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This is an Online Game Preview Report! It

Covers The First 2 Parts Of My Online Game
Bonus Product On Picking Up Attractive
Women On Facebook.
Find the full method in my system at
Online Pickup Secrets
You may not resell this product in any way.
However, please feel free to distribute it and
share this valuable information with anyone!
2 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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2%%3"4 +%5+#% 56 .7% 8"%. */%9 .5 1% (5"/$9%-%9 .:155.
8uL we llve ln a new era where Lhe llkes of lacebook,
MySpace, lenLy of llsh, and oLher soclal-neLworklng
webslLes have llLerally saLuraLed our llves! So why should
you care?
Can l sLarL o by sLaung LhaL Lhe growLhs of Lhese
webslLes have been noLhlng shorL of asLronomlcal?
lacebook alone has over 63 mllllon acuve users. Palf of
Lhese 63 mllllon users logon !"#$%. lacebook averages up Lo 230, 000 new
reglsLrauons per day. Some reporLs suggesL LhaL lLs slze wlll double every slx
Whew! And LhaL's [usL lacebook alone.
So how can Lhls work ln ;5*- favor? 1he quallLy of women on Lhese webslLes ls
sLaggerlng. 1here ls denlLely noL a shorLage of gorgeous, sexy, beauuful women
ouL Lhere ready Lo be approached ln Lhe dlglLal world - buL here's Lhe caLch. only
1 of guys ouL Lhere 8LALL? know how Lo do Lhls.
3 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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?ou Lhlnk lL's easy? Well, you mlghL geL lucky and hlL a couple glrls ouL Lhere who
wlll dlg you [usL because of your prole plcLure. buL Lhe LruLh ls LhaL on soclal-
neLworklng webslLes llke lacebook and MySpace.
0!2<= >?@< ?AA B>< '!0<CD
uld you ever hear abouL MysLery's, a.k.a. Lrlk von
Markovlk's 80/20 rule?
Men welghL a woman's survlval and repllcauon
quallLy mosLly on physlcal appearance -
approxlmaLely 80 of lL. 20 of lL would be
allocaLed on 'personallLy' LralLs such as
lnLelllgence, humor, condence, eLc.
0$.7 E5F%"G $.H/ .7% (5F+#%.% 5++5/$.%I
So ln a soclal-neLworklng perspecuve, slnce Lhe hoL women have ALL Lhe hoL
plcLures, lL's easy Lo see LhaL your plckup meLhod has Lo be even MC8L preclse
Lhan ln real llfe. ?ou uCn'1 have Lhe luxury of conveylng body language, humor,
klno-escalauon, eLc. 1haL [usL lsn'L posslble. 1herefore, your game has Lo be
ughLer Lhan ever!
4 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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8uL LhaL's whaL our sysLem glves you - Lhe mosL preclse and eecuve meLhod for
gemng Lhe glrls you Lalk Lo on lacebook Lo your bedroom. Aer several years of
Lesung messages, prole Lacucs, responses, and a muluLude of oLher Lhlngs, we've
developed a sLep-by-sLep lnsLrucuon program LhaL leLs any guy sLarL auracung,
meeung, and seduclng women onllne.qulckly and eecuvely.
no loud and borlng clubs requlred. J%%+ -%:9$"4K
3 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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The Facebook Advantage
Sure Lhere are dlsadvanLages Lo Lrylng Lo auracL beauuful women on lacebook
buL Lhere's also a llsL of very sLrong advanLages, Loo.
LDM N6 ;5* 7:.% (#*11$"4G 5- O*/. /$F+#; /*P%- 6-5F .55 F*(7 :++-5:(7
:"Q$%.;G 5"#$"% :R-:(35" (:" 1% : S%-; -%:# :#.%-":3S%D AlLhough
addresslng your real llfe approach anxleLy ls cruclal and ln my oplnlon
6 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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should be dealL wlLh, onllne plckup ls acLually qulLe fullllng and fun lf
you're ured of Lhe club scene
TDM U5* 95"H. 7:S% .5 E5--; :15*. $".%--*+35"/G O%:#5*/ 15;6-$%"9/G
V51/.:(#%/WG (5() 1#5()/G 7:S$"4 : E$"4G $/5#:35"G %F1:--://F%".G 5-
?2!X/ Y!.7%- ?#+7: 2:#%/ .7:. F:; 1% $" .7% S$($"$.;MK lL's a preuy clear
way Lo geL a nlce clean llne of communlcauon wlLh your LargeL.
