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Romines Classroom Contract 2014-2015

In order to create an interactive, fun, and safe environment for the success of every student, there are a few
things that must happen. This is a contract that each student, and myself, will abide by. I am asking that you
go over this with your parent/guardian so they are aware of what is expected in class as far as expectations,
behavior, and format. After you have read over the following with your parent/guardian, please sign it, have
them sign it and provide contact information, and return it for your first grade for the 1

o Attendance is extremely important in order to succeed in school. Students are expected to be in class on a
regular basis.
o Each student will come to class prepared each day. Being prepared means that you have gone home and
studied the material that was taught the day before, you have all your supplies, and you are ready to be an
active participant in the learning process.
o Each student will be in his/her assigned seat when the bell rings starting on the warm-up, or they will be
marked tardy and sent to the Deans office.
o Bathroom breaks are not permitted except in extreme circumstances. Students should use the restroom
between classes.
o Late work is not accepted unless there was an excused absence. In that case, you will have 3 days to make up
any missed class work and homework. It is the students responsibility to get the work they missed while

I will treat every student with respect and dignity every day. In return, I expect to be treated the same and for
students to treat one another the same. Behaviors that will not be tolerated are:
o Bullying in any form: physical, emotional, or psychological.
o Negative attitudes
o Rudeness
o Insubordination, which includes but is not limited to: refusal to do assigned work, refusal to
participate, talking back, and not abiding by this contract

Every paper that is turned in must have a full heading or it will not be accepted. Any work without a name on it will go
into the recycle bin. A full heading looks like the following:
Students first and last name
English 8
Mrs. Romine
Document Title

A NEW journal will be needed for daily grammar lessons, quick-writes, and vocabulary. This one subject spiral
notebook needs to be brought to class daily and will be checked periodically throughout the year. If a student does
not have his/her journal on the day they are checked, they will receive a 0 for their grade. Each student will have their
name on the front of their journal in black Sharpie. On the top of each daily entry will be the date. In order to eliminate
waste, the following days entry will start with the date after skipping a line after the previous days entry. This will be
explained in class as well.

Each student MUST have their 3 inch binder with ALL of their supplies in it daily. This will be
checked periodically as well.
The success of each child in this class is dependent on three things: 1) my willingness, enthusiasm, and determination
to reach each and every child in an educational, interactive, fun, and safe environment, 2) each childs positive
participation and individual determination to understand and fully grasp the concepts being taught, and 3)
parental/guardian support at home.

If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions about any of the aforementioned, please feel free to contact me.
My e-mail address is: maromine@interact.ccsd.net

Thank you so much for your support in making this a great second semester for all.

Mrs. Romine

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