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Every human being, at some point of time during the evolutionary journey, ask th

e fundamental questions like 1) Who am I, 2) What is the purpose of life 3) How

did the endless universe we live in come into being 4) How does the equilibrium,
harmony, and order of this universe maintained, etc. Spiritual Research Institu
te is here to help humanity answer these fundamental questions of life and uncov
er the truth. Spiritual Research Institute is a non-religious, not-for-profit or
ganization striving to create a better world through transformation of individua
ls. We are here to help humanity to come out of outdated beliefs and practices t
hat does not help, by teaching the truth, providing systems and techniques, crea
ting right environment, encouraging and empowering.
Though some of you will find many of the truths discussed on this website as alr
eady existing among various religions, don't mistake them as contemporary religi
ous teachings. These messages contain what those Great Masters thought and taugh
t but in most cases not what others taught about them. Spiritual Research Instit
ute is attempting to discover and organize those scattered ancient gems and synt
hesize them with the latest scientific and spiritual knowledge to develop a cohe
rent and balanced philosophy with an emphasis on being logical and practical to
majority of present generation.
So far the research has been focused on discovering and synthesizing the truths
from the teachings and case studies of the Great Masters of past, available know
ledge from modern science, psychology, philosophy, history, astronomy, religion,
works of some fellow travelers on the spiritual path and channeled messages. Th
ere are obvious limitations to empirical research as spiritual truths are beyond
scientific scrutiny and cannot be observed with the physical eyes but with the
inner eyes only, that knows intuitively. Next phase of our research will be more
focused on discovering holistic solutions for sustaining a balanced life here o
n earth, because that is the need of the hour. For the sake of expediency we wil
l not deal with each subject in detail for the time being, the details will be p
ublished as separate supporting documents as they become available.
Learning is a continuous process and happens on various levels. Keeping this in
mind we at S R I will be striving to uncover and teach a balanced philosophy to
keep up pace with the fast changing world. We present here truth from all possib
le angles to assist all, without advocating any specific system or emphasizing c
ertain experiences. It is meant to open up, to awaken the individual to the true
nature, so that there is absolute freedom from all limitations and bondages. An
awakened individual will no longer be the unwilling plaything of fate but a con
scious master of Life. Our approach is simple and direct, teach the universal tr
uths and let the truth transform individuals. Lesser forms of ideas may be attem
pted, but ultimately it will be discovered that spiritual development is the onl
y sustainable solution.
Those who have reached that stage of evolution where they have become self aware
can derive maximum benefit out of this website. Some of the truths presented on
this site may not make sense or acceptable to many at this point of time. It is
natural; awareness comes in stages, brick by brick, percept upon percept. Come
back frequently, slowly you will be on your way to absolute freedom.
The materials provided at this site are of serious nature and we do not endorse
sensationalism, superstition or dogmatism. Each document is based on research an
d will undergo periodic revisions based on continuing research and revelation of
new truths. Here the emphasis will be on spiritual growth of the individual wit
h a holistic and general approach.
A work that is concerned with the universal truths can rarely be original in its
entirety, nor can it be accomplished single-handedly. We acknowledge and thank
all sources where credit is due.
Know the truth. Take charge, and lead others.