ZDM ["#$)% 5"#$"% 9:3"4 E%1/$.%/G .7% \*:#$.; 56 E5F%" 5" 2;,+:(% :"9
]:(%155) .;+% E%1/$.%/ $/ F*(7 7$47%-. Plgh quallLy women wlll sull
always use Lhese Lypes of webslLes Lo neLwork - soclallze wlLh Lhelr frlends
and keep ln Louch wlLh dlsLanL relauves. lL's much harder (alLhough
exLremely and easlly posslble) Lo nd quallLy women on onllne daung
AlrlghL! 8uL how do you compensaLe Lhe declencles LhaL l menuoned earller?
uon'L worry, we'll geL Lo LhaL ln [usL a second.
7 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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My Final Thoughts Before We Get Started
My goal for Lhls condensed reporL ls Lo have you successfully converslng wlLh boLh
women you've never meL before on lacebook/MySpace, and women LhaL you
currenLly have on your frlends llsL.
1he Lechnlques l have developed have been based on hundreds of LesLs and
surveys LhaL l have personally conducLed ln Lhe eld. l've Laken Lhls research and
corroboraLed wlLh several oLher onllne auracuon speclallsLs and LogeLher have
developed a very sound sysLem for auracung women onllne.
uurlng my ndlngs, l dld a greaL deal of research on general uA - l was a very
loyal sLudenL of MysLery's books and Lechnlques, buL l've also have read and
experlenced Lechnlques from Lhe llke of SLyle (nell SLrauss), !ohn Alexander's
Alpha Male SysLem, Mlke lllnskl's Plgh SLaLus Male SysLem, 8oss !erles's nL,
and several oLhers.
8 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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uld l nd Lhls lnformauon helpful ln Lhe onllne auracuon realm? l mosL denlLely
dld. Powever, llke l sald earller, Lhere are dlsuncL dlerences LhaL you musL Lake
noLe of.
2$/(5"(%+35" ^L _ U5* 7:S% .5 8"%4H :"9 1%
(5();`6*""; #$)% (-:a; 5"#$"%K
?ou slmply can'L do Lhls. ?ou cannoL convey Lhe
proper amounL of playful emouon Lhrough LexL Lo
pull Lhls o CCnSlS1Ln1L?. As comforL and LrusL
level ls bullL, emoucons and puncLuauon, and lol"
sLaLemenLs can be made ln cerLaln slLuauon whlch
complemenLs Lhe 'negs'. Powever, lnlually, sLrong
negs can be a gamble.
2$/(5"(%+35" ^T _ ?/ #5"4 :/ ;5*- F%//:4%/ :-% 4559 %"5*47G ;5* 95"H. "%%9
:";.7$"4 %#/%K
Wrong. Men Loo oen lgnore Lhe lmporLance of Lhelr prole. lcLure yourself as
an auracuve glrl and you recelve a message from a guy LhaL has a crappy webcam
plcLure (or no plcLure aL all!) wlLh no frlends, no wall posLs, eLc. Creepy as hell.
9 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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2$/(5"(%+35" ^Z _ b5+; :"9 +:/.% F%//:4%/ :#E:;/ E5-)D
1hey don'L. Someumes, glven Lhe slLuauon, Lhey can.buL noL always. l wlll cover
Lhls laLer ln Lhe book.
And lasL buL noL leasL. plcklng up glrls onllne can be addlcung. AlLhough l was
spendlng monLhs upon monLhs [usL slmng ln my underwear whlle plcklng up glrls
on lacebook/MySpace/onllne daung webslLes, l leL lL domlnaLe my llfe.
Someumes lL's healLhy Lo plck glrls up Lhe normal way. don'L leL Lhls happen Lo
l hope you en[oy. rsL parL sLarLs now.
10 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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Part 1
The Profile
11 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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Setting Up Your Profile Picture!
Why ls Lhls so lmporLanL?
Pavlng an auracuve prole ls everyLhlng. N6 ;5* 95"H. 7:S% :" :R-:(3S% +-5c#%G
;5* E$## "5. -%(%$S% :"; F%//:4%/ 6-5F \*:#$.; E5F%". noL even lf you send an
auracuve message rsL. no glrl wanLs Lo Lalk Lo a creep". 1haL's Lhe blggesL
problem women have wlLh men onllne.
LeL's famlllarlze ourselves wlLh lacebook for a blL. 1hls may be common sense Lo
a loL of you, buL Lhese are feaLures LhaL you musL Lake advanLage of. 1he beauLy
of lacebook ls really lLs Lagglng feaLures. 1agglng people on lacebook ls acLually
one of Lhe besL ways Lo geL .-:d( Lo your prole.
So how can you beuer your ablllLy Lo do Lhls?
8uy a good camera.
