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TA. ZaraTabi(ztab:jQ,Jqsd€gu) BICD120:Dr.Schmidt

AIM:ztabi06 Week 1
Plants:an Introduction
of morespecies?(2 ans.)
of Ozaid in the radiation
- Howdidthe accumulation
- Whatarethe prosandconsof plantlifemovingon land?

The Plant Gell: 3 Maior Differences -lrru tA^tuI4-,ViUS

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cell walls:Givesa plantstructural support!
- (- -
,/. 4. main
compohents:*n^-a x-
1) t' CellWall-Poroug,Ctructure
'.";;*-;r;7 (30%) *Y*v+u
' Hemi-cellutose
. Pectins(15o/o) . Proteins(10o/o)

no ntzd /-o nP/nn,'<.o_ 2| 2 CellWall- composedof Cellulose(75o/o)

and lignin(25Yo)

7 ryP I *y4 n ,9,- - Cross-linkingbetweenligninmake cellrigid

- Foundusuallyin stems,branchesand trunks
/anrl 7( 7n/,
- Unableto divideonce lionified
- Composedmostlyof Pectins:Act LikeGlue

4) Plasmodesmata-
Aid in transportbetweenneighboring

Plastids:Characterized by theirCompounds
all plastidssharewhat4 characteristics?
- Thoughdifferentin functionandcomponents,
. DoubleMembrane . Ribosomes
. Small.CircularDNA . Divideby Fission

Tvpe Contains? Function? MainLocation?

Chloroplast Chlorophyll Photosynthesis Leaves
Carotenoids AminoAcid & FattyAcid Synth. lftr/lna/il/dZ
("raafu"rylS TemporaryStarchStorage
AD,e*z-t zo aeaivz"
Chromoplast '
Carotenoids Yellow/Orange
Coloration RipeFruits

Amyloplast Amylose Starch/Energy

Storage Roots,Tubers
Elaioplast Oils Storage
Oil/Energy Seeds

Proplastid to all plastids


Etioptast Precursor
to Chloroplasts
. Becausethe Chloroplast you shouldbe ableto point
of all plastids,
is the mostrecognized
out specificpartsof its structure.
- Be awarethata onetypeof plastidmayhavethe abilityto turnintoanother!

Vacuole:Largecompartment enclosedby the Tonoplast) Manyfunctionsto be familiarwith!

1) Storageof SecondaryPlantProducts
2) Storageof LectinProteinsin seeds
- Acts as Nitrogenreserve
3) AnthocyaninpigmentAccumulation {ruc{a plat cA}}.ts yrercl$&
- GivesBlueA/ioletcoloration
4) Breakdownand Recyclingof Macrgnlslssulss--+/ayrloqeK tu ,44e &. 4 fu7,nruzze
5) Maintainturgorpressure*'/ /al tn iu a,a/a/-
6) MaximizeSurfaceto volumeratioin cell) Maximizelightcapture cd
7) Maintainhomeostasis ( pH levels,[] of POa,NO3,etc.)
- Can becomeveryacidicas it takesin H+ lons

Plant Metabolites
Knowthe Difference:
- PrimaryMetabolites:Foundin ALL plants,necessaryfor growthand development
- SecondaryMetabolites:Restrictedto certaincelltypesor plantspecies.
. Althoughnot essentialfor the grov'rth
of a plant,servesimportantecglogic.glfunctions-
. ^t,-^ , .)
ex. Defenseagainstherbivores, vtannVotg P (a'znt7i4 ii
. rvraloidr chazaedr
*:: K_re::
- Afkaloids:'Ring r:i containing
compouirds Nitrogen / k
- Turpenoids:Composedof isoprenesubunits
T'..^^^^:r.l^. l^^*^aaaz{ af iaaarana ar rh..nila

. Can be linearor ringedstructures

- Phenolics:

The BasicScheme
- tld 2w d/afa*l4 Or ,rhhmrdb had /fl e/4 . /"ffi/y //t/</
/ru "fuol ar athal -21 6/ot/n/ A//1*

7a,/a.uts, -//be a/1 onu/d. e*? fi,trtV,{, 6n'// h//4

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fl , foy
ehotu lata rruo f,ce/** % elzlnze-frd, hz,/ /
rflfr> d"/a/ / /12Yf L.uq<-
? 7m,ez-

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avla%x +- 27%ry
thfu {a?/4e,u///11, a'e p/// 4J<--
{ HistoricalPerspective

Scienfibf FamausFor..

Jan BabtistaVan Aristotleby showingplantsdo notgainmassby absorbing

Helmont soil

JosephPreistly Showingthatplants"restored"
the air thatwas "exhausted"
by a

Jan Ingenhousz Followingup on Preistly's

) sunlightand leaff material
was necessaryto restoreburntair

NicolasSaussure - MassGainedby plantgreaterthanamountof carbontakenup

- Equalamountsof COzandOzare exchanged

Van Niel OzReleasedduringphotosynthesis

derivedfrom HzO,not COz


Be sureto understand thatledto theirconclusions!

the experiments