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Honorable [RMO name], our most valued invited guests, my dear collegues ! It's
my privilege to have been asked to propose a vote o thanks on this occasion!
I, on behal o the management, and the entire sta members o "M#$% &e
e'tend a very hearty vote o thanks to all speakers or gracing your presence and
sharing &ith us your indings and opinions today!
we first thank the management for creating this wonderful platform where we able
to form a forum where we were able to share your thoughts.
We are grateful to our Director who is really a guiding and constant motivating
force behind our endeavour.
( big ')hank *ou' to [RMO name], or his eorts to&ards [speech topic]!
+ Reer and respond to ,ust one central idea o the speaker that you ound
particularly interesting!-
)hank you or your very interesting and thought provoking address! I am sure that
all the participants have taken note o your suggestions and &ill be discussing
&ithin their organi.ations the action to be initiated at their level!

If there are more speakers, then consider these vote of thanks examples:
I would like to thank our distinguished guests for making excellent suggestions and
making this Programme AAD!"I #$%%"&' interesting and meaningful.
[ OR ]
I must mention our deep sense o appreciation or [name speaker], or her / his
e'planation o [speech topic]! (Again refer ... )
0urther, &e are greatul to [speaker], or demonstrating her/his [speech topic]!
(*efer and respond to ...)
I may like to e'press our sincere thanks to [name], or giving an e'cellent
coverage to [her or his speech idea]! (*efer ...).
I also &ish to e'press my gratitude to [name], or providing encouragement at
[speech topics]! (*efer).
I am also very grateul to [name] or her / his analysis o [point that struck you
(nd, &e also &ould like to ackno&ledge our gratitude to [name], or e'posing
her/his theory o [speech topic]!
1e are all inspired by your great &ords! ]
(n event like this cannot happen overnight! )he &heels start rolling &eeks ago! It
re2uires planning and a birds eye or details! 1e have been ortunate enough to be
backed by a team o very motivated and dedicated colleagues &ho kno& their ,ob
and are result oriented! I e'tend my thanks or their enormous cooperation in the
organisation o this event!
0inally once again I &ant to state that &e are all most grateul to all speakers on
this stage! 1e thank you or being &ith us this evening 3 it4s been a great pleasure!
)hank *ou #ery Much!