Are you a team player?
What is more important to you: the money or the work?
Where do you see yourself ve years from now?
What contributions could you make in this organization that would help you to stand out from other
What are the types of assignments that keep you engaged and what are those that do not excite
Describe an incident that has had a deep impact on you and brought about a signicant change.
Can you share with us one experience in your recent past, wherein you were placed under a lot of
stress and how you handled that situation?
Can you explain to us how were you able to handle a recent situation wherein you faced a dilemma
between your ethics & integrity and achievement of crucial desired result?
Tell us about one thing that you not only preach, but also strictly Practice.
Long & short term objectives
Category 2- Prior Work experience and things done
(prior to MBA) written in resume
What do you consider to be your most signicant professional/ academic achievements and why?
What was the toughest challenge youve ever faced?
What is your single largest achievement so far? Why do you consider it to be your largest
Have you ever adopted a non-traditional approach to manage a project / situation or to solve a
problem? Briey describe the project / situation of the problem, the approach and the outcome.
Summer Internship Placement Questions: Relate real life examples in the answers
Tell us about a situation wherein you inuenced a team of people to implement an innovative idea.
Give me an example of your creativity (analytical skill managing ability, etc.)
Provide an example when you approached your work with a mindset of having limited resources or
time. Description of the context, the action you took and the results that were achieved.
Describe a situation when you faced a difcult problem and you were able to solve it. Description of
the context, the action you took and the results that were achieved.
Category 3- B-School Academics Related
30/06/14 6:22 pm Summer Internship: Most Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews | CareerAnna.com
Page 4 of 5 http://www.careeranna.com/summer-internship-placements-frequently-asked-questions/
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Which subjects have you enjoyed studying the most and why?
Which subjects do you dislike and why?
Other questions from academics may include subjects related to the prole you are applying for.
For marketing, you are expected to know basics of marketing and should be able to correlate things
with practical corporate world. You should be able to answer questions like impact of certain
advertisement, what was the message conveyed, it succeeded or failed etc.
For Supply Chain, you may be expected to draw analogies from real life examples of SCM
concepts. For example: Give an example from different activities happening inside a B-School that
can be termed as Bull Whip effect.
For Consulting, you might be expected to be good at guesstimates and lot of questions can be
asked on the same.
With this we come to the end of our rst article to facilitate your summer internship
placements preparation. We would be coming up with articles on industry/company analysis as
well in future. Feel free to share your thoughts on the article and what you want us to cover for
summer internship placement process. Your suggestions are welcome as always!
Cheers and All the best!

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30/06/14 6:22 pm Summer Internship: Most Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews | CareerAnna.com
Page 5 of 5 http://www.careeranna.com/summer-internship-placements-frequently-asked-questions/
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