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1) Marketing: Product Portfolio already with you.

2) Distribution netwok: Total 260 direct dealers in Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram,
Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan. All India we have network of over 5500
dealers the area where we are operating as under: East: Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal,Odhisha and
North East : North : UP, Hariyana and Rajasthan South: Kerla, Andhra Pradesh and West: Pune,
MP, Chatisgarh and Gujrat.
3) Sales force: In NE 4 frontline Sales Person and all India have 126 front line Sales Force, ably
supported by 17 Managerial staffs.
4) Pricing: All other blindly follows the Industry leaders Price list whereas we have our own price list
based on all aspects with desired profit margin well covered and different from others.
5) Promotions: highly localized based on Depot size covered with Hoarding, Local News Papers,
Magazine and TV channels and Painter Meet.
6) STRATEGIES: To be a flat Organization, Pass on savings to Consumers, Be innovative to give
1st in India Products to Paint Industries and grow fastest in the country.
7) Customer Service: Have direct toll free number where Customer can call for any assistance,
Information and complains etc.For Dealers: We do Painter Meet, monthly Volume/ Value based
schemes within sanctioned sales %age, settlement of account on monthly basis, Gift Scheme etc
8) Market Structure: Direct Retailer to reach to 10000 population towns where we are operating.
9) Market Share: Currently we are less than 1% market share in all India.
10) Competitors: There are 7(seven) organised company apart from us Asian, Berger, Kansai
Nerolac, Akzo Nobel, Shalimar Paints, Serwin Williams and Nippon Paints We consider Asian
paints as our main Competitors. As both of us have Individual Identities in Market in terms of
Pricing & schemes, whereas other blindly follows Asia Paints even Price increase awaits Asia
Paints decision in implementing.
Measurement Metrics: Monthly Discussions Report copies given to you.

CUSTOMER PROFILE: Mainly Retail sellers, Builders and Contractors. We are at present not into
Industrial and Project business.

ERP Pacakge: SAP

Human Resource Department: Mr Swapnil Singasane, Manager Marketing and HR issues appointment
letters, Mediclaim , Packages etc. Appointment of staff is handled directly by recruiting departments head
at H.O., Factories, Branches.Approx 240 staffs on Company rolls. Workers are handled by Contractor.
Training is imparted at Joining places in a prescribed induction programmed details also once at Annual
Conference. Retention of staff is very high due to profit sharing incentive offered to performing staffs also
preference in promotion from in house workers. We give at maximum chances to staffs and their working
is duly informed to them in writing and improvement needed in working duly defined along with time limit.
Measurement Metrics: The Budget is set by the front line people it is Bottom Up unlike other Companies
where it is Top Down.

SWOT ANALYSIS: Already given to you.

Statistical Tools used for analysis: already with you Monthly report formats.