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A word synonymous with luxe, style and extravagance, a tapestry of rich and

royal hues intricately woven to give you an experience of a lifetime Welcome

to the mystical world of Casablanca.
Horizon Land Developments rolls out its latest proect in !oa"s pristine shores.
#et amidst #angolda"s lush green locales in $orth !oa, %asa&lanca promises to
delight with its uni'uely styled apartments, s(illfully crafted from
)editerranean and #panish designs. Well connected to the vi&rant city of
*anim and the &ustling nightlife of %alangute, %asa&lanca &rings alive the
'uaint sleepy village of #angolda with its modern amenities and chic lifestyle.
Adopting environmental measures, %asa&lanca"s &lueprint &oasts of minimum
tree+cutting and em&races a large landscape area, giving this haven the tropical
touch. ,ac(ed &y Horizon"s highest standards of wor(manship, %asa&lanca
offers myriad luxuries and essential services li(e -. hours security, elevators, a
swimming pool, common sit+outs and generator &ac(up among many others.
Horizon Land Developments has &een scaling new heights, giving every
attention to detail in providing fine living spaces. %asa&lanca is yet another
venture that &rings you the &est from Horizon"s realty world and will give you
every reason to redefine luxury
%ome home to %asa&lanca/
o 0arth'ua(e resistant structure with 1.).1 steel &ars and 23cm4-2cm
laterite stone walls
o 1ea( wood door 4window frames and shutters with &rass ironmongery in
anti'ue finish.
o %oncealed three phase fire retardant electrical wiring of *olyca& ma(e
with ##5 )odular switches and ade'uate num&er of light4power41elephone
o 6nderground 0lectrical %a&ling.
o 7itrified tiles of $81%9 :33mm ; :33mm along with anti s(id tiles in the
&athrooms, &alconies and terrace along with granite flooring for staircase.
o 0n suite fully tiled &athrooms with high 'uality 59HL0< ma(e fittings
and sanitary ware.
o =a'uar4Dorma ma(e #hower enclosures in all &athrooms.
o #wimming *ool and =ogging 1rac(s.
o %lu&house inclusive of )ini !ym.
o #enior %itizen sitouts and 1ree plaza .
o 5ids *lay *ar(
o -.hours !enerator ,ac(up for common areas and elevators alongwith
8nverter provisions in all apartments.
o !ar&age #egregation and composting machines.
o -. Hours manned security,%%17 #urveillance and 8ndependent 7ideo
Door phones.
o )itsu&ishi49tis4#chindler ma(e automatic elevators.
o )innimum use of >A< ust ?3@ with larger green areas.
o >loor to ceiling heights of 2m.
o *iped !as systems.
o Landscaped !arden and %ommon *avered Areas