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This War Is the Passion Chapters 1-3

The war is part of Christs Passion because He has made us other Christs and thereby our
suffering is added to the Passion (1)
It is time to prove our Christhood, but we are not alone and we are armed with the
strength and tools of Christ (2)
We Must make Complete Sacrifice
o We are fighting for and are obligated to fight for and keep freedom; this is the
possession of the inner kingdom (3)
o Our first responsibility is to love and all actions we do in this war must be with
love (3-4)
Imitate Christ in His Love
o We can imitate Christs sacrifice; even if we can only imitate his gentle silence
rather than pray and sacrifice for our enemy; Christ is really doing the sacrifice
The Kingdom Within
o Christ only used Himself to achieve His great works and when all seemed lost, he
only gave the apostles His Spirit, which is all that is needed (6)
o The Resurrection is the only thing that matters and we are put into the position of
the apostles to protect our faith from the temptations of the world (7)
o We will still work as everyone does, except it will be done with the love of Christ
and where we fall short, we will rely on forgiveness (8)
o When it is hard to receive the Sacraments, we will still spread Christ through
loving our neighbor and giving simply ourselves as the apostles did (9-10)
The Flowering of Christ
o If we are not trending towards sacrifice, Christ is not growing in us; sacrifice is
joyful though and as simply as making the sign of the cross (10)
o The sacrifice of making the sign of the cross is to give up all the good things in
the world for a second to give all yourself to God; God demands our best
sacrifice: Jesus Christ (11)
o Christ loved life more than we do and sees everything as more beautiful and
shows us its full beauty (12)
o Christ gave up this life that he loved so much and when we imitate Him through
sacrifice, we are doing the same thing for God (13-14)
o We feel compelled to hate our enemy, but we must never do so; in fact, we must
love them (14-15)
o The Causes
The foremost cause of hate is fear the second is indignation at the
suffering of innocents (15-16)
o The Remedies
Perfect love drives out fear, but even imperfect love can make it bearable
As with our body, there is a spiritual adrenaline that makes us strong
enough to endure the suffering (17)
Must take teaching of how we love the least of us is how you love God
seriously and act accordingly (18)
By loving, we will have no time to hate the enemy and become gentle
enough to love our enemy (19)
o Positive Remedy
Previous example is only how to reduce capacity to hate enemy, but we
must use pure Christianity to love enemy (19)
We are trusted with Christ and must act as He did because of it; cannot do
it alone, but we have his help and must ask what he would do: hate and
fight evil (20)
Christ knew the intrinsic value of His life, but gave it up anyway to defeat
evil and save sinners (21)
We fight Germany because it has become a great evil because of humans;
we have contributed in some way to that evil, but we must fight it because
it is a great evil (22)
It is a strange procession to reach the point of loving our enemy, but it is
necessary; those who hate never heal (23)
o The Greater Love
Christ says there is nothing greater than to lay ones life down for ones
friends; He also did so for his enemies which outnumbered His friends
Even His friends betray Him and act unworthily of Him, yet He never
stopped loving them or the rest of us (24)
We must not allow the gates of Hell to prevail against Christendom and to
do this by following all the hard teachings of Christ (25)
Christ an Unreality
o Despite all that Christ has done, we often treat Him as if He did not exist (27)
o We should make our souls comfortable to rest in; not continually try to tidy and
clean it obsessively (28)
o We treat God horribly; all He wants is to be with us and give Himself to us, but
we hardly even give notice (29)
o God does not want a list of little things we do wrong nor of little sacrifices we did
nor of sacrifices we want to make (30)
o What we should do is quiet our souls and listen (31)
o Even the ordinary things in life are Gods way of saying that He loves us; all He
asks is that we treat Him as if He exists (32)
o Christ a Reality
In Eternity
Christ exists through all time; His words did not die after 33 AD
Our Lady
Christ asked Mary for her human nature; the invulnerable wished
to feel cold, hunger and thirst, etc. (33)
Mary said yes for all of humanity and gave the only thing she
could give: her littleness (34)
The Incarnation
Jesus is an actual man and He was the kind of man that made even
His work look beautiful (35)
Jesus has shaped humanity to fit His body to make it more
