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Inventory and Warehouse Management ] Stock 1ransfer and 1ransfer ost|ng
Goods kece|pt: ls a goods movemenL ln whlch Lhe recelpL of goods from boLh an exLernal vendor and from producLlon ls posLed. A C8 leads Lo an lncrease of warehouse sLock.

Good |ssue: ls a goods movemenL ln whlch a maLerlal wlLhdrawal, goods lssue, maLerlal consumpLlon, or goods shlpmenL ls posLed Lo a cusLomer. A goods lssue leads Lo a
decrease of warehouse sLock.

A sLock Lransfer/Lransfer posLlng conslsLs of goods lssue from Lhe lssulng polnL and a goods recelpL aL Lhe recelvlng polnL.
Stock transfer: ls a removal of maLerlals from a parLlcular sLorage locaLlon lnLo anoLher sLorage locaLlon, wlLhln Lhe same planL and beLween Lwo planLs. WlLh sLock Lransfer
Lhere ls always a physlcal movemenL of goods. (1 and 2 sLep procedures posslble).
Lxample: Stor. Loc to stor. Loc, |ant to |ant, Company Code to Company Code

1ransfer post|ng: resulLs ln a change ln Lhe sLock lu number or Lhe sLock caLegory of a maLerlal. 1ransfer posLlngs need not |nvo|ve an actua| phys|ca| goods movement.
(AddlLlonal maLerlal movemenL ls posslble).
Lxample: Stock to stock (quallLy lnspecLlon Lo unresLrlcLed use), Mater|a| to mater|a|, Cons|gnment to warehouse

1 and 2 steps Stock 1ransfer rocedures

!7M9 #87=@ :@AKQ @;7=:R9;
Storage Loc.
Storage Loc
stock transfer
1 step
lL's carrled ouL wlLhln Lhe same planL.
"2E%+(%?$ : you enLer a slngle LransacLlon ln Lhe sysLem.
6AK: <9=9;7@9OH
1 MM maLerlal doc, conLalnlng 2 lLems for each lLem enLered. 1 lLem for Lhe removal (goods lssue), 1 lLem for Lhe placemenL (goods recelpL).
no ll accounLlng documenL because Lhe Lransferred maLerlal ls managed ln Lhe same planL, and Lherefore has Lhe same posLlng daLa. 1here ls an accounLlng
documenL lf Lhe maLerlal ls spllL-valuaLed and Lhe valuaLlon Lype changes ln Lhe course of Lhe Lransfer.
Storage Loc.
Storage Loc
stock transfer
2 steps
"2E%+(%?$= enables Lo monlLor sLocks LhaL are ln Lhe process of Lransferrlng from one place Lo anoLher.
Cnce Lhe goods |ssue |s posted from Lhe |ssu|ng po|nt, Lhe quanLlLy ls booked ouL. 1he stock ls regarded as |n transfer aL Lhe rece|v|ng po|nt
ln Lhe case of stock transfer between two p|ants, Lhe Lwo sLep procedure ls necessary lf users have auLhorlzaLlons only for Lhelr own planL ln each case.
AL Lhe Llme of phys|ca| |nventory, you should noL have any sLocks ln Lransfer because you cannoL lnvenLory such sLocks.
8esLrlcLlon: only Lransfer maLerlal from (l) unresLrlcLed use sLock aL Lhe lssulng locaLlon Lo (l) unresLrlcLed use sLock aL Lhe recelvlng sLorage locaLlon.
6AK: <9=9;7@9OH
2 MM maLerlal docs: 1 aL Lhe Llme of goods lssue (removal from sLorage), and Lhe 2 aL Lhe Llme of goods recelpL (placemenL ln sLorage).
no ll accounLlng documenL. 1here ls noL valuaLlon.
0;A::CN87=@ :@AKQ @;7=:R9; 1N87=@ @A N87=@ >= @F9 :7M9 00 A; O>RR 005
|ant to |ant
1he planLs beLween whlch maLerlal ls Lransferred can belong elLher Lo Lhe same CC or Lo dlff. ones.
Can only be booked ouL of (l) unresLrlcLed use sLock .
6AK: <9=9;7@9O 178:A 7RR9K@: I&#5
MM -->
1 ll (lf Lhe 2 planLs are asslgned Lo a dlff. valuaLlon areas).
- updaLe ln Lhe sLock accounLs.
- 1he sLock Lransfer ls valuaLed aL Lhe valuaLlon prlce of Lhe maLerlal ln Lhe lssulng planL
(no valuaLlon lf Lhe 2 planLs are asslgned Lo Lhe same valuaLlon area)
1 step procedure 2 steps procedure
1 MM maLerlal doc,
conLalnlng 2 lLems
2 MM maLerlal
When removlng Lhe maLerlal from
sLorage, you musL speclfy:
- Lhe maLerlal
- Lhe recelvlng planL,
- Lhe lssulng organlz. level
valuaLlon Lakes place aL Lhe Llme of Lhe
flrsL sLep.
CC to CC
6AK: <9=9;7@9OH
2 MM
2 ll: one for each CC.

