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Jennifer Jorge, Ph.D.

561 667-9272
Jacksonville, FL
Results-oriented, trilingual professional, with extensive managerial and customer service
experience in the US and overseas, in Water and Wastewater Management, Power Generation,
major Hydropower Facilities Refurbishment; Environmental Stewardship and Project Controls.
Extensive hands on experience in Program Management/Planning/Design/Construction
Management of large infrastructure projects including regional water, wastewater hydropower
upgrades; desalinization treatment facilities; complex distribution and collection pipeline
networks; large pump stations; simple and combined cycle power plants; excellent project
controls background; establishment of safe commissioning and operations protocols; and
management of large Fleet operations; and 8 years as Regional Emergency Manager in Florida.
Proven record in National and International Business Development;
Successful record for Partnering and holding negotiations with subcontractors,
consultants, and with exempt and union employees;
Extensive federal and state expertise in Procurement large capital equipment
and Contracting per Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) requirements.
Extensive knowledge of safety practices; 11 yrs. as past Logistics Manager for
Emergency Response Team for South Florida Water Management District
working with FEMA.
Special strengths and expertise in the area of negotiation of Regulatory Requirements
and Consent Decree implementation with:
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Consent Decree execution of 3
water and wastewater consent decree programs all in Region 4 EPA; NEPA,
particularly Clean Water Act including water quality, use and prevention of water
contamination; Clean Air Act, particularly NOx emissions;
US Dept. of Energy (DOE) and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for
licensing of new reactors; and meeting Natural Phenomena Hazards
requirements for existing nuclear facilities;
US Corps of Engineers (USACE) for meeting 404 Wetlands Mitigation requirements;
Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) state regulatory requirements.
Extensive knowledge of safety practices; past Logistics Manager for Emergency
Response Team for South Florida Water Management District (16 Counties) for 8 years.
Black & Veatch |2011 Present
City of Memphis | Sewer System Overflow Consent Decree; Memphis, TN
Deputy Program Manager. For City of Memphis $250M 10 year Sewer System Overflow (SSO)
Consent Decree settled with EPA Region 4 and Tennessee Department of Environment and
Conservation in 2012. Day-to-day management of the program on behalf and in coordination with
the City of Memphis. Responsibilities include day to day guidance to Program Management Team
and oversight of all investigations, studies, design, procurement, construction management and
public information activities associated with compliance and reporting requirements established in
the City of Memphis SSO Consent Decree.
Owners | Desalination Water Supply, Radomiro Tomic Copper Mine; Santiago, Chile
Technical Lead. Project Manager for Owners, for $1.5B Desalination Water Supply for Radomiro
Tomic copper mine owned by Codelco (Corporacion Del Cobre), the largest copper mining
operation in the world. Responsible for leading a group of 25 B&V engineers to technically review,
provide advice and suggest improvements to design for maritime intake works, desalination
treatment plant & process and extensive 150 km pumping transmission system made up of pump
stations major pipelines and state of the art control systems (150 km from the ocean to the desert
where the copper mine is located) with a requirement of 99% reliability. Performed CAPEX and
OPEX reviews and provided comments, suggestions for changes and additional recommendations
across all the technical plans and technical specifications for this critical fast track work.
San Francisco Public Utilities | Capital Improvement Program, Hetch Hetchy Water & Power;
Sacramento, CA
Manager Engineering Services. Lead Engineer for $800M 10 year Capital Improvement
Program for San Francisco Public Utilities Commission facilities at Hetch Hetchy Water & Power in
Moccasin, CA. Program includes over 200 electrical, mechanical and civil projects including power
houses upgrades, switchyards, governors, generator rewinds, transmission lines, miles of water
supply penstocks, governors, pumps, fire suppression systems, and valve repairs at dam discharge
facilities. Managed 11 direct reports as the Owners Engineer.
Idaho National Laboratories (INL) |2009-2011
Environmental Stewardship & Water Management; Idaho Falls, ID | 2009 - 2011
Department Manager. Managed 20 scientists in the daily operation of ensuring environmental
regulations were met at the US Department of Energys pre-eminent Nuclear R&D laboratory, Idaho
National Laboratory, a 790 sq. mile site in eastern Idaho. Led the Natural Phenomena Hazards 10
year study for Nuclear facilities on site; and provided engineering recommendations as required by
the US Department of Energy, order 420.01 for all of our existing nuclear facilities.
Revamped the personnel distribution within the Department and ensure a better
alignment with our mix of internal and external work grew Department by adding two
more staff members; and ensured all employees were fully billable.