beautiful than we ever could (36)
Christ is Still Here
Christ is still with us, especially through the Sacraments (37)
Our humanity is the substance of sacramental life (37)
What the Church is
The Church is everyone who is a part of Christ on Earth; Christ
cannot be divided, so we are all one body; he heals us as blood
brings nourishment to body (38)
This union is not artificial; what one does affects the whole body
The Church is the root of mans being (40)
The Poetry of Christ
Poetry is the wonder of life that God keeps alive (40)
The rhythm of Christ is death and resurrection and we follow in
that rhythm in living our lives: the seasons of the liturgical year are
that cycle (41)
The Christ Voice
The voice of Christ is us reciting His prayers (42)
We consecrate the Host with the priest by sacrificing our bodies;
we also are Christs voice when a mother teaches her child to pray
Christ is sacrificing, healing, being present constantly (44)
The Comforting of Christ
o We are all other Christs, but some do not know it + what we do now contributes
to Jesus passion because we are in Him and all things are always present for Him
o We can comfort Christ in his passion because we are in Him (46)
o Easy to see that we can comfort Him when we look at the people who did so in
the past (47-49)
o The Words on the Cross
When we meditate on passion and feel pain, that is Christs pain + Christ
knows all the other pains we go through as well (50)
Also experience Christ love + meditate on his words when dying on the
cross to help with suffering during war (51)
Father Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do
Jesus forgives without even an apology and does not try to goat
one out because he wishes to spare our feelings (52)
Those words still apply because evil does not know what they do
even to friends or people we do not know, so we must forgive even
violence to innocent (53)
Woman Behold Thy Son
Jesus could not comfort His mother in her time of need because He
was on the cross, so He gives her another son despite how hard that
was for Him (54)
We cannot understand His unselfish love and only through Him
can we have something resembling it (55)
My God, my God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
Jesus experienced despair (55)
Jesus crying out Gods name is a sign of His faith despite his
anguish (56)
It is Consummated
Means that Jesus has accomplished what he came here to do (56-
Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit
God is all of our Father and we have nothing but Gods love (58)
o The Stations of the Cross
Cannot be too historically accurate because of reasons of reverence +
Church teaches about Jesus through pictures of the station (59-60)
The purpose of the pictures is to capture some truth of the moment; not
historical stuff (61)
The higher goal is to move beyond the pictures and to be able meditate
without them (62)
Through the cross, we receive Christ (63)
Jesus Falls Under the Cross
God falls to be an example for the weak: sinners (63-64)
Simon of Cyrene
The joy of carrying the cross with Jesus (65)
He does not withhold his pain from the women for their sake and
does not accept their pity, but tells them to pity the oppressors (66)
Christ on the Cross
The pain and suffering applies to Christ back then and to the least
of us today and we abandon Him in both times (67-68)
Mystici Corporis 1-39, 78-113
Purpose of this document is to explain the Mystical Body of Christ (1)
The riches of the Church were bought with the blood of Christ and we should be glad to
join in his suffering that we may join in His joy when His glory is revealed (2)
Jesus was killed by the very people He wished to save; today many Christians ignore
their faith for the distractions of the world, so they write this to show the glory of the
Church (3)
If we can give our sufferings in the present to God, we will forget the Earthly things and
be able to see the heavenly ones; the emptiness of earthly things are clearer now than ever
before (4)
This will even help those who are not a part of the Church because they will see the
fellowship of the Church (5)
Christ fights for the truth in the midst of the evil humans are causing (6)
Dedicate this letter to the charitable donations for the memorial of Eugene I (7)
The main purpose of this letter is to address falsities being spread about the doctrine (8)
There are two sides of the opponents: rationalism that believes nothing is higher than
human reason and mysticism which attempts to remove what separates us from our
Creator (9)
Because of the two antagonistic forces many look at Church doctrine with fear (10)
Goal of encyclical is to clarify the mystical Body of Christ (11)
Christ came and redeemed us and chose to create the Church to continue His works of
