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Going Deeper for Life Change

Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude ~ Colossians. 2.6.7

Lesson From The Harvest Field ~ part 2

1. From our study, what can you discern that were the lessons that Jesus’ Fruit Unto Eternal Life
disciples learned about their Master, about themselves, the Samaritans, by Noah Ressler
and about their mission - as a result of Jesus’ divine appointment with
Being a sower of the Word is a grueling and humbling task. It is
the Samaritan woman?
abandoning our own comforts in order to till the heavy rocky soil of men’s
hearts. The sower weeps, perhaps because he understands his own
weakness and knows full well his failures. Perhaps the weather is so
unseasonable that the Enemy of men’s souls washes away the seed to the
ditch. But the sower keeps to his task, a seed dropped with a tear, a seed
dropped – a tear dropped. With each dropping a prayer goes forth that
God would not let it be lost and give it its promised reward – fruit unto
eternal life. You may return to the field you sowed and reap its fruit, or you
may be one who reaps at the toil of another who has gone before you. As
Paul told the Corinthians, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God was
2. Many practical lessons on personal evangelism are present in this text.
causing the growth” (I Cor. 3:6). In the end God brings forth the fruit and
Write down what these are.
we get rewarded, not for its coming about, but for the effort we, both sower
and reaper, have expended. The reaper ought to have a humble heart,
recognizing he is but reaping the labor of others before him. But it is God
who gives the increase.
Are you attracted to Christ? Have you come to Him in turning away from
your sin and receiving His free gift of eternal life through the forgiveness of
your sins by the finished work of Christ on the cross? If so, you are one
who need not be prompted to have to tell others about Christ.
Is Christ attractive to you as He was to the Samaritan woman? If you are a
Christian and these things are not true of you now, ask yourself, “What
hinders this in my life? What sin easily besets me? Why do I run from the
3. Some applications that our lesson draw out for us to prayerfully opportunity to tell others about Him? I am so miserable because I know
consider are: that I am to be a sower, and I do not. How long has it been since you have
 Am I concerned enough about the need of those around me - reaped the fruit of the Lord’s harvest?
even strangers that I come in contact with, in regard to their
need for the gospel?
 Do I consider some people to be outcasts , people that make me
uncomfortable, or undeserving of the gospel that I will not
proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to them? Suggested Reading
 Am I doing something about the fact that there are ‘fields, that The Gospel & Personal Evangelism. Mark Dever’s personal devotion
they are white for harvest’ (v.35) all around me and in all parts to Scripture has led him to think deeply, read widely, preach clearly,
of our world? and write simply to the great blessing of the body of Christ.
Evangelism is the church’s mandate, and the one reason the redeemed
 Am I willing to make myself faithful to the Great Commission are still on earth. Doing it effectively requires doing it biblically. Mark
as a sower and/or reaper? teaches us how to mobilize our churches to do just that.