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Poliquin Campaign Statement on Debates

OAKLAND Statement from Poliquin for Congress Campaign Manager Matt Hutson:
Last night an inaccurate report aired suggesting the Poliquin had declined participation in a debate. That is not
correct. The Poliquin campaign has been in discussions with a number of organizations regarding debates and
continues to have those discussions. I personally handled the discussions with MPBN which were done entirely
on email.
At no time did I state the campaign would not participate in this debate or any debate. I did open a discussion
of criteria for inclusion. Reports to the contrary are not accurate.
What is happening today is clearly a political stunt press conference. Voters are tired of career political-
paycheck politicians like Emily Cain holding press conferences that lack substance.
Bruce Poliquin feels it is critical for the voters to really know who they are voting for in November. They need
to be confident the candidate is telling the truth and will accurately represent them in Washington. To that end,
the Poliquin campaign is proposing the following criteria for debates in the 2
Congressional District. We hope
both of the candidates who have chosen to run will agree to ensure there is a common sense discussion of the
It is critical that every Mainer who cares deeply about the state have a chance to hear their issues addressed. To
that end we propose having at least one debate in each of the main television regions by holding one televised
debate in the Lewiston/Auburn area, one in Bangor, and one in Presque Isle.
Because jobs and the economy are critical to Maines future, we propose having at least two debates devoted to
that topic. To that end having at least two debates hosted by local Chambers of Commerce will ensure issues
critical to growing and maintaining jobs in Maine are addressed.
There is established precedent within our nation for inclusion in debates. The Commission on Presidential
Debates' Nonpartisan Candidate Selection Criteria for inclusion in debates broadcast to the public set a criteria
requiring the candidate have a level of support of at least 15% (fifteen percent) of the electorate as determined
by 5 (five) respected public opinion polling organizations. While one Maine political party has been arguing
there is a candidate for Governor who is not viable even though he is polling at or above that criteria, we feel
that is too stringent. We would suggest a criteria of 10% (ten percent) within any two Maine polls, from
legitimate news, longtime in-state, or national multi-state recognized polling sources, as an indicator of
support, the terminology used by the Commission. We would hope and expect the candidates would agree.
It is critical the people of Maine know where the candidates stand. They will not find that out from a political
stunt press conference.
Bruce Poliquin looks forward to comparing his 35 year career of creating jobs against any candidate.