Redemption (12)
This Church is the Mystical Body of Christ (13)
The Church is visible; otherwise, it would not be a body (14)
We are bound together by the Body and so we suffer and rejoice as its members suffer or
rejoice (15)
The Church has organs with different functions for that is how one works in nature (16)
Those who exercise the sacred power in the Body are the chief members, but even the
regular folk can reach supreme holiness (17)
Baptism brings us into the body and the other Sacraments keep us holy or remove the evil
we bring in (18)
The Eucharist strengthens us and the Church administers to the sick and dying (19)
Marriage and Holy Orders provides for the social needs of society (20)
God has provided the Church with all it needs to overcome the dangers of the world (21)
One cannot be divided between Church and State; one can only belong to the Church or
you belong to the world (22)
It is not predestined who becomes part of the Body of the Church and not all sins sever a
person from the body if they pray and do penance (23)
Those who sin due to weakness should not be cut off from the community (24)
The Church is the body of Christ because he is the Founder, Head, and Support of the
Mystical Body (25)
The Church first showed herself on Pentecost (26)
Jesus sent out Apostles as God sent Him and instituted Eucharist at the Last Supper (27)
Built the spiritual house of priesthood (28)
Jesus established a new Law that replaced the Old (29)
The Cross is where the Old Law died and Christ took possession of His Church (30)
Christ opened up the divine graces that keep the Church from teaching false doctrine (31)
God united Jews and Gentiles in his one Body (32)
Christ strengthened the Church by sending the Holy Spirit (33)
The Church is affirmed as Christs because He is its head (34)
The Scholastics expanded upon the word of Sacred Scripture (35)
Jesus is above all and is the firstborn of the dead (36)
Christ alone has the right to govern and rule the Church (37)
While he was on Earth, He gave us teachings that will never pass away + designated
Apostles to teach, govern, and lead along with their successors (38)
The Church is strengthened and guided by Christ and the saints (39)
Through diverse discussion we can gain knowledge about Christ, but only if the people
seek the truth and do not reject the orthodox teachings of the Church (78)
The Divine Persons are in relation with us by some divine mystery and we can partially
discern the mystery of God through it (79)
Eventually we will join in the union of the Trinity (80)
Through the Eucharist the union between each other and God is manifest (82)
Through the Eucharist we get the spirit of charity that we may love God and the members
of the body (83)
Some cling so firmly to Christ through the Eucharist that nothing can separate them from
Him (84)
Through understanding these things, we avoid errors that endanger the faith and peace of
souls (85)
Some misinterpret Paul to think that Jesus can err (86)
Grace comes from God, but it takes a collaborative effort from us to be virtuous (87)
Confession is important even for venial sins that Christians may change faster and gain
humility (88)
Private prayer is as important as communal prayer (89)
Prayer should be directed towards Jesus and God the Father (90)
The Church is more glorious than the old Law (91)
We must love the Church as it is intended to be loved and we are asked to obey difficult
laws that may even require abstaining from harmless pleasures (92)
We should honor the strong parts as well as the weak parts of the Church (93)
Sometimes the weaker parts of the Body are more necessary than the strong (94)
Jesus is the perfect model of love (95)
Must love even our enemies (96)
Those who do the acts of mercy are kept in mind (97)
All have a duty to work hard to build up the Church (98)
Plead that married couples to take care of the children given to them (99)
Christ showed His love for the Church by constantly praying for her (100)
We should also pray likewise for the Church daily (101)
We must also pray for those separated from the Church (102)
Even those who desire the gifts of heaven, but are outside it, must join the Church before
salvation is possible, so we must pray for them (103)
One must come to the Church with their own free will and cannot be coerced into coming
for that would not redeem them (104)
Must pray for our leaders that they may assist in the Churchs mission (105)
Christ also showed His love through His suffering and we should follow Him in that
example (106)
Those who suffer, do not do so in vane (107)
Never has it been clearer than now that we must suffer (108)
Ask again to love the Church (109)
Hope that the Virgin Mary will intercede for us and help us + she was the second Eve that
freed us from sin (110-111)