?es, buylng a greaL camera and brlnglng lL Lo as many soclal evenLs as you can ls
sure-re way Lo meeL a Lon of women onllne. upload Lhe plcLures, Lag all Lhe
women you know, and [usL slmply waLch Lhe commenLs accumulaLe.
'$(.*-%/ :-% .7% 65(:# +5$". 56 ]:(%155)D
12 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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lf Lhere were no plcLures, Lhere would slmply be no lacebook. 1herefore, your
plcLures really have Lo be Lop-noLch lf you ever wanL Lo geL people Lo conLacL you.
1here are several ways Lo geL your besL plcLures on lacebook.
Cne way ls Lo 1LS1 Lhem. you can do Lhls by golng Lo any phoLograph raung"
webslLe llke >5. !- =5.. upload some of your besL plcLures and see whlch ones
people raLe Lhe hlghesL. use Lhls as your lacebook prole.
1here are some rules LhaL l go Lhrough ln my L-book as well LhaL you should look
up aL !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./.
uesplLe whaL oLher so-called onllne plckup guldes" say, you should change your
prole plcLures on a regular basls. 1hls wlll allow you Lo recelve much more Lramc
Lo your prole. 1hlnk of your prole as a buslness webslLe. no one ls golng Lo
wanL Lo reLurn Lo vlslL your prole lf lL hasn'L changed.
1here are several Lypes of plcLures LhaL you can use ln your lacebook prole LhaL
convey value. Pere are a few Lypes.
B7% '-5+ '$(.*-%
uL a plcLure of you sLandlng ln fronL of an lnLeresung plece of sumulus. lor me,
for example, l have a greaL plcLure of me sLandlng ln fronL of Lhe Llel 1ower. lL
doesn'L have Lo be as specLacular as Lhls, buL maybe you have a plcLure of you
13 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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surng somewhere gorgeous, or dolng someLhlng crazy. Convey exclLemenL and
women wlll respond Lo Lhls.
Aer l puL LhaL plcLure of me ln fronL of Lhe Llel 1ower, l had several good
looklng chlck frlends ask me abouL my Lrlp Lo lrance. l dldn'L have Lo do
B7% b7$() '$(.*-%
l don'L care lf you Lhlnk Lhese Lypes of plcLures are cllche. 1hey work. 1hls ls
where ownlng a camera really comes ln handy. CeL plcLures of you wlLh really hoL
chlcks, sLralghL up. Why? lL's sclenucally proven LhaL women are auracLed Lo
men who are pre-selecLed". ?ou may already know whaL Lhls Lerm means, buL
for Lhose of you who don'L.
re-selecuon means LhaL you are already deslred" or selecLed" by auracuve
women. 1hls ls very auracuve Lo women who don'L know you. 1here was a sLudy
LhaL was conducLed Lo prove Lhe naLure of pre-selecuon, a conLrol group of
women were shown varlous phoLographs of men. Cuess whlch men Lhe women
were mosL auracLed Lo. Lhe plcLures of men wlLh beauuful women paylng
auenuon Lo Lhem! use Lhls!
14 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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B7% V]-$%"9/.%-W '$(
Pow else can you convey soclal-quallLy? uL a plcLure of you wlLh a bunch of
beauuful, good looklng frlends. 1hls one ls easy Lo do. Cood looklng women wlll
always hang around wlLh oLher good looklng glrls. lL's [usL a facL. lor men,
alLhough Lhe dlsparlLy of good looks wlLhln Lhelr soclal groups ls larger, lL sull
holds Lrue. lf you have good looklng frlends, you wlll appear much more auracuve.
1here are a pleLhora of oLher plcLures LhaL you can lnclude ln your onllne prole
LhaL wlll llLerally geL women messaglng you LhaL l also cover ln my e-book. now
leL's Lalk abouL Lhe sLu LhaL's golng Lo be ln your prole besldes plcLures.
13 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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The Facebook Wall
1hls ls anoLher $".%4-:# parL of your lacebook
prole. 1hls wlll be hard, buL plcLure yourself as
a young, auracuve hoL female on lacebook.and
you recelve a poke" or message from a guy LhaL
has no frlends and no lacebook wall posLs.
C8LL?. ?ou need Lo regularly posL on oLher
peoples' walls so you can geL a good chunk of
replles ln reLurn. lf Lhey're from auracuve glrls,
Lhen LhaL's even beuer. Agaln, Lhls shows pre-
selecuon and popularlLy. lL shows LhaL you are
soclally adepL. lL shows LhaL you're ouLgolng.
ersonally, l Lurn o Lhe feaLure LhaL shows E75/% walls l've posLed on. lf you
look llke a lacebook Whore", lL wlll slgnlcanLly lower your soclal value. ?ou can
Lurn Lhls o ln Lhe semngs poruon of your prole.
l currenLly have 1000+ wall posLs aL Lhe ume of Lhls reporL. 1hls ls more Lhan
enough Lo lncrease your percelved popularlLy and soclal sLaLus.