Provided licensing review to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission through a $5M
contract to support the NRC for 5 years.

Specifically trained by NRC in hydro-geological reviews for licensing of new nuclear

As a partner with Sandia National Laboratory, won a $4M from US Dept. of Energy for
addressing electrical corridor across Western States, as part of the sponsored initiatives
of the 18 member Western States Governors Association (WGA).

CSA Group FLORIDA | 2007-2009
Water/Wastewater Resources; Miami, FL | 2007 2009
National Program Manager. Program Manager of the companys largest client, PRASA (Puerto
Rico Water and Wastewater Agency). This is a $1.1B USD of 28 water and wastewater treatment
facilities and associated infrastructure, required by consent decree between the Commonwealth of
Puerto Rico and EPA Region 4.
Managed the design and the construction management services in the eastern part of
the water quality Consent Decree of 57 design and construction projects, keeping over
120 people employed and maintaining a fleet of over 75 vehicles.;
Completely refurbished a 20 yr. old desalination plant in the Island of Vieques, Puerto
Rico, since they have no fresh water source. Completely upgraded the membranes
system, the distribution and maritime intake works, the controls system and brought
the facility up to code.
Completely reorganized CSA internal structure, and with HR support, reduced by 15%
the personnel necessary to accomplish our objectives;

Performed design & constructability reviews; value engineering initiatives, and weekly
management reporting of 28 projects to the customer. Received successful monthly
reviews by the client every step of the way;

Developed proposals, team associations and presentations to win four specific $5M
contracts (each) for the South Florida Water Management District, as part of the $11 B
Everglades Restoration Program. CSA was selected to perform Construction
Management, Full Services Engineering (including permitting), Telecommunications,
and Dam Safety & Design. Won $140M Bridge Restoration of Hercilio Luiz Bridge in
Florianopolis, Brazil, in Joint Venture with successful Brazilian Company as local

South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD); W. Palm Beach, FL |1996-2007
Kissimmee River Restoration (KRR) Division | 2004 - 2007
Director. Partnered closely with US Corps of Engineers, as partners in design, review and led
extensive permit monitoring of project phases for KRR, the largest riverine restoration project in
the US (approx. $780M).

Initiated a very complex cost accounting review initiative of last 10 years, which
resulted in savings of approximately $40M, of less local contribution from the SFWMD.
Lower East Coast Division | 2002 - 2004
Director. Directed ecosystem restoration projects on Floridas eastern coast, from south Palm
Beach County to the Biscayne Bay Area in Miami-Dade County. Managed over 20 environmental
restoration and protection projects on Biscayne Bay area, ranging from minimum flows and levels
to habitat restoration.
Provided engineering and scientific leadership to support all of the Comprehensive
Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) projects located in the Lower East Coast area,
including the Water Preserve Areas, Lake Belt, Wastewater Reuse Pilot and the Biscayne
Bay Coastal Wetlands projects;

Managed the personnel, schedule and budget for each of these 20 projects, and reported
on a monthly basis to the Governing Board of South Florida Water Management District.
Ecological Technologies Division | 2000 2002
Director. Directed $40M comprehensive monitoring program to meet extensive federal and state
regulatory requirements for the optimization of nutrient removal performance of existing
Everglades Construction Project components, which included over 42, 000 acres of Stormwater
Treatment Areas (STAs); and addressed issues including:
Lead comprehensive water quality and hydraulic analyses, providing operations
support, reviewing nutrient removal performance analysis and guiding site
management procedures of each STA;