SLock 1ransport Crder: A sLock Lransfer uslng a sLock LransporL order has Lhe followlng advanLages compared wlLh a sLock Lransfer wlLhouL a sLock LransporL order:
lnLegraLlon wlLh M8
Can plan C8 for shlpplng and recelvlng
Can manage LransporLaLlon and frelghL (dellvery cosL/carrler)
Can posL (C8) Lo ConsumpLlon
Can recelve goods lnLo all sLock Lypes (l,C ,x)
Can monlLor LransporL wlLh C hlsLory

*F9 RA88AP>=< :@7@9M9=@: 7;9 KA;;9K@=
" *(35I (#%+*@$# J$(/$$+ *(3#%?$ &35%()3+* )* +3( #$&$E%+( (3 %5531+()+?
K31 5%+ $+($# *(35I (#%+*@$#* 1*)+? (6$ (#%+*%5()3+ .;L-


Log|st|c Lxecut|on (LL) (6$ &)+I J$(/$$+ 4#351#$'$+( %+2 2)*(#)J1()3+

1ransfer order: ls Lhe documenL wlLh whlch all maLerlal movemenLs ln Lhe warehouse are execuLed.
ln LoglsLlcs LxecuLlon, Lhere are 2 ways of modellng C8 and Cl: you can creaLe elLher a dellvery or an lnvenLory managemenL posLlng (generally wlLh reference Lo a precedlng
documenL) aL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe process. 1he followlng overvlew shows Lhe documenL flow and Lhe posLlng process for each of Lhese meLhods:
lf dellverles are used, Lhe warehouse managemenL acLlvlLles (creaLlng and conflrmlng a Lransfer order) are compleLed before Lhe lnvenLory managemenL posLlng. 1hls posLlng
always refers Lo Lhe dellvery.

1he Lerms shlpplng" or shlpplng process" are ofLen used ln con[uncLlon wlLh dellverles. 1hese acLually only descrlbe ouLbound goods movemenLs, Lhe orlglnal dellvery process LhaL relaLes
Lo an order. Shlpplng ls also Lhe name glven Lo Lhe deparLmenL responslble for Lhe loglsLlcal process of dellvery handllng (plcklng, packlng, loadlng). Slnce Lhe dellvery documenL can also be
used ln oLher areas, we refer Lo dellverles relaLed Lo sales documenLs as ouLbound dellverles.

Crgan|zat|ona| Leve|s |n LL
C||ent PlghesL organlzaLlonal elemenL) (deflned ln Lhe sysLem by a 3 dlglL key
Company Code ls an lndependenL accounLlng unlL. llnanclal and proflL loss (&L) sLaLemenLs are prepared aL company code level Lo meeL legal reporLlng
|ann|ng o|nt
Can be llnked wlLh only one company code (necessary because of Lhe shlpmenL cosL calculaLlon and seLLlemenL).
|ant 8epresenLs a producLlon unlL and ls Lhe cenLral organlzaLlonal unlL ln MaLerlals ManagemenL and roducLlon lannlng. A lanL ls asslgned Lo a
company code.
Sh|pp|ng o|nt
PlghesL level org. unlL of shlpplng . lL's a physlcal place and should be near Lhe dellverlng planL, lL can be a loadlng ramp, a mall depoL,
?ou asslgn a shlpplng polnL aL planL level
Storage Locat|on
Are compleLely lndependenL Crg. unlLs wlLh separaLe lnvenLory MgL .
SLorage Loc. enables lnvenLory mgL. Llnklng lL Lo a warehouse allows warehouse mgL.
Warehouse Number ls always llnked wlLh aL leasL one comblnaLlon of planL and sLorage locaLlon.
Several planL-sLorage locaLlons comblnaLlons can be llned wlLh one warehouse number.
lL ls noL posslble Lo asslgn a planL-sLorage locaLlon comblnaLlon Lo Lwo or more warehouse number.

