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or also in BAPI format. ?
Carrying out of the sales audit with the POS Workbench BAPI /POSDW/BAPI_POSTR_CR
EATE is the preferred method for sending POS transaction data from a store to th
e PIPE You can use the following POS IDoc types for data transfer: ?
WPUBON: Transfer Detailed Sales Data to PIPE ?
WPUUMS: Transfer Sales Data Without Means of Payment Info to PIPE ?
WPUTAB: Transfer Means of Payment Information to PIPE ?WPUFIB: Transfer Financia
l Transactions to PIPE ?WPUKSR ?WPUWBW: Transfer Goods Movements to PIPE /POSDW/
POSTR_CREATEMULTIPLE for data transfer to PIPE. This way you can transfer the sa
me POS transaction data as with BAPI /POSDW/BAPI_POST R_CREATE It
consists of two parts: POS Inbound Processing Engine (PIPE) for data collecti o
n, validation and distribution and POS Analytics for sales and ticket reporting.
GS - Enhancement implementation to the BADI POSDW/CONDITION - To enhance the rul
e for the /POSDW/OUT_BW - Enhancement to the data supply to BW POSDW/BW_RETAIL_C
ONTROL - Append structure to the 0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL /N/POSDW/TSCH - Transac
tion status change /N/POSDW/PDIS - Run Pipe dispatcher /N/POSDW/DELE - Delete po
s transaction the processing and will be executed using a batch process using a
F&R specific variant of report /POSDW/PIPEDISPATCHER. LLS Store Master Extract
LIMITED eXceed Retail and eXceed Wholesale STS PIPE Settings Store Custo
mizing POS Transactions Type Group Sales Test Transaction Course Financi
al Transaction Cancellation Goods movement Totals POS Transactions Type Sales Test Transaction Start End No Sales POS Read
ing Cashier Logon Cashier Logoff Open Register Close Register Lock Register Unlo
ck Register Repreat Printout Administrative Transaction Post In Post Out Park Tr
ansaction Sales Items Type Group Sales Sales to Employees Tax-Exempt Gif
t Certificate Catalog Service Reservation Consignment Sales Items Type S
ales Shipping Sales to Employees Returns from Employees Tax-Exempt Sales Tax-Exe
mpt Returns Sale of Gift Voucher Sale of Gift Certificate Catalog Sale Catalog R
eturn Service Reservation Consignment Returns Item Void Returns Cancellation Pay
-In Transaction Discounts Type Group Coupon Promotion Discounts Member D
iscounts Local Discounts Staff Discounts Discounts Type Own Coupon Manufacturing Coupon Promotion Member Discount
Local Discount Taxes Type Group Taxes Type City District Country Province Feder
ation Means of Payment Type Group Gift Certificate Bank Card Cash Check
Credit Card Invoice Coupons Financial Transactions
Pay-In Transaction Pay-Out Transaction Down Payment Goods Receipt Goods Issue Transfer Posting
Goods Movement Type Group Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods
Goods Movement Type
Receipt from Distribution Center Receipt from Another Store Receipt from Vendor
Receipt: Purchase Order Known Receipt: Shipping Notification Known Receipt: Cr
eate Purchase Order Automatically Receipt: Do Not Create Purchase Order