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Hayes and Lawes 1

Justyce Hayes and DAndra Lawes

Mrs. Raymond
UWRIT 1103
17 July 2014
The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Laughter and Why Its Important
We have decided to research the benefits of laughter especially in society and culture. Laughter
and humor play a large role in both of our lives; that is why we decided to research why laughter
matters and how big of a role humor plays in both of our lives. After introducing our purpose for
research, we then plan to discuss the relief theory. This consists of using laughter as a relief from
stress, or any other conflicting events in ones life. For example, to reduce the amount of stress
put on us as college students, we enjoying taking a break and simply laughing amongst one
another. After discussing the relief theory of laughter, we will then discuss the incongruity
theory. This theory is typically used without one even being aware. We use the incongruity
theory when we laugh at things, or find humor in events that we do not expect. For example,
refer to the following joke:
Two fish in a tank.
One turns to the other and says: Do you know how to drive this?
When first read, it appears that we are discussing two fish in a fish tank. However, after
pondering, one may come to remember that tank has more than one meaning, and the fish are
in an army tank (that was pretty funny wasnt it). Ultimately, society uses the incongruity theory
to find humor in things that are not as obvious.
Hayes and Lawes 2
Being that laughter and humor can be used in negative circumstances as well, it is important to
address the superiority theory. The superiority theory discusses the use of laughter in a negative
manner. Thomas Hobbes states, Laughter is a sudden kind of glory. It is often that we laugh at
people that have a disadvantage. It is normal in society to laugh at others misfortunes and the
superiority theory explains why we do so. After discussing the theories of humor and how they
influence our lives, we will then discuss why laughter matters and how important it is in a
physical aspect. Humor and laughter also have a great influence on our social context, how we
interact with one another, and how we meet new people. For example, laughter is actually what
brought us together and partners on this project. Hopefully by the end of our written component
as well as visual component, the importance of laughter and the role it plays in society.
We will accomplish our discussion of beneficial theories of humor by retrieving research
from technologies you will use, how you will gain access to or create media assets, and how you will
integrate your research