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Test de evaluare initiala

Anul scolar 2011-2012

Limba engleza
Clasa a IX a L1
Numele si prenumele elevului:
Data sustinerii testului:
Pentru rezolvarea corecta a tuturor cerinteleor din Partea I si a II a se acorda 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se
acorda 10 puncte.
timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute
Part I (60 oints!
I"1 #ead t$e te%t and ans&er t$e 'uestions belo& (20 oints!
Tracey is startin a ne! sc"ool today. #"e is very sad. #"e is very scared. $I don%t !ant to o to sc"ool
today&' Tracey tells "er dad. $I understand& s!eet"eart&' Dad says. $#tartin a ne! sc"ool can (e very scary.'
Tracey "as moved to a ne! to!n. #"e "as moved to a ne! "ouse. #"e is startin a ne! sc"ool today. #"e "as
done all of t"is in a !ee)* $I feel sic)&' Tracey says. $+y stomac" "urts. I can%t eat (rea)fast.' $I t"in) t"at is
(ecause you are nervous&' Dad says. ,e (rus"es Tracey%s "air do!n. ,e ives "er a little "u. $Try drin)in
-ust a little -uice. T"en I !ill !al) you to sc"ool.' Tracey and "er dad !al) to sc"ool. Tracey t"in)s a(out many
t"ins. Will I make friends? Will I like my teacher? What if I dont know the answer to a question? Will kids
laugh at me? What if no one likes me? $.e%re "ere&' says Dad. Tracey loo)s up at t"e (i (uildin. ,er ot"er
sc"ool !as small. Tracey !is"es s"e could run a!ay. #"e )no!s s"e cannot. #"e ta)es a deep (reat".
#"e !al)s up t"e steps to sc"ool. #"e !al)s into "er t"ird rade classroom. $T"at must (e Tracey&' s"e
"ears a (oy say. $,ello& Tracey*' $.elcome& Tracey*' $/et me s"o! you around.' 0veryone seems )ind.
Tracey feels a little (etter. #"e is still not "appy. #"e is still a little scared. #"e cannot eat "er lunc". Dad pic)s
Tracey up after sc"ool. $,o! !as your day1' "e as)s. $2)ay&' s"e says. $It !ill et (etter&' Dad says. $3i
c"anes are "ard.' $I )no!&' says Tracey. #"e reac"es for "er dad%s "and to "old as t"ey !al) "ome.
1"($) is Trace) sad and scared*
a" s"e is movin to a ne! "ouse today
b" s"e is movin to a ne! to!n today
c" s"e is startin a ne! sc"ool today
d" s"e is !al)in to sc"ool alone today
2"($at $as Trace) done during t$e &ee+*
a" made a ne! friend
(. one to a ne! c"urc"
c. moved to a ne! to!n
d. moved to a ne! "ouse
,"($) can-t Trace) eat brea+.ast*
a. s"e "as no food
(. "er stomac" "urts
c. s"e is late for sc"ool
d. s"e does not li)e t"e food
/"($) does Trace)-s dad t$in+ s$e .eels sic+*
a. (ecause s"e is sleepy
(. (ecause s"e is nervous
c. (ecause s"e "as a cold
d. (ecause s"e ate too muc"
0"($at does dad tell Trace) to do be.ore sc$ool*
a. stop cryin
(. et "er (a
c. drin) some -uice
d. put on "er s"oes
6"($at does Trace) t$in+ about most as s$e
a. mat"
(. readin
c. "avin friends
d. "er teac"ers
1" ($en does Trace) seem to be brave*
a. !"en s"e cannot eat
(. !"en s"e feels (etter
c. !"en s"e "olds "er dad%s "and
d. !"en s"e !al)s up t"e steps to t"e sc"ool
2" ($at is Trace)-s ne& sc$ool li+e*
a. (i
(. dirty
c. loud
d. small
3" 4o& do t$e c$ildren in Trace)-s class seem*
a. )ind
(. pretty
c. funny
d. not very nice
10" 4o& do Trace) and 5ad get to sc$ool*
I"2 C$oose t$e best ans&er (10 oints!
1. .e4..(est friends. a.5 are (.5is
6.T"ey44!"o I am. a.5don%t )no! (.5doesn%t )no!
7.Tom used to play in t"e arden444a c"ild. a.5li)e (.5as
44444.your ne!(orn cousin yet1 a.5did you see1 (.5"ave you seen1
5.8esterday I found t!o44444.in t"e cup(oard. a.5 mouses (.5mice
9. If some(ody calls& tell444.I%ll (e (ac) in an "our. a.5"im (.5t"em
:.8our car4444not !ort" ;500. a.5is (.5does
<.+andy and +ic"ael are madly in love !it"444. a.5t"emselves (.5eac" ot"er
9.I don%t "ave4444.money a.5muc"(.5many
10.+y sister al!ays444..t"e ta(le after meals. a.5clean(.5cleans
I", Comlete t$e te%t &it$ t$e &ords given (20 oints!
rest6 na6 used6 di..erent6 $ard6 seems6 dro&s)6 streets6 earl)6 riser
=t t"e moment it%s a (it >>>>>>>>> as I am not >>>>>>>>>> to livin a(road. ?or one t"in& @reece
"as a totally >>>>>>>>>>>> lifestyle. People et up >>>>>>>> in t"e mornin and you )no! I%m not
an early >>>>>>>>>>>>. T"ey "ave a >>>>>>>>>>> durin t"e lon lunc" (rea). #leepin in t"e
afternoon ma)es me >>>>>>>>>>>> for t"e >>>>>>>>> of t"e day. ."at is interestin is t"at t"e
atmosp"ere >>>>>>>>>> to liven up at dus). =fter a late dinner people cro!d into t"e >>>>>>>>>>
and pu(s& o for a !al) or "ave a c"at over a drin).
I"/" (rite t$e 'uestions to t$e ans&ers belo& (10 oints!
+y fat"er !or)s in t"e mil) factory.
I visited T"e National +useum yesterday.
T"ere are many (oo)s in a li(rary.
3eyonce is a famous pop siner.
+y friends are playin (as)et(all in t"e sc"oolyard no!.
Part II (,0 oints!
Loo+ at t$e icture and invent a stor)7 (10-10 lines!