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Latin Legal Phrases and Expressions

Words such as legal (from lex, "law") as well as judge (from iudex, "judge") came indirectly through
French, subsequent the Norman Conquest. This Latin legal phrase spills over directly into additional
argumentative fields like philosophy as well as logic.
Knowing these terms along with concepts is beneficial for anyone which might find him- or herself
before the courts, just as health-related as well as literary Latin phrases could can become found in
handy in every day life. E.C. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. An ex parte conversation, therefore, might
consist of merely the plaintiff inside a case, although not your defendant.
nolo contendere: literally, "I am not willing to dispute," this is a formal declaration that any
defendant does not wish in order to contest the charges.
amicus curiae: a "friend in the court" can end up being a person or even group which includes a
stake throughout a concern in the case, nevertheless is not straight involved because case. That will
come in the phrase subpoena duces tecum, meaning "under penalty an individual shall bring (the
papers, etc.) using you."
While "law" comes from your Previous Norselag, many English phrases regarding regulations
originate from Latin. Yet additional legal phrases come down unchanged coming from Roman
jurisprudence. a prima facie case is a where there will be certainly enough evidence for you to justify
proceeding to always be able to trial.
mens rea: this means "the criminal mind," or even criminal intent. (1993), getting been sued on
similar grounds inside Berlin v. It's one of the fundamental criteria for criminal guilt, in supplement
to actus reus, or perhaps "the criminal deed."
Latin Legal Phrases Widespread about Courtroom Dramas
ex parte: this means "by (or for) 1 party," as well as on the single aspect only. Such as party could
file an "amicus brief." for instance, Mad Journal filed an amicus brief inside the copyright case
Campbell v. Here are a number of the most common:
nunc pro tunc: actually "now pertaining to then," this is legalese with regard to something that
offers retroactive effect.
inter vivos: this implies "among the living," and may refer to a gift produced during an individual's
lifetime, as opposed to one made through any will.
inter se: this phrase, meaning "between each other," describes a relationship between partners.
prima facie: this Latin legal phrase means "at very first face," or, a lot more colloquially, around the
deal with of it. That is also sometimes shortened to vs.
pro bono: a lawyer which works "for the actual (public) good," because this phrase means, can be
understood as doing function for free.
res judicata: what this means is "a factor adjudged," or even a legal issue that will has already been
sua sponte: something completed sua sponte is done voluntarily, or perhaps "by one's own accord."
Other Latin Legal Phrases
res ipsa loquitur: "the thing speaks for itself," or, a lot more loosely, the fact is self-evident.
Publications (1964).
habeas corpus: this actually implies "you might possess the body." a writ associated with habeas
corpus demands that will the individual become bodily presented, so as for you to release him as
well as your ex from imprisonment or perhaps restraint which is unlawful.
Latin Legal Phrases used throughout Criminal Law
The Use regarding Latin Legal Phrases inside Every Day Life
ultra vires: this concept implies that the motion will be "beyond the particular powers" regarding
some thing as defined by means of a charter or perhaps constitution.
in pari delicto: this concept, roughly meaning "in equal fault," identifies parties that are equally
culpable or even criminal.
corpus delicti: meaning "the physique in the crime," this concept doesn't always refer to any murder
victim's corpse (though it can); it means just about any proof which the crime continues to be
committed, which usually must be current just before just about any conviction pertaining to which
v.: This particular holders with regard to versus, or even "against," an abbreviation found just
throughout case names.
subpoena: what this means is "under penalty" as well as "on pain (of ...)." That is a method by simply
which in turn a court compels somebody possibly for you to create papers as well as documents as
evidence, or to appear to testify. Also those that avoid brushes with the law will discover Latin legal
phrases useful, if simply to much better realize arguments made in TV shows such as Law & Order.