16 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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Other Facebook Profile Pointers
Always seL your sLaLus Lo slngle or have "5.7$"4 :. :##. l personally leave lL blank
Lo sur up some mysLery. Women LhaL l message uslng my rouunes always ask lf l
am slngle or noL. 1hls ls a greaL way Lo sLarL anoLher conversauon. never llsL your
relauonshlp sLaLus as compllcaLed" or anyLhlng sLupld llke LhaL. ?ou're noL a
drama queen. uon'L be an emo. 1hls lsn'L auracuve.
?our looklng for" should never llsL LhaL you're looklng for a relauonshlp.
AnyLhlng else ls ne.
never llsL your phone number. Someumes lL's good Lo puL down someLhlng llke.
l don'L have my phone number llsLed because l'm afrald of sLalkers".Lhls one's
keep your prole conLenL funny. never puL down yourself. never puL down
anyLhlng negauve aL all.
l have an abundance of oLher greaL Lechnlques LhaL l llsL ln my e-book Lo lncrease
Lhe percelved value of your lacebook prole. Co Lo Lhe !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./
0%1/$.% and learn Lhem all.
17 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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Part 2
The Opening Message
18 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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The Deal On The Poke Button
Many plckup arusLs wlll say LhaL poklng" women you're lnLeresLed ln ls a good
way Lo seL up an lnLeracuon. l Lend Lo dlsagree wlLh Lhls. lL ls eecuve lf you're
Lrylng Lo plck up a glrl who's noL ln your neLwork and you have no cholce buL Lo do
Lhe poke."
Powever, ln general, poklng a glrl really has no good use. Auracuve women have
men poklng Lhem every slngle day. lL's nelLher unlque or does lL creaLe any
auracuon whaLsoever. lf you were a very auracuve male, l can see Lhls worklng
maybe 23 of Lhe ume. CLherwlse, don'L do Lhls. uon'L even add Lhose
appllcauons llke Pug Me" where you can choose Lo hug, klss, or Lhrow a sheep"
aL Lhe glrl you're Lrylng Lo plckup. noLhlng beaLs an eecuve openlng message
LhaL conveys S:#*%.
8emember LhaL you should compleLe Lhe followlng llsL eecuvely before.
19 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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?ou should noL begln messaglng any woman you're lnLeresLed ln wlLhouL
compleLe Lhe above sLeps. l do cover Lhese sLeps ln Lhe full verslon of Lhls reporL
- however for Lhls condensed verslon, l wlll leave lL ouL for now. ?ou can obLaln
Lhe full verslon aL !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./. lL ls vlLal LhaL you creaLe a prole LhaL
conveys LhaL you have a large soclal clrcle, you are fun,
you are advenLurous, you are condenL, eLc. Sound easy
enough? WlLh enough pracuce, lL ls.
Ingredients of An Attractive
First Message
1hls ls Lhe 'make or break' acuon rlghL here, guys. 1he
openlng message ls Lhe all lmporLanL elemenL LhaL
dlcLaLes how Lhe resL of your lnLeracuon wlll go. 1oo
many guys open wlLh Lhe all Loo obvlous, Pey! WhaL's
up?" or Pello, you're cuLe. Pow are ya?"
Whlle Lhere may be noLhlng Loo wrong abouL Lhls, and some women may respond
Lo be nlce, Lhere [usL really ls no polnL ln dolng Lhls. unless you have plcLures LhaL
make you look llke 8rad lu, your success raLe wlll be rock-bouom low. 1oo many
20 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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women on lacebook and MySpace. and especlally on onllne daung webslLes
baslcally geL auacked by messages such as Lhls. 1hey're Loo borlng. Loo generlc.
1hey lack emouon and Lhey don'L conLrol Lhe frame. ?ou need Lo compel women
Lo Lalk Lo you ln a posluve manner. ?ou need Lo force Lhem Lo wanL Lo Lalk Lo you.
And ln an onllne semng, lf you know whaL you're dolng, Lhls ls raLher easy.
Cf course, you wlll lnevlLably encounLer women who [usL don'L response Lo
people Lhey don'L know due Lo safeLy reasons. And for LhaL, Lhere ls noLhlng you
can do. ?ou can'L force a woman lnLo Lalklng Lo you lf lL's agalnsL her morals.
