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Title V.



Art. 1440. A person wo est!"lises ! tr#st is $!lle% te tr#stor& one
in wo' $on(i%en$e is repose% !s re)!r%s propert* (or te "ene(it o(
!noter person is +nown !s te tr#stee& !n% te person (or wose
"ene(it te tr#st !s "een $re!te% is re(erre% to !s te "ene(i$i!r*.
Art. 1441. Tr#sts !re eiter e,press or i'plie%. E,press tr#sts !re
$re!te% "* te intention o( te tr#stor or o( te p!rties. I'plie%
tr#sts $o'e into "ein) "* oper!tion o( l!w.
Art. 144-. Te prin$iples o( te )ener!l l!w o( tr#sts. inso(!r !s te*
!re not in $on(li$t wit tis Co%e. te Co%e o( Co''er$e. te R#les
o( Co#rt !n% spe$i!l l!ws !re ere"* !%opte%.


Art. 1440. No e,press tr#sts $on$ernin) !n i''o1!"le or !n*
interest terein '!* "e pro1e% "* p!rol e1i%en$e.
Art. 1444. No p!rti$#l!r wor%s !re re2#ire% (or te $re!tion o( !n
e,press tr#st. it "ein) s#((i$ient t!t ! tr#st is $le!rl* inten%e%.
Art. 1443. No tr#st s!ll (!il "e$!#se te tr#stee !ppointe% %e$lines
te %esi)n!tion. #nless te $ontr!r* so#l% !ppe!r in te instr#'ent
$onstit#tin) te tr#st.
Art. 1444. A$$ept!n$e "* te "ene(i$i!r* is ne$ess!r*. Ne1erteless.
i( te tr#st i'poses no onero#s $on%ition #pon te "ene(i$i!r*. is
!$$ept!n$e s!ll "e pres#'e%. i( tere is no proo( to te $ontr!r*.


Art. 1447. Te en#'er!tion o( te (ollowin) $!ses o( i'plie% tr#st
%oes not e,$l#%e oters est!"lise% "* te )ener!l l!w o( tr#st. "#t
te li'it!tion l!i% %own in Arti$le 144- s!ll "e !ppli$!"le.
Art. 1448. Tere is !n i'plie% tr#st wen propert* is sol%. !n% te
le)!l est!te is )r!nte% to one p!rt* "#t te pri$e is p!i% "* !noter
(or te p#rpose o( !1in) te "ene(i$i!l interest o( te propert*. Te
(or'er is te tr#stee. wile te l!tter is te "ene(i$i!r*. Howe1er. i(
te person to wo' te title is $on1e*e% is ! $il%. le)iti'!te or
ille)iti'!te. o( te one p!*in) te pri$e o( te s!le. no tr#st is
i'plie% "* l!w. it "ein) %isp#t!"l* pres#'e% t!t tere is ! )i(t in
(!1or o( te $il%.
Art. 1449. Tere is !lso !n i'plie% tr#st wen ! %on!tion is '!%e to
! person "#t it !ppe!rs t!t !lto#) te le)!l est!te is tr!ns'itte%
to te %onee. e ne1erteless is eiter to !1e no "ene(i$i!l interest
or onl* ! p!rt tereo(.
Art. 1430. I( te pri$e o( ! s!le o( propert* is lo!ne% or p!i% "* one
person (or te "ene(it o( !noter !n% te $on1e*!n$e is '!%e to te
len%er or p!*or to se$#re te p!*'ent o( te %e"t. ! tr#st !rises "*
oper!tion o( l!w in (!1or o( te person to wo' te 'one* is lo!ne%
or (or wo' its is p!i%. Te l!tter '!* re%ee' te propert* !n%
$o'pel ! $on1e*!n$e tereo( to i'.
Art. 1431. :en l!n% p!sses "* s#$$ession to !n* person !n% e
$!#ses te le)!l title to "e p#t in te n!'e o( !noter. ! tr#st is
est!"lise% "* i'pli$!tion o( l!w (or te "ene(it o( te tr#e owner.
Art. 143-. I( two or 'ore persons !)ree to p#r$!se propert* !n% "*
$o''on $onsent te le)!l title is t!+en in te n!'e o( one o( te'
(or te "ene(it o( !ll. ! tr#st is $re!te% "* (or$e o( l!w in (!1or o( te
oters in proportion to te interest o( e!$.
Art. 1430. :en propert* is $on1e*e% to ! person in reli!n$e #pon
is %e$l!re% intention to ol% it (or. or tr!ns(er it to !noter or te
)r!ntor. tere is !n i'plie% tr#st in (!1or o( te person wose
"ene(it is $onte'pl!te%.
Art. 1434. I( !n !"sol#te $on1e*!n$e o( propert* is '!%e in or%er to
se$#re te per(or'!n$e o( !n o"li)!tion o( te )r!ntor tow!r% te
)r!ntee. ! tr#st "* 1irt#e o( l!w is est!"lise%. I( te (#l(ill'ent o(
te o"li)!tion is o((ere% "* te )r!ntor wen it "e$o'es %#e. e '!*
%e'!n% te re$on1e*!n$e o( te propert* to i'.
Art. 1433. :en !n* tr#stee. )#!r%i!n or oter person ol%in) !
(i%#$i!r* rel!tionsip #ses tr#st (#n%s (or te p#r$!se o( propert*
!n% $!#ses te $on1e*!n$e to "e '!%e to i' or to ! tir% person. !
tr#st is est!"lise% "* oper!tion o( l!w in (!1or o( te person to
wo' te (#n%s "elon).
Art. 1434. I( propert* is !$2#ire% tro#) 'ist!+e or (r!#%. te
person o"t!inin) it is. "* (or$e o( l!w. $onsi%ere% ! tr#stee o( !n
i'plie% tr#st (or te "ene(it o( te person (ro' wo' te propert*
Art. 1437. An i'plie% tr#st '!* "e pro1e% "* or!l e1i%en$e.