Managed the personnel, schedule and budget for over 50 major projects;

Reported on a monthly basis to the Governing Board of South Florida Water
Management District;

Reported results annually on peer reviewed engineering and scientific publication
produced by the South Florida Water Management District.
Everglades Construction Project Department |1996 - 2000
Deputy Director. Management of design/permitting/construction staff; this core group of over 50
engineers, environmental professionals and technicians made up of District employees, leased
workers, supplemented by six (6) design consulting firms hired for this $800M+ first phase of the
$11B Everglades Restoration, a Consent Decree water quality agreement between Florida and EPA
Region 4.
Held successful negotiations with USACE for 404 Permit; with USEPA and FDEP for
NEPA Permits;

Held successful negotiations with local municipalities to ensure operations permits of
STAs and major pump stations;

Developed extensive interagency coordination with State regulatory agencies and
Federal agencies (DOI, EPA, USACE, FDEP, USFWS) and County operations

Led successful negotiations for over $50M, for the procurement of design professional
services, construction support services, and procurement of equipment of pump
stations; and presented recommendations for contract awards of over $120M to the
SFWMD Governing Board and the public;

Managed on a day to day basis, the personnel, schedule and budget
for each of these projects, and reported on a monthly basis to the
Governing Board of South Florida Water Management District;

Facilitated numerous presentations to various industry and
environmental groups, to the general public, the Florida Joint
Legislative Committee on Everglades Oversight (JLCEO), and the
Governors appointed SFWMD Governing Board, regarding all
program matters;

Manager-Logistics Section of South Florida Water Management
Districts Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for 8 years. Received
extensive and mandatory emergency management training
throughout, particularly prior to hurricane season.

General Electric Power Generation Systems; NY; GA | 1990 1996
Europe, Africa and Eastern Mediterranean
Lead Proposals Manager. GE line of power generation turbines and generators for Europe, Africa
and the Eastern Mediterranean regions. Developed and executed commercial and technical project
strategies to win contracts for projects ranging from simple cycle power plants, to complex turnkey
combined cycle power plant projects.
Acted as primary contact for all customer communications and
project related transmittals.

Directed and coordinated the proposal efforts for turnkey permitting
and construction of gas turbine power plants with several consulting
civil engineering firms from The United States and from Europe;

Key team member in the successful effort to secure $400M contract
from the Southern Company for new power generation equipment
for installation in the southeastern states;

Led the commercial team winning efforts for several power plant
construction projects, for an aggregate total of $336M in revenues
for GE Power Systems (Ghana, Israel, Syria);

Worked on the complete design of the combined cycle power plant
and the building of a town and associated infrastructure to house
workers for two years as this Takoradi Plant was literally on a
beachfront in the Takoradi town in Ghana. Supported design of a 7
KM pipeline in the ocean to be able to allow ships to deliver fuel for
the combine d cycle gas turbine which I won as Proposals Manager.
This sale was the largest profit margin achieved in 1995 for all of GE
Power Generation, despite great competition worldwide;

Managed the extensive manpower coordination, scheduling and
interfacing of resources within the GE Power Systems and partners
and subcontractors for these projects.
Lead -Technical Customer Services
Program Manager. Directed the development of the Jobsite Performance Survey Program in a
format accessible to all field offices globally, providing real-time information to assist in the
development of key GE Power Systems business strategies.
Represented GE Power Generation Services Department at the Steam Turbine, Gas
Turbine and Generator Corrective Action Boards;

Responsible for performing root cause analysis and corrective action implementation of
technical issues on GE equipment serviced under warranty;

