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The Library of Babel

By Jorge Luis Borges

The speaker for The Library of Babel is the Jorge Luis Borges. The audience is everyone
in the world. The message is that The Library of Babel is not useless. Because the Library has
existed forever, it must have been designed by a god, at the narrators perspective. Jorge Luis
Borges creates the images of a library that has hexagonal shapes and derives off of many rules.
The books are ruled by twenty five different symbols, each book has four hundred and ten pages,
with forty lines per page and eighty characters per line. It is kind of mysterious in a way. There
are many books in The Library of Babel. No one really does know the language that the books
are in. Most of the books cease to make sense. Many people come to this library to look for
resources, and some believe that the library is completely useless because they do not
understand. The Library of Babel uses logos. The passage uses logic to connect to the people. It
is more about informing the people about the library. The way the narrator had to live in the
library for his whole life. In todays society. We use The Library of Babel too much. Generally
when we use it we have no clue. We rely on the book man to guide us and give us answers on
our life questions. The bookman can lie to us. The book man can be flawed. The book man might
have something against you. The book man can be hiding something from you but you will never
know because you are ignorant to how he knows what he knows. Without the bookman the
Library is useless. The narrator makes the book man into a god. He is a god because he
understands how the library is works, and he can control others people opinions on topics
because he holds what other people think is the truth. No one really knows how to decode the
library other than the book man because it is written in some strange language. It is a Samoyedic
Lithuanian dialect of Guarani, with classical Arabian inflections. Not just anyone can be a book
man. The purpose for The Library of Babel is to serve as a metaphor for something other
worldly. The evidence uses was mostly personal experience. By living in the library for so long.
He grew an attachment to it. He learned what he learned from the library. He states that he would
most likely die in the library. The author made me care about this library because I believe that
books are valuable. Even when you cannot necessarily understand them. You can really derive a
truth from them. Any and every book could be a key. You would not know unless you
The library is the universe.
The library is a sphere whose exact center is any one of its hexagons and whose
circumference is inaccessible.
Created by a god.
Book man has godlike powers.
In the library there is no two identical books
Very detailed.
If honor and wisdom and happiness are not for me, let them be for the others. Let heaven
exist, though my place be in hell.
Library is useless rigorously speaking.