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Dear Somos Primos Readers:

Thank you all for your contributions of personal cuentos, historical tidbits, and great assortment
of articles. It is always an adventure opening up my mail.

You will notice a new category in this issue, Heritage Projects, directly under the United States

It is my hope that if you are starting a heritage related project, such as a family reunion, locating
and identifying a historic site, promoting the contributions of an individual or organization that
you will send the information along and let other know what you are doing. We would like to
share your efforts with readers. You may be starting a project which could encourage others, or
even attract assistance in fulfilling your goal.

As I was preparing the issue, I received a call from Tony Zapata, sharing some good news. Tony
had completed arrangements on a building in Los Angeles for handicapped veterans, to named
after Guy Gabaldon, WWII hero. The dedication of the building will be November 6th. I put
Tony in touch with Steve Rubin, producer of the documentary
East L.A. Marine, the true story of Guy Gabaldon. Steve will be assisting in the text for the
plaque and press releases, etc.

Please let us know what you are doing in your community to share the historic contributions of
your primos or heroes.

The front page in the August issue is a 1980 poster by the well-known work of artist Ignacio
Gomez. The poster is a reminder that Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 to October
15. Hopefully, you will find some ways in which you can celebrate your Latino heritage.

Let me suggest that you request your City Council to make a public proclamation recognizing
Hispanic Heritage Month. Call your mayor's office and ask how it is done in your city.

The NCLR conference and Family Expo was outstanding. You will see some photos and
comments in this issue and also in the upcoming September issue.

Please keep sending your cuentos. Under Family History, I've included some reactions to every
day items which provoked a response from me. Hope you enjoy them and it gives you a nudge to
send a little cuento on items that you have saved for some reason.

Abrazos, Mimi


NCLR 2014 Conference, Reflections
What we owe our Tejano ancestors and their descendants by Jose Antonio Lopez
Cuento: The Price of California Admission to Statehood by Galal Kernahan
Just for NALIPsters: Matador Sneak Peak
Laus Deo! Do You know what it means?
Some Familiar Faces: Two minutes, nine seconds, don't miss it!!!!
Universities Seeking submissions from Latina/os in Political and Social Issues
Mexican born law professor Cuellar chosen for California Supreme Court,
Mariano-Florentino Cuellar
Julin Castro Confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development!
A rejection letter from Disney,1938: Women do not do any of the creative work
Cuento: Moctesuma Esparza honors his dad -- Don Francisco!
Cuento: Message from Alma Morales Riojas
WWII Crimes Archive Opens by Brett Zongker
Honor Flight

Preparing for Hispanic Heritage Month by Mimi Lozano
Preserving our past in the proof of Spanish horse's DNA by Robin Collins
Honoring Bernardo de Galvez by Joseph D. Perez
Chicano Marine, Guy Gabaldon Statue by Mimi Lozano
New project for 'Longoria Affair' filmmaker Valadez by Daisy Wanda Garcia
4th Annual Pilgrimage in honor of Sor Maria de Agreda by Jerry Javier Lujn
The Needle and the Thread, documentary in production, by Victor Mancilla

The Genesis of Today's Illegal Alien's Crisis
Past can help solve border crisis Commentary by Richard A. Marini
Mexican folk hero shoots Brownsville marshal, Texas Day by Day, July 13, 1859

Tito Monsalvo Fernandez, Jr. Member of the Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez
Tomas C. Atencio, a leader in the formation of NCLRct. 2, 1932 . . . . . July16, 2014
Lorenzo Santos Luera, California State Past LULAC President
John O. Leal, Historian/Archivist Bejar County Archives Ten Year Anniversary of Death

Calif. Judge Helps Rediscover Latinos' Place In Military History By Bill Vourvoulias
Cuento: Night Vision Training, pg. 13 by Daniel L. Polino
Historic flying machine that aided in winning WW-2 both in the Pacific and Atlantic
Women Killed in War on Terror

Cuento: Tejano Patriot, Tomas Del Toro by Gilbert Villerreal
Cuento: July 4, 2014, Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez, 30th Annual July 4th Ceremony
July 29: Bernardo de Galvez (1746-1786) Conde de Glvez, presented by
Miguel Angel Fernandez de Mazarambroz, Consul General of Spain in Mexico

Orozco: From Vizcaya to Aguascalientes by John P. Schmal

Could Thomas Jefferson's DNA Trail Reveal Middle-Eastern Origins?
The Race of Sephardic Jews

FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah's First Year at an NCLR Conference, by Mimi Lozano
California State Genealogical Alliance Has a Presence in the Person of Cathy Luijt
August 27th-30th: Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference, Gone To Texas
AARP National Memoir Contest
FamilySearch Announces International Indexing Challenge
Objects and Items Can Provoke Memories by Mimi Lozano

Thank a Teacher! The birth of California's Day of the Teacher by Dina Martin
Academia de Arte Yepes