" Inter|m storage area: serve as Lhe llnk beLween lnvenLory and Warehouse MgL (C8 and Cl areas)

Storage type-category (l, C, x)
Storage areas (or sLorage sect|on) are creaLed wlLhln sLorage Lypes for furLher separaLlon of sLorage spaces.
|ck|ng Area: (same hlerarchy level as Lhe storage sect|on) ls used Lo dlvlde sLorage Lype area for Lechnlcal
sLock removal purposes. unllke Lhe sLorage secLlon, plcklng area ls opLlonal.
Storage b|ns are masLer daLa LhaL you creaLe wlLhln a sLorage secLlon.

Gk |tem from C |s rece|ved |nto a Stor. Loc. sub[ect to Warehouse Mgt.
(MM + ll docs)
1ransfer requlremenL doc
MaLerlal ls booked lnLo Lhe goods recelvlng area/secLlon (lnLerlm sLorage area)
1ransfer requlremenL ls creaLed
(ln a puL away process) Lhe desLlnaLlon sLorage Lype and Lhe sLorage secLlon, sLorage bln are deLermlned
A Warehouse MgL Lab appear ln Lhe lLems secLlon of a C

?ou enLer a C8 agalnsL a C. CuallLy lnspecLlon ls requlred. Where can Lhls sLock Lype be enLered?
Cn Lhe purchase order documenL
Cn Lhe maLerlal MasLer record
Cn Lhe goods recelpL LransacLlon

hys|ca| Inventory rocedures
1he physlcal lnvenLory has 2 reasons:
M8: correcLlon of lncorrecL sLock quanLlLles
AccounLlng: deLermlnaLlon of maLerlal sLocks for currenL asseLs

lL's carrled ouL on Lhe basls of Stock Management Un|t (a non-dlvlslble parL of sLock of maLerlals): ls unlquely deflned by:
lanL- SLorage locaLlon
SLock Lype (l,C,x)
Speclal sLock








1he phys|ca| |nventory process comprlses 3 phases: Comb|n|ng phys|ca| |nventory steps: you have Lhe opLlon of comblnlng lndlvldual phases
and performlng Lhem ln a slngle sLep:
1. CreaLlon of physlcal lnvenLory (l) documenLs 1. LnLer counL wlLhouL l documenL
2. LnLry of counLs 2. LnLer counL and posL l dlfference
3. osLlng of lnvenLory dlfference 3. LnLer counL wlLhouL l documenL and posL lnvenLory dlfference

I document:
ls creaLed per planL-sLorage locaLlon
Can be for speclal sLocks: per planL, sLorage loc, speclal sock, vendor or cusLomer or pro[ecL
?ou can speclfy Lhe sLorage bln or Lhe maLerlal group as grouplng values (Lhe lLems are Lhen all asslgned Lo a maLerlal
group or a sLorage bln)
?ou can speclfy a physlcal lnvenLory number ln Lhe documenL header (dlfferenL from Lhe number of l doc) Lo faclllLaLes
Lhe selecLlon of Lhe l doc Lo be process durlng enLry of Lhe counL daLa, posLlng of dlff and ln evaluaLlon.
1he status of an lLem lndlcaLes lf Lhe lLem has been: processed, counted, posted, or recounted.

