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Fill in all the gaps with the words given below

about six times larger than between bigger than Both countries coincide
contrast between contrast between the two different from distinct
far greater greater proportion greatest similarity between identical in
contrast in contrast more more than More than twice noticeable
differences between on the other hand One difference, however, quite different
share the same share the same the distinctions between While
Compare and Contrast:
ustralia and !ew "ealand
Of all the countries in the Asia-Pacific region the two countries most culturally and historically-
_______________________ all the others are Australia and New Zealand. Although both of
these countries characteristics, particularly in the area of government, they are also
very_______________________ in terms of geography and people. hese three areas will be
loo!ed at, along with economy, in this comparison of Australia and New Zealand.
One area where there are some________________________ Australia and New Zealand is
"people#. Although Australia has over five times____________________ people than New
Zealand, $% million to &.' million, New Zealand is more densely populated, $(.&) people per
s*uare !ilometre to Australia#s (.&). +hile both countries have an_________________
proportion of people living in urban areas, %),, Australia#s biggest city, -ydney with &.) million
people, is ____________________ten times ___________________New Zealand#s, Auc!land
which has &(.,.... /espite both countries having 0nglish as the main language, the ethnic mi1
of each is__________________________ . 2n New Zealand the people of 0uropean origin, %%,,
are mostly from 0ngland or -cotland,____________________ in Australia the 3aucasian
population, 4),, is made up of people from a variety of areas5 6ritain, 2reland, 2taly, 7reece, the
8iddle 0ast, and Northern and 0astern 0urope. +ith 4, of the population, New Zealand#s
indigenous people, the 8aori, ma!e up a_______________________ of the general population
than Aborigines do in Australia, $,. Australians of Asian origin ma!e up ', of the population.
9igures for New Zealand#s Asian population are not available.
Another area of ma:or difference___________________ the two countries is geography. 8ost
significantly, Australia#s ;,<%(,'). s*uare !ilometres is ______________________than New
Zealand#s (;.,)&). +hereas Australia is only mountainous along the east coast, New Zealand is
generally mountainous or hilly, but with some fertile volcanic plains.
Australia,________________ , mostly consists of arid desert.___________________ New
Zealand has a temperate climate, Australia has a variety of climates5 temperate, tropical,
8editerranean and desert.
2n the area of economy____________________________ the two countries are less obvious.
______________________rely on the e1port of primary goods. =owever, New Zealand is
mainly confined to agricultural goods >wool, lamb and dairy products?in this area. Australia#s
ma:or e1ports,________________________ , consist of mining production >iron, coal, uranium,
bau1ite? and technology >telecommunications?, as well as agricultural goods >wheat, wool and
beef?._____________________ the proportion of New Zealand#s population is employed in
agriculture than is Australia#s, $&, to <,, but Australia has %., more of its wor!force
employed in manufacturing. At @(4&.) billion, Australia#s 7ross /omestic Product >7/P? was
________________________New Zealand#s @'4.% billion in $44(.
he area of _________________________the two countries is government. 6oth countries
_______________________head of state, Aueen 0liBabeth 22, and both are parliamentary
democracies with a prime minister as head of government.________________________ is that
Australia has a federal system, and New Zealand does not.
2n conclusion, while many aspects of Australia and New Zealand__________________ ,
especially in the area of government and to a lesser e1tent in the economy, other aspects do not,
particularly in the areas of people and geography. he one area where
the____________________ countries has become greatest over the past fifty years is peopleC
immigration to Australia by non-6ritish people has caused a divergence between the cultures of
the two countries. New Zealand is basically monocultural and Australia, multicultural. he
increasing the two countries has helped generate greater interest between the two countries and,
so, thriving tourist mar!ets.

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