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This movie Prayers for Bobby enables to look at the different side of truth the

coveted ones. Peeking through the movie itself, i have some sort of self-realization.
It dawns on me the sheer and screaming fact of our societys problem nowadays.

A lot have been freed or liberated these times that being/staying coveted can be an
extra sensitive case. So were taking the gist of it in an openly (liberated) manner.

Naturally born under a closely knit religious family, Bobby, thought itll be best to
keep on hold his true identity for its adverse effect not only impacting his family but
also his community of believers.

But isnt honesty one of the greatest values ancient beliefs treasure that they so
uphold until now? Well, what happens to that if we would only be fooled by the
fakeness of everyone else, specially ourselves? Making a fool out of yourself aint
that bad if that isnt serious but, hey! Whos talking about not-being-serious here?
Its the guys personality and being on his situation and time of existence thats
quite soooo heavy.

I am considering these three areas of societal problems:

Same sex relationship. It wouldnt be offending to say the least obvious bout the
movie its all about same sex relationship. How did it ever come around, anyway?
Bisexuality wouldnt be discovered if not for them homosexuals. Even that for
heterosexuals. Anyway the point here is why make a fuss around individuality,
more so sexual preferences? Its the church, alright! Its always have been the
church, if not the government (society) and worst if both doesnt agree to your
sexual preference. Its unethical in a way that almost everyone is against, may it be
that youre the first special known case or whatever the reason is it is still on
crime. Prejudicial or whatever, you name it, its plainly understood. Its the customs
and traditions your breaking here not just norms. Youre an enigma, an unknown
case. But same sex relationship, its horrible! But Im not on their shoes. Not
knowing what they feel is actually a shame, but, its a major turnback if you are
guilty of suspicious malign specially your against all crowd. Being homo is
forgivable, but having an affair, well, its too much to ask for sympathy.

Intimate relationship. Intimacy, belongs to married couple, I guess. And is a
special gift only for the family. Lets include brothers and sisters and father and
mother relationship you know, those intimate moments together. But no matter
how you are so dear to a friend you cant be as intimate as to a family member.
Being intimate to a friend as signified by kissing, petting, necking, etc. could be
identified as a low grade intimacy. Skinship is the lowest, sex the highest. More so
to speak, being able to be intimate to anyone requires a valid point of relationship.
Say, you are in a girlfriend-boyfriend thing skinship and kissing is permitted but
no pre-marital sex. More than the permitted zone is already unacceptable and

Suicide. Life here on earth sucks, yeah, but surely it doesnt suck too much for us
to kill it. All the more stop our own breath. For what justification does anyone get
from killing myself? Nobody knows one thing is for sure, we dont own our life so
anyone who is foolish enough to end their life on their own way is a FOOL. Yes
weve got troubles but arent philosophers say life becomes sweet after passing a
hard road in life? Bobby gave up fighting when he should have found another way
out of his dilemma. He completely failed himself when he decided to end his life.
Why? Because he cant change himself? Why thats being weak! Dont just leave
your problem without even trying to solve it. Its true that God dont give us fear,
its the work of demon on us. For if we are with God, we have no fear. Lets just say
were being put to test here, if you give up before it ever ends thats tantamount
to saying you FAILED. And who would like to fail? With God? No way! Anythings
possible with God.

I dont know how others would put up with these but thats just what got me. I
hope I made my points clear.