Powever, you can sull maxlmlze your chances for her Lo response.
So whaL do you need Lo puL ln your rsL message?
?ou need Lo have a few Lhlngs. rsL your rsL message needs Lo have a sLrong
purpose. And no, messaglng her Lo Lell her LhaL she's really cuLe" or gorgeous"
are noL sLrong purposes. ?ou need someLhlng LhaL she really wlll respond Lo.
LeL's sLarL ouL wlLh an example. Lhls ls one of my favorlLe openers LhaL l use LhaL's
been 8LALL? popular.
21 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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!"#$% $'( )''* )+*# ,-' (.#. /01#2''* 0 3456 708 $'( 9#)) :# -', 9-# -#)) ; 108
.1<##8 :$ :#..0=#.> ;?@# 2##8 =#A8= 0 9'8 'B ')C ,':#8 :#..0=+8= :#
9'C0$D 8' +C#0 ,-$6E
uon'L use Lhls one. l've LaughL way Loo many guys ouL Lhere Lhls opener. and lL's
belng used Loo oen because of lLs eecuveness. ?ou don'L wanL anoLher glrl
caLchlng you on Lhls. LhaL's [usL embarrasslng.
So, do you see whaL l mean by havlng a sLrong purpose? Pere are reasons why
she wlll answer Lhls. and WAn1 Lo answer Lhls.
?ou menuon Lo her LhaL she uses lacebook a loL. no one wanLs Lo be labeled a
compuLer geek LhaL has no llfe - she wlll wanL Lo correcL your perspecuve on Lhls
mauer. Why? 8ecause she's a glrl. she has Lo - especlally lf she's good looklng.
Women C<?AAU wanL Lo know whaL you Lhlnk of Lhem. So saylng someLhlng llke
LhaL. or passlng a negauve [udgmenL. wlll have Lhem dylng Lo change whaL you
Lhlnk. no mauer how good looklng you are.
22 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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More Thoughts
1here are several oLher elemenLs LhaL you musL lnclude ln your messages. and l
cover Lhem all ln Lhe full verslon of my program, B7% !"#$"% X:F%e N".%-"%.
?R-:(35" ,;/.%FK ln lL you'll nd Lhe besL, mosL eecuve and LesLed meLhod of
auracung women on lacebook, MySpace, onllne daung webslLes, lnsLanL
messenger, on Lhe phone. and much, much more!
?ou won'L ever have Lo approach a woman ever agaln ln real llfe lf you don'L wanL
Lo. 1haL's Lhe sweeL Lhlng abouL lL.
!usL llsLen Lo whaL ^L /%##$"4 :*.75-G !ohn Alexander has Lo say abouL my
23 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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What you've written is exactly what's missing in all the other online
attraction guides I've seen. By going beyond the standard dating sites and
telling a guy, step by step, exactly how to handle the social networking
sites (Myspace, Facebook, etc.), you've given him a key to very easily
unlock a massive area of success in his life.
And that's no exaggeration. These sites have the hottest women out there
(certainly much hotter than on the standard dating sites). Then, armed with
your information, you can pick them up literally just by sitting at your
computer and clicking a few buttons.
I printed out my copy of your e-book and put it in my "most
valuable books" collection. I'm recommending your e-book to every
guy I know.
John Alexander
Author of How to Become an Alpha Male
See? And LhaL guy knows exacLly whaL he's Lalklng abouL. So Lhls ls denlLely
someLhlng LhaL you should noL pass up. ln my program you'll nd noL only my
popular e-book LhaL has goL all Lhe uA's Lalklng, 1*. : +#%.75-: 56 5.7%- 4-%:.
4559$%/G .55K
24 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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l goL a bunch of oLher lncredlble uAs and relauonshlp experLs Lo conLrlbuLe Lo
LhaL preuy package you see Lhere. 1hls lsn'L [usL Lhe work of me. 1*. .7% E5-) 56
/%S%-:# 5.7%- '[? 4%"$*/%/ :/ E%##.
A%:-" B7% <Q:(. ,:F% B%(7"$\*% B7:. N [/%9 B7:.
A:"9%9 2% fggh i:.%/ 0$.7 X5-4%5*/G ,%Q;G ,F:-.G
:"9 >$47 j*:#$.; 05F%" $" k*/. ZDl U%:-/I
Wanna learn more? lL's easy. !usL go Lo Lhe !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.% and
you'll nd whaL you wanL Lo know abouL Lurnlng your compuLer lnLo an
23 !"#$"% '$()*+ ,%(-%./ 0%1/$.%
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auLomauc, babe-auracung machlne. 1hls lsn'L a [oke. you'll even hear whaL
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