Changes a||owed |n the I doc neader:
Change Lhe planned counL daLe
SeL or unseL Lhe posLlng block
freeze book lnvenLory
CreaLe or change Lhe physlcal lnvenLory number
In a |tem st||| to be counted (no count yet)
o Change Lhe sLock Lype
o Change Lhe counL unlL of measure
o SeL Lhe ueleLlon lndlcaLor
LnLer new lLems, as long as no counL has Laken place
ueleLe Lhe documenL

8|ock|ng Goods Movements and Ireez|ng 8ook Inventory
?ou can block all goods movemenLs relaLlng Lo a sLock managemenL unlL for Lhe purposes of a physlcal lnvenLory by means of Lhe posLlng block lndlcaLor ln Lhe l
documenL header (shows Lhe value x).
lf lL ls noL posslble Lo block Lhe goods movemenL for organlzaLlonal reasons, you can freeze Lhe book lnvenLory ln Lhe l documenL aL Lhe Llme of Lhe counL.

Lnter|ng phys|ca| |nventory count:
1. ?ou musL prlnL ouL Lhe l doc and forward lL Lo Lhe persons responslble for Lhe counL.
2. When enLerlng Lhe physlcal lnvenLory counL, you can enLer a percenLage varlance of Lhe counL quanLlLy from Lhe book lnvenLory, above whlch Lhe sysLem lssues a
warnlng message.
3. When Lhe enLered daLa ls saved, Lhe sysLem deLermlnes Lhe book lnvenLory ln Lhe sysLem. 1he dlfference beLween Lhe counL resulL and Lhls book ls Lhe Inventory

?ou can analyze Lhe dlfference vla Lhe ||st of d|fferences. 1he llsL of dlfferences conLalns Lhe followlng lnformaLlon on each lLem:
ConLalns Lhe followlng lnformaLlon on each lLem ?ou can perform Lhe followlng funcLlons wlLh Lhe llsL of dlfferences
CuanLlLy counLed - C LnLer, change, dlsplay counL
8ook lnvenLory - C osL dlfference (vla LlsL of ulff. or vla separaLe LransacLlons)
ulfference quanLlLy - ulff C ulsplay or change documenL
ulfference amounL - ulff $ 8ecounL documenLs or lLem

ost|ng of Inventory d|fference: elLher vla Lhe llsL of dlfferences or vla separaLe LransacLlons, Lhe sysLem creaLes:
MM doc LhaL correcL Lhe sLock flgures,
II doc recordlng Lhe necessary accounL movemenL. 1he sysLem flxes Lhe post|ng per|od of ll doc auLomaLlcally.
?ou can speclfy a reason for Lhe lnvenLory dlfference dlscovered for each lLem, Lx LhefL.
lf a documenL exceeds Lhe documenL Lolerance deflned for Lhe user group, a user who ls asslgned Lo Lhe physlcal lnvenLory Lolerance group may noL posL an lnvenLory
dlfference for Lhls documenL.
lf Lhe LoLal value of Lhe documenLs lles below Lhe documenL Lolerance, buL cerLaln lLems exceed Lhe maxlmum amounL per lLem, Lhe user may noL posL Lhe dlfferences
for Lhese lLems, he can process Lhe oLher lLems.
1he f|sca| year ls seL as a resulL of speclflcaLlon of Lhe planned counL daLe when Lhe l documenLs ls creaLed.

K31 6%E$ 5#$%($2 % 460*)5%& )+E$+(3#0 2351'$+(*: "( /6%( 43)+( %#$ (6$ )+E$+(3#0 531+( %2M1*($27
N6$+ (6$ 2)@@$#$+5$* %#$ 43*($2

A8C Ana|ys|s of the Cyc|e Count|ng Inventory
1he cycle counLlng lndlcaLor ls used Lo group Lhe maLerlals LogeLher lnLo varlous cycle counLlng caLegorles (for example, A, 8, C, and u).
A cycllc counL lndlcaLor A or 8 or C or u ls allocaLed Lo maLerlal ln Lhe maLerlal masLer based on elLher consumpLlon or forecasL value. 1he lLem wlLh more consumpLlon value
are classlfled as A, and wlLh mlnlmum as u. A" lndlcaLor lLems wlll be counLed frequenLly (say every monLh), u wlll be less frequenLly (say every 6 monLhs or every one year).

1here ls an opLlon ln SA Lo have a flxed lndlcaLor for a maLerlal say A for a maLerlal whlch does noL have a hlgh consumpLlon value buL lL ls lmporLanL Lo counL lL every monLh,
Lhen Lhe maLerlal can be marked as A lndlcaLor ln maLerlal masLer wlLh lndlcaLor flxed".

