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WINSTON SHROUT Solutions in Commerce #4


People have believed for almost 250 years that they have a sovereignty, when in fact they dont. The
United States is still a British Colony. And has been from the very inception. The so-called Founding
Fathers were members of the Crown. They were attorneys, Benjamin Franklin in particular. And so,
for instance, the signers on the Declaration of Independenceit was signed by the Crown, and the
attorneys for the Crown.

The conquest of the Native People by a bankrupt corporationU.S.A. Inc., and the treaties that were
signed, that is original validity. One of the great tragedies of the United States is that it tried to
obliterate, through apartheid, it tried to obliterate the people off the land. And not only just by war.
Theyve tried to prevent the people to increase their numbers, by sterilization, by all manner of things.
The churches have tried to take the children away and turn them into corporate citizens. Weve seen this
continually, and it still goes on today.

To give you an idea of what went on in the earliest of time. There was the East India Trading Co. which
sought to subjugate the whole world, and they continue to try to do so. This was the corporation that
funded the colonization of the original 13 Colonies or States. They are the ones that created the Debt. It
is true that the people from Europe who have occupied America have always done so under bankruptcy.
What they tried to do to avoid the bankruptcy, they tried to incorporate and shift the liability from the
Private side into the Public. And they did that by incorporating under the Articles of Confederation.
With the incorporation, the new entity took on the debt and liability that was owed to the East India
Trading company, and consequently, the King of England at that time.

Now they found that their incorporation was flawed because they had no way of enforcing their
international treaties. In other words, they had not successfully incorporated the principles of
international laws under admiralty into the Articles of Confederation. So at that point they formed a new
corporation and they had a new document which was called the Constitution for the UNITED STATES.

Now, the Constitution for the UNITED STATES took over and assumed the liability that was assumed
by the previous corporation by the Articles of Confederation which assumed the debt that the 13
Colonies owed to the East India Trading Company.
So the Constitution, which everybody seems to be so much worried about, was in fact a filing of
bankruptcy. The bankruptcy had already been declared. And the Europeans that operated on the soil of
North America had come here under bankruptcy and it continued to be so.

Now, with the creation of the Constitution, there was a filing of the bankruptcy in the year 1789. Under
the Anglo rules of Bankruptcy says that a nation can go into bankruptcy for a period of 70 years. The
main question for the first period of bankruptcy was: WHO shall be the surety?[the one that shall be
responsible for paying the debt of the other person]. What can we use to secure the payment?
(basically the debt was owed to King George through the East Indian Trading Co./the Bank of England
was also in existence then) Answer:It was the land. So, the land was lien-ed up against.

As was mentioned, the bankruptcy lasted 70 years. So if you add 70 years onto the year 1789 +70 =
1859, which would have been the end of the national bankruptcy if the debt was repaid. But it was not
repaid; in fact the debt was increased. As a consequence, a second bankruptcy was contemplated. But
because all the land in the North was all lien-ed up, and there was no way to use it for surety again, they
had to find a new surety.
So what do you thing the federal government in Washington D.C. decided to do?go out by
CONQUEST and seize all the free whole land that they could get their hands on. As a consequence of
that, in 1860 or whatever, they concocted a new war, and they called it a Civil War. Or, they called it
a war between the States when in fact the States were not at war with each other. It was the federal
government that was at war.

And so they used the free whole land of the South as the surety for the second period of bankruptcy.
They could not pay, and they had no intention of paying off the debt because they wanted to continue on
in bankruptcy. Approximately in Well, wouldnt you know it. Then came the Civil War called the War
Between the States, in actuality it was the War Between the States and the Federal Government. In 1871
a new corporation was formed called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This new corporation went in
Washington D.C., at that time there were 5 separate jurisdictions, and it consolidated the 5 districts of
Washington D.C. into one. And from that they formed a new corporation to assume the debt. Well, they
did a poor job of it, as you can imagine.

Because it was by 1903, it was obvious that this new corporation would not and could not pay the debt.
In 1913, they came out with something known as the Federal Reserve Act. Now the purpose of the
Federal Reserve Act was what?to try to deal with the bankruptcy. And under international law, if the
people of the United States did not object to the Federal Reserve Act, then it became law.

Now, lets add another 70 years onto the end of the previous period of bankruptcy, that was the year
1859 +70 =1929. In 1929, the Europeans crashed the stock market in the United States and caused an
artificial depression to occur, to force the people into a mold that they were trying to create.

So in 1933, we had the Federal Reserve Act as law and the Federal Reserve came in. And everything
changed. They got rid of the gold, people could not use it for commerce, and they started using a fiat

And, inadvertently, or by design, not exactly sure what is actual, as they went into this third period of
bankruptcy, what do you think they used in that bankruptcy as the surety?It was The people. The
people are now the dirt.
The people now became the Surety for payment of the debt. People are moveable dirt. Thats what you
There are deeds out on the human flesh because we are considered moveable dirt. The only difference is
that this dirt just gets up and walks around a little bit. But it is considered dirt.