Used Best Practices and Lessons Learned approaches to minimize warranty costs to

Team member of the Research & Development group that developed the Automated
Monitoring and Diagnostics System (AMDS) for the maintenance of steam turbines, gas
turbines and generators.
Field Engineering Entry Level Program
Program Manager. Launched a complete review and update of the technical training objectives
and material to ensure they met GE Training & Development goals and customer needs. Designed
and implemented appraisal system and forms, and conducted performance reviews for the 120+
engineers supervised while Manager of the Field Engineering Training Program.
Designed and administered a 12 week Training Program on Manufacturing Operations
and Safety for domestic and international field engineers at the GE Gas Turbine
Manufacturing Operation in South Carolina.
Gas Turbines Outages, Installations & Controls Startup
Field Engineer. Technical Director for construction management; maintenance procedures; major
inspections and startups of large GE steam, gas turbines and generators for GE utility customers
across the southeastern U.S. Managed the technical execution, cost and schedule of major
construction and mechanical overhaul projects for various utility customers across the Southeast
US region, including:
Agrichem Power Plant; Hardee County, FL
Technical Director. Construction of Agrichem Power Plant, in Hardee County, Fl. Directed
foundation pours and installation of two MS 7000 GE gas turbines auxiliary mechanical
equipment; performed extensive calibration and checkout procedures for Mark IV Controls

TVA Allen Plant; Memphis, TN
Technical Director. Installation of controls systems at TVA Allen Plant. Directed work
crews in the upgrade from Mark II to Mark IV systems for sixteen MS 5000 and four MS
7000 gas turbines.

Florida Power Corporation | Crystal River G3 Unit #4N; Crystal River, FL
Technical Director. Major inspection of Crystal River G3 Unit #4N. Directed crews for the
removal of shells and casings, and for the inspection of diaphragms, nozzle box, bearings,
and auxiliary mechanical equipment.

Jacksonville Electric Authority | MS 7000 Unit #6; Jacksonville, FL
Technical Director. Major inspection of MS 7000 Unit # 6. Performed inspection of
buckets, nozzles, seals, compressor blades and bearings, for the largest type of gas turbine
in the U.S.

The Southern Company | Barry Steam Power Plant D8 Unit #4; Mobile, AL
Assistant Technical Director. Major Inspection of Barry Steam Power Plant D8 Unit #4.
Managed several crews for inspection of boiler feed pump turbine, and auxiliary systems.
Directed alignment crew. Ordered parts and kept track of equipment rental costs.

Was key to the sale of a $ 400M agreement with GE Power Generation and the Southern
Company for longer term field services for major outages.
University Of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant | 1986 - 1990
Civil Engineer Research and Graduate LevelTeaching Assistant. Responsible for the
development, organization and presentation of graduate level civil engineering, project controls,
CPM and construction management courses; and lead funded research projects for agencies such as
FDOT in areas of existing governmental policies regulating the domestic transportation
Statens Provnigsanstalt; Boras, Sweden
Solar Energy Research | 1985
Solar Energy Researcher. As an exchange student, competed against 400 students and
successfully won one position, performed statistical analyses of energy data obtained from
prototype solar energy-efficient housing developed by the Swedish Government, at Swedens
Statens Provningsanstalt Research & Development laboratory facilities located in Boras, Sweden.

NASSCO Certification, the National Association of Sewer Service Companies, sets industry
standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure, and to assure the
continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies.
Gas Turbine Startup Program, General Electric, Schenectady, NY, 1992
Field Engineering Program, General Electric, Schenectady, NY, 1991
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 1990
M.S.C.E, Civil Engineering/Construction Management, University of Florida, 1987
B.S.C.E, Civil Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 1986

Excellent command of verbal/written/technical English and Spanish languages.
Solid verbal and written Portuguese.

Won 1
runner up award for Kissimmee River Restoration efforts, presented at largest
international competition of nations, The Thiess River Prize Symposium, in Brisbane, Australia
(October 2005).
National Hispanic Sustainable Energy & Environmental Conference Profile in Excellence Award
General Electric Training Staff Power Award
American Society of Civil Engineers Service Award
Society of Women Engineers "Excellence in Academics & University Involvement Award
Civil Engineering Department, University of Florida "Outstanding Accomplishments Award.