Consumpt|on Ana|ys|s: 1he sysLem uses Lhe consumpLlon quanLlLles and valuaLlon prlce based ln Lhe masLer daLa of Lhe speclfled planL.
kequ|rement Ana|ys|s: 1he sysLem deLermlnes Lhe LoLal value of Lhe requlremenL of Lhe maLerlal from: lndp. 8eq, uep. 8eq., Sales Crders, SLock Lransp. orders and Lhe
valuaLlon rlce of Lhe maLerlal.



Lnterpr|se Asset Management and Customer Serv|ce

Crgan|zat|ona| Leve|s
C||ent PlghesL organlzaLlonal elemenL) (deflned ln Lhe sysLem by a 3 dlglL key
Company Code (II)
ls an lndependenL accounLlng unlL. llnanclal and proflL loss (&L) sLaLemenLs are prepared aL company code level Lo meeL
legal reporLlng requlremenLs.
|ant (MM]) WlLhln LoglsLlcs, ls one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL org. level.
Ma|ntenance |ant
ls Lhe lanL aL whlch Lhe operaLlonal sysLems of a company are lnsLalled. lf Lhe malnLenance work ls planned aL Lhls planL,
Lhe malnLenance planL ls also Lhe malnLenance plannlng planL.
Locat|on Subdlvlde a malnLenance planL accordlng Lo locaLlon crlLerla. Lx. SlLe, bulldlng.
Ma|ntenance Work Centers Manages Lhe unlLs of capaclLy. 1hey are asslgned Lo Lhe respecLlve malnLenance planL as workshops. Lx. Mechanlcs
Ma|ntenance |ann|ng |ant Crg. level ln whlch malnLenance requlremenLs are planned.
Ma|ntenance |anner Groups 1he planners. Lx. loreman, work schedullng

Ma|ntenance |ant:
|ant-spec|f|c p|ann|ng: malnLenance planL = (malnLenance) plannlng planL. ln mosL organlzaLlonal sLrucLures,
Lhe malnLenance requlremenL ls planned ln Lhe same planL where lL occurs.
Cross p|ant p|ann|ng: MulLlple malnLenance planLs are asslgned Lo a plannlng planL, whlch does Lhe malnLenance
plannlng, order execuLlon, spare parLs sLorage.
Cther conste||at|ons: 1he plannlng of a planL's requlremenLs (planL 1300) as well as Lhe spare parLs procuremenL
Lakes place ln anoLher planL (1000), however, Lhe Lasks are performed by workshops avallable locally.

Ma|ntenance Work center: WC ls an organ. unlL wlLhln an operaLlonal sysLem. lL can be: Machlne, Croup of machlne, erson, Croup of people
used for: Maln funcLlons: ConLaln:
Maln WC ln Lhe MasLer uaLa for Lhe
equlpmenL or funcLlonal locaLlons
Maln WC ln a malnLenance lLem
Maln WC ln Lhe order header
Maln WC ln Lhe Lask llsL header
erformlng WC ln Lhe operaLlons for an order
erformlng WC ln Lhe operaLlons for a Lask llsL
Cost|ng: deLermlne Lhe cosLs of an lnLernal acLlvlLy by a producL unlL.
Schedu||ng: deLermlne Lhe daLes when operaLlons should be
Capac|ty p|ann|ng: Lhe capaclLy requlremenLs for Lhe operaLlons ln
Lhe orders are deLermlned and compared wlLh Lhe avallable capaclLy
deflned ln Lhe work cenLer.
uefaulL values for Lask llsL and ordes
CosLlng daLa
Schedullng daLa
Avallable capaclLy

Serv|ce: Crgan. |eve|: servlce cenLer are deflned as planLs
|ann|ng p|ant: |s a p|ant, |n wh|ch the serv|ces are p|anned and schedu|ed. 1he p|ann|ng p|ant need not be the p|ant that performs the serv|ces.
|anner group
Work center
1echn|ca| ob[ects 1S @LN9:5