Murals Under the Stars 2014 by Gregorio Luke
The Legendary Jesus Helguera Photo Gallery
Why Destino Is Not Fatalism, Pgs. 81-83, Juana Bordas
Enjoy, Exploring Colonial Mexico

First Place History book in International Latino Book Awards goes to Carlos B. Vega. Ph.D.
Honorable Mention to Juana Borda and The Power of Latino Leadership
Naldo and His Magical Scooter, by Armando B. Rendn, second place young adult.
NBC News: Growing Int'l Latino Book Awards Reflect Booming Market
Report by Kirk Whisler Latino Literacy Nows International Latino Book Awards
Check out new writings in May-June Somos en Escrito Magazine

August 2 & 3, 2014: "Civil War Days"
"Red Boy Productions"

Tan Cerca Tan Lejos Solo Exhibit by Angel Valra
Cuento: Green Grows the Grass by Welester G. Alvarado
Cuento: Networking through Somos Primos readers by Lorena Ruiz
World War II Lockheed Aircraft Plant Camouflaged

Cuento: Among the Redwood treetops by Ruben Alvarez
New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum
Local history buff Maria Rieger honored by statewide historical society
The last surviving great-granddaughter of Po Pico Died in 1970
The Conference of California Historical Societies, October 23-25th
Cuento: Manuel Lorenzo Trujillo Pendant
Cuento: California DNA example by Lorena Ruiz de Frain
Cuento: Mi Vida Con Carino, Part II, by Lorena Ruiz de Frain
Cuento: History of Logan Heights' Neighborhood House: Becoming Maria, Part II by Maria E.
Cuento: A History of Neighborhood House in Logan Heights Part III: Joe Serrano by Maria E.

Cuento: The Price of Admission to Statehood by Galal Kernahan
A Tale of Two Californias, Part Two by Galal Kernahan
Cuento: Not quite American enough by Gil Chavez
Cuento: My Days as a Colonist / Soldier with Don Juan de Onate Part 7 by Louis F. Serna
Familial Connections to Land Drives Hispanic Land Conservation Attitudes by Gabriel Sanchez
The Unknown History of Latino Lynchings

35th Annual State Hispanic Genealogy Conference
Cuento: The Classroom, Chapter 8 by Ramon Moncivais
Cuento: Cookies for the Chain Gang by Margarita B. Velez
Ann Hodges, New Special Collections and University Archivist, Bell Library, Corpus Christi
Latino/US C o t i d i a n o
Sept 11-13, 2014: Tour of Los Adaes, First Capital of Spanish Texas and Natchitoches, LA
Cuento:La Casita by J. Gilberto Quezada
Border Bandits, Part II by Norm Rozeff
Cuento: Correspondence between author Lucas Jasso and columnist Daisy Wanda Garcia

August 22, 23, 24, 2014: Mexican Fiesta Milwaukee, Wisconsin
If you're from Louisiana

Photo: Segregated Seating at the Orange Bowl, 1955
How Turbands Helped Some Blacks Go Incognito In The Jim Crow Era by Tanvi Misra

Seven Most Popular Native American Languages in U.S.
California Latest to Recognize Native American Day as State Holiday
Seneca Nation commits to indigenous plant life
Settler Colonialism and the White Settler in the Karuk Ancestral Territory by Laura Hurwitz,

Diego de Montemayor (15301611)

Scatological science: oldest human poop fossils no laughing matter by Will Dunham

Communication from Dr. Almarz to J. Gilberto Quezada
Mexicos 201st Fighter Squadron
Defuncin del Seor General don Lucio Blanco Fuentes
Bautismo de Maria Ygnacia Teodocia, india de nueve anos
Bautismo de Ygnacio, Telsforo, Agustn, Andres Terroba Saenz de Santa Mara
Bautismo de Jos Matias adulto de 25 aos negro de los Estados Unidos
The Indigenous Veracruz by John P. Schmal

Guatemalas Youngest Inventor Sets Sights on Environmental Protection
One of Remaining Uncontacted Peruvian Tribes Being Pushed Out By Loggers, Drug Gangs
Movie: Simon Bolivar Biopic Has Epic Sweep of Revolution

Cuento: Writing for Somos Primos for Three Years now by Eddie AAA Caldern, Ph.D.
Filipinos Honored in the Small Principality of Andorra by Eddie AAA Caldern, Ph.D.
The Romance of Juan de Salcedo and Lakandula's Niece, by Poppo Olag

Spanish citizenship offer appeals to US Jews by Fernando Peinado
Del Diario Digital
Alonso Prez de Trigueros, hroe con Corts por Angel Custodio Rebollo

Cuento: Tui to Santiago de Compostela by Refugio Rochin, Ph.D.
Cuento: Life and Travels in Pakistan by Jose M. Pena, Part 5
Raju, the elephant cried as he was freed from 50 years of cruelty

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