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DSOC 1101 Spring 2014

Extra-Credit Film Questions: Commanding Heights: The New Rules of the Game
Due beore 11:59 pm, April 19, 21!
To earn extra-credit for the flm, please answer the following 9 questions. Your completed
flm question sheet must be submitted on lac!board before "":#9 pm on $pril "9, %&"'.
Late papers will not be accepted nor will extensions be granted.
(ploading )our flm questions:
Step 1: egin b) clic!ing the *$ssignment + ,ilms- tab on the main Blackboard page for
./01 ""&".
Step 2: 1lic! the folder *1ommanding 2eights- 3the folder will contain both the lin! to
the flm and the lin! where )ou will upload )our completed flm questions4.
Step !: 1lic! the assignment title *5xtra-credit flm questions: 1ommanding 2eights-.
Step 4: 1lic! the 6rowse 7) 1omputer6 and select the fle with )our completed flm
questions. You must upload )our paper as a 8ord document 3do not cut and paste )our
assignment into the message box4.
Step ": 1lic! 6/ubmit.6 If )ou successfull) uploaded )our paper a message will appear
confrming submission of the paper.
Film Questions:
". 8hat is the meaning of the flm9s subtitle, *:ew rules of the game-;
It means that there are new rules to the game of globali<ation and otherwise global
econom) and trading which is occurring.
%. 8hat is the signifcance of 9="" in terms of globali<ation;
It made people >er) scared for international a?airs and it made trade >er) cautious.
@. $ccording to the flm, what are the benefts and dangers of open Aows of capital and
trade in goods across all national borders;
enefts are that there is more trade which helps the econom), but the bad thing is
that local producers are harmed.
'. 8hat does the flm sa) about the e?ects of imposing price and wage controls, of
defcit spending, trade tari?s, and subsidies; .o )ou agree;
The) are good ideas on paper, but not reall) in practice.
#. In thin!ing about the flm, what do )ou thin! should be considered in designing new
rules for the e>ol>ing global econom); 2ow should we address the ris!s of economic
contagion, currenc) and debt crises, and other dangers to peace and stabilit);
8e should be polic) neutral and cautious with our trading. Broducts made in 1hina are
cheap, but low qualit) sometimes.
C. Is the open mar!et, capitalist economic philosoph) now the onl) >iable model for
fostering economic de>elopment and prosperit); 8hat alternati>e models exist that
might counter some of the negati>e e?ects of a capitalistic s)stem;
1ommunism is the direct opposite of this s)stem which would possibl) wor! instead,
but in realit), this is >er) diDcult.
E. 8hat where demonstrators in /eattle and Fuebec protesting; 2ow are these
demonstrations as example of globali<ation;
The banning of free trade and other limitations to wor! practices in foreign countries
with respect to production.
G. 8hat do the experiences of $sia, Hatin $merica, and $frica tell us about the
ad>antages and limitations of the (./. economic >iewpoint;
The (/ is a powerhouse in production, but it obtains man) raw materials from other
9. 2ow has the flm informed )our own understanding of globali<ation and the factors
contributing to the deepening the global di>ide;
I ha>e learned that trade on the macro-le>el is a >er) complicated issue and it creates
man) debates and arguments with respect to the global di>ide. This shows how
diDcult world polic) is and how important it is to ha>e organi<ations which pre>ent
conAict for these reasons.