Iunct|ona| |ocat|ons (places) leces of Lqu|pment Ser|a| Numbers # 8CM

Iunct|ona| |ocat|ons
Are hlerarchlcally (noL neLwork) ordered sLrucLures LhaL represenL a Lechnlcal sysLem, bulldlng, or parL Lhereof ln whlch ob[ecLs can be lnsLalled.
1he alm ls Lo sLrucLure a Lechnlcal sysLem or bulldlng lnLo unlLs LhaL are relevanL for lanL MalnLenance.
Structures cr|ter|a
Cr|ter|a ] keasons to [ust|fy a Iunct|ona| |ocat|ons
system structure
Master Data
Structure |nd|cator
Spat|a| ,1)&2)+? OC J1)&2)+? P LxecuLlon of malnLenance Lasks G eneral 1he ldenLlflcaLlon for funcL.loc. ls creaLed uslng Lhe
sLrucLure lndlcaLor. lL conslsLs of Lwo lnpuL flelds:
1echn|ca| >#$**C 4#$** @#%'$C 4#$**
8ecordlng of malnLenance Lasks L ocaLlon Cod|ng temp|ate: whlch characLers may be used for
ldenLlflcaLlon (Alpha-numerlc-Alphanumerlc)
1echnlcal daLa has Lo be sLore and evaluaLed over a
long perlod of Llme
C rganlzaLlon n|erarchy |eve|s: Pow many levels Lhe sLrucLure
may conLaln
CosLs of malnLenance Lasks need Lo be monlLored. S LrucLure
LffecLs of Lhe usage condlLlons on Lhe lnsLalled
equlpmenL have Lo be analyzed.

ulfferences: - LqulpmenL can be managed wlLh lnvenLory funcLlons whlle funcLlonal locaLlons cannoL.
- luncLlonal locaLlons are arranged hlerarchlcally whlle equlpmenL ls noL.

leces of Lqu|pment
Are lndlvldual physlcal ob[ecLs malnLalned as an auLonomous unlL. 1he usage ||st dlsplays all Lhe pleces of equlpmenL LhaL have been lnsLalled ln chronologlcal order
Cr|ter|a ] keasons to [ust|fy a |ece of Lqu|pment
Master Data (V|ews) (bls)
Insta||at|on ] d|smant||ng of Lqu|pment:

ManagemenL of lndlvldual daLa G eneral LqulpmenL can be lnsLalled and dlsmanLled aL funcLlonal locaLlons.
?ou can monlLor Lhe lnsLallaLlon Llmes for a plece of equlpmenL from boLh
Lhe funcLlonal locaLlon vlew and Lhe equlpmenL vlew.

8ecordlng of malnLenance Lasks L ocaLlon
Cb[ecL-based recordlng of cosLs C rganlzaLlon
LvaluaLlon of Lechnlcal daLa S LrucLure
8ecordlng of usage Llmes



Ser|a| Numbers #
ls a number LhaL ls asslgned Lo an lndlvldual maLerlal lLem ln addlLlon Lo lLs maLerlal number.
1he comblnaLlon of maLerlal number and serlal number ls always un|que.
Serlal numbers enable you Lo Lrack lndlvldual lLems for a glven maLerlal number. 1hls ln Lurn enables you Lo perform |nventory management.
?ou can asslgn as many numbers Lo a maLerlal number as ls necessary.
1he same serlal number may occur for dlfferenL maLerlal numbers.
An equlpmenL masLer daLa ls creaLed for each serlal number.

Ma|ntenance 8CM
Are used Lo sLrucLure funcLlonal locaLlons and pleces of equlpmenL ln more deLall.
1he malnLenance 8CM dlffers from oLher 8CM's ln LhaL lL only conLalns lLems relevanL Lo planL malnLenance.
MaLerlal 8CM's are always used ln lanL MalnLenance lf a number of slmllarlLy consLrucLed ob[ecLs have Lo be malnLalned. 1hls ls lndlcaLe ln Lhe SLrucLure vlew of Lhe
Lechnlcal ob[ecL (consLrucLlon Lype fleld). 1he alm ls Lo creaLe [usL one 8CM for several same Lechnlcal ob[ecLs.
3 lmporLanL funcLlons 3 caLegorles of malnLenance 8CM
SLrucLurlng of Lhe ob[ecLs MaLerlal 8CM
Spare parLs 84)$G%* 2$ #$41$*(39 plannlng ln Lhe order LqulpmenL 8CM
Spare parLs plannlng ln Lhe Lask llsL luncLlonal locaLlon 8CM