So for this period of bankruptcy here beginning in 1929, it was the people that became the surety. But
there was a principle in the Old Testament that was adhered to by the Anglo people. Which was the
principle of slavery. Slavery is this, that if you cannot pay your debt, you can go into slavery and
basically work it off. Do not confuse slavery with involuntary servitude. The African people that were
brought here to North America were not brought here for slavery. They were brought here under
involuntary servitude. Because you have to go into slavery voluntarily. Its not by conquest.

And so, the people in the United States went into slavery by their permission. Its true they did so in
ignorance. But it appears the creator steps in and takes care of the matter. Because after the 70 years of
slavery, the debt was paid. So if you add 70 onto 1929, you come up to

1999. Specifically, if I remember, it was November 6, 1999, when the slavery and the bankruptcy was
over with.

So what does this mean to the people?It means they can no longer be held as surety for the debt that
was incurred by the East India Trading Company. If the people decide that they do not want to operate
in bankruptcy any longer, they do not have to do so. In Canada its the same thing. The dates may vary
slightly, but its the same principle that is involved here.

The moment that you decide that you no longer want to be held in bankruptcy, you can simply come out.

And that is what I did. I am not a slave, because by my labor I paid for the debt that was originally
incurred way back when. So we spent a good deal of time, not just myself, but many others, have been
going around teaching some basic concepts about what we call Commercial Redemption to
demonstrate how you can come out of the bondage that you have previously experienced.

Now you do not have to come out if you do not want to.

Most of the people in America, the United States and so forth, have decided that they will stay in
bankruptcy for whatever reason, maybe its more convenient, or whatever, not quite sure of the thing. But
the issue is this: You cannot be held in bankruptcy if you decide to come out of it. And so the techniques
and the technologies, and so forth, that weve been talking about here, and in other seminars, we have
tried to give you the tools, the technology, the knowledge, perhaps the desire, to come away from what
you have had to deal with from the past.

Most of the questions and situations that we have addressed for the last 5 years (2004), and since that
time we have had a chance to visit and have gone around the U.S., and into some foreign countries
(Australia & New Zealand), but what we have had to teach people is to how to come out of debt.
Because in order to say that you are free, you cannot have a lien against you.

We start talking about un-LIEN-able rightshow can you exist with unalienable right when you have
a debt against it. And so most of the questions and conversations we have had over the years is to
explain to people how they can come out from under debt.
Its like going to the doctor and telling him, Every time I bend my elbow it hurts, what to do? The
doctor will say, J ust dont do it. Stop bending your elbow. Same thing as going into a bank and telling
the banker, Every time I go into debt I feel terrible. Its obvious, then, what to not do.

So we are trying to understand how to live in a society that is based on debt. To try to learn how to avoid
the consequences of those things. All the stuff we have been talking about, the tools we are giving to
you, is so you can alleviate the debt. We have been trying to take the debt off the people, we have been
trying to take the debt off the land. And those things are very difficult to do.

We have met with a great deal of resistance from the corporate world. They are saying, NO! We got
you where we want you. We got you under our thumb, were not going to let you out! And so in some
instances we have had to resort to some pretty mean things, from time to time. So tomorrow we are
going to go over how you can start to eliminate that debt situation.

Because remember, all the debt you are involved in is part of a fiction world. It does not exist in reality.
Its all a fiction because of what?The PREPAY. Everything in the PUBLIC is prepay. But there are a
bunch of sharks and barracudas swimming around in the sea of admiralty here, who are relying on the
ignorance of the people, so they can keep them in bondage, so they can keep stealing their sweat equity.
And so these are the issues that we have been trying to demonstrate. Those are the techniques and
technologies that we have been trying to teach so you can overcome the sharks and barracudas. Because
I can tell you right now that the sharks and barracudas have no intention of letting go. They have no
intention of giving you up easily. So when you go out of here and try to use some of this technology,
you are going to run into resistance guaranteed!

Anybody here not run into resistance?nono[from the seminar audience] So, from time to time we
will give you different tools with that regard. Sometimes it seems to go very very good, and other times
it seems to go very hard. And so we are continually on the move, developing the background, so you can
come in and rectify the problems when you have the resistance.

And [how we do it] its kind of like turning a shark against a shark. And that is what we have basically
done because the corporations operate on the greed principle. So we make it very profitable for one
shark to attack another shark. And that is what we are doing. As I mentioned to you, the IRS is my very
best friend. Because the IRS operates on the greed principle. And I can turn them against any other
corporation. And because they are so powerful, they will go and gobble them up. And they will not
hiccup. They wont blink. They will go and do it.

And so that is the technology that we have developed that is what we present to you and how to use
those things to try to put pressure on the establishment to do the right thing.

Now remember, a corporation is created as a fiction. It is created for the benefit of a real entity. But
when the corporation stops acting for the benefit of its creator, and starts to attack its creator, it has to be
eliminated. And were having just a little bit of resistance sometimes, and then we start eliminating
corporations because they get very exited. Because it appears that the majority of people prefer to live
that way. So we do have those problems from time to time.

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