Correct|ve Ma|ntenance rocess
3 sLeps.
1. Not|f|cat|on: whaL?, where?
2. |ann|ng: Work, maLerlal, Lools
3. Schedu||ng: 8elease, avallablllLy chk
4. Lxecut|on: maLerlal usage plnd/unplnd . 1ask ls performed, Lhe requlred maLerlals are wlLhdrawn from sLorage wlLh reference Lo Lhe order.
3. Comp|et|on: 1lme, seLLlemenL - 1LCC.
ln Lhe correct|ve ma|ntenance process, malnLenance requlremenLs are collecLed wlLhln noLlflcaLlons and Lhen dealL wlLh durlng order processlng

Ma|ntenance Not|f|cat|on

Structure 1echn|ca| Cb[ects
neader daLa: lnformaLlon use Lo ldenLlfy and manage Lhe malnLenance
noLlflcaLlon |tem: daLa abouL Lhe problem, damage or acLlvlLy ln deLall, a
noLlflcaLlon can conLaln several lLems.
o Act|v|t|es: documenL Lhe work performed for a noLlflcaLlon, Lhey prove
cerLaln Lasks have been performed.
o 1ask data: descrlbes acLlvlLles LhaL should sLlll be performed.
MalnLenance noLlflcaLlon can be creaLed for Lhe followlng Lype of ob[ecLs
Iunct|ona| |ocat|on (wlLh or wlLhouL assembly)
|ece of Lqu|pment (wlLh or wlLhouL assembly)
Mater|a| w|th Ser|a| number
No ob[ect: wlLhouL speclfylng an ob[ecL number (for new ob[ecLs or for ones LhaL
are noL managed ln Lhe sysLem under a number)

Ma|ntenance Crder

neader data: serves Lo ldenLlfy and manage malnLenance order.
Cb[ect ||st: conLalns Lhe ob[ecLs Lo be processed (funcLlonal locaLlons, equlpmenL, assemblles, serlal numbers). lL's used Lo complle mulLlple noLlflcaLlons and also Lo asslgn
several Lechnlcal ob[ecLs Lo Lhe order.
Cperat|on: descrlbe Lhe Lasks LhaL should be performed for Lhe malnLenance order and who performs Lhem wlLh whaL guldellnes.
o Mater|a| ||st (component ||st): conLaln spare parLs, whlch are requlred and used when Lhe malnLenance order ls execuLed.
o k1 - roduct|on resources]too|s: are requlred Lo execuLe Lhe malnLenance order. (Lx. roLecLlve cloLhlng, Lrucks, eLc).
Sett|ement ru|e: provldes lnformaLlon on who should bear Lhe cosLs. 1hls lnfo comes from Lhe Cb[ecL MasLer daLa LhaL ls malnLalned.
Costs: Lells you how much Lhe esLlmaLed plan and acLual cosLs are ln Lhe value caLegorles for Lhls order.

Creat|on of Ma|ntenance Crder: CpLlons
lrom a noLlflcaLlon
lrom many noLlflcaLlons
Crder ls flrsL creaLed and Lhen a noLlflcaLlon/acLlvlLy reporL ls creaLed
Crder ls auLomaLlcally creaLed based on a malnLenance plan

Stock mater|a| process f|ow
?ou can plan maLerlals, whlch are requlred Lo execuLe Lhe Lask, for each operaLlon ln Lhe malnLenance
order. 1he maLerlals can be 8CM componenLs for Lhe reference ob[ecL or freely asslgned maLerlals
Non stock mater|a| process f|ow

1. ComponenL asslgnmenL (avallablllLy check)
2. MaLerlal reservaLlon (ln Lhe warehouse)
3. Crder release (auLomaLlc avallablllLy check)
4. rlnLlng
3. Coods lssue
1. ComponenL asslgnmenL
2. urchase 8equlslLlon (appllcaLlon)
3. urchase Crder
4. Crder release
3. Coods recelpL
6. lnvolce recelpL

Cost ana|ys|s |n ma|ntenance order: can be performed/dlsplay ln 2 ways, aL:
Cost e|ement level (conLrolllng vlew)
Va|ue category level (malnLenance vlew)

noLlflcaLlon MalnLenance