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Welcome to the Utah Solar Tour 2006!

On behalf of the Utah Solar Energy Association (UtSEA) and Utah Clean Energy (UCE), we are pleased
to welcome you to the Utah Solar Tour 2006! UtSEA is a newly formed non-profit organization and
local chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), and UCE is a local non-profit working to
advance renewable energy and energy efficiency. We are proud to join ASES and States across the
Nation for the 11th Annual National Solar Tour.

Utah’s 2006 tour includes 36 solar buildings featuring solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, and passive
solar technologies. We invite you to take the tour and meet real solar energy users who are excited to
share how they are utilizing the sun to help meet their electricity, hot water and/or heating needs.

The Utah Solar Energy Association (UtSEA) is the local non-profit chapter of the
The Utah Solar Tour aims to educate citizens and state decision-makers about the viability and practi- American Solar Energy Society (ASES). Our mission is to promote adoption of re-
cality of solar energy. In combination with energy efficiency measures, solar energy technologies can
help lower utility bills, decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce the amount of global warming newable energy, with a focus on solar energy, through education, public outreach,
gases and harmful air pollutants, and provide a path towards sustainability. With federal and state and participation in policy development.
incentives available to individuals and businesses who install solar systems, now is the time to GO SO-
LAR! Interested individuals are encouraged to get involved with UtSEA. For further
information please visit www.utsolar.org, send an e-mail to info@utsolar.org, or call
Utah has an opportunity to become a national leader in the clean energy industry, but our decision- 801-699-1999. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
makers need to hear from you. I encourage you to contact your local utilities to find out what pro-
UtSEA Interim Board of Directors: Sara Baldwin, Steven Bishop, Andrew Eisenberg, Orrin
grams and incentives are available in your area. I also urge you to contact your state legislators and
utility regulators to voice your support of programs and policies to advance renewable energy in Utah. Farnsworth, Ken Gardner, Janelle Hyatt, Greg Libecci, Dave Lochtefeld, Robin Perez, Brian
Visit www.utahcleanenergy.org , click on the “Take Action” link for more information. Smith.

Thanks again for your participation in the Utah Solar Tour. Please consider making a donation to Utah
Solar Energy Association to help us promote solar energy and educate Utah’s citizens, building commu-
nity, businesses, and policy-makers. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

We thank our sponsors, our partner organizations and volunteers who generously contributed their
time, energy, and funding to make this tour possible!

Greg Libecci Sara Baldwin
Interim Chairperson Community Relations Coordinator
Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Clean Energy

Volunteers UtSEA Solar Tour Planning Committee Partners

Shelly Marshall Sara Baldwin Janelle Hyatt Jason Berry Utah Clean Energy
Dave Lochtefeld Greg Libecci Robin Perez Dana Richardson Utah Geological Survey State
Martin Kammeyer Brian Smith David Smith Clair Whipple Energy Program
JoAnn Payne Bill Dinklage Ken Gardner Orrin Farnsworth Utah Solar Energy Working Grp.
Rene Fleming Andrew Eisenberg U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Million
Solar Roofs Project.

This document Copyright 2006—Utah Solar Energy Association, Inc.

Publication design by Renewable Synergy LLC

Cover artwork by Andrew Eisenberg

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006
Table of Contents
Black Diamond Equipment Salt Lake City 801-278-0233 Ad p. 4
Carmanah Technologies Utah 800-671-0169 Ad p. 14
Elfon Web Hosting Salt Lake City jon@elfon.com Ad p. 14 Welcome Message .................. Inside Front Cover
Envirotherm, Inc. Murray 801-262-8822 Ad p. 8
Gardner Alternative Energy Ogden 801-476-0202 Ad p. 20 Salt Lake City Area Homes ........................ P. 2
In-Hot-Water Power & Heat Eden 435-745-2009 Ad p. 16
KRCL 90.9 FM Radio Salt Lake City 801-363-1818 Ad p. 10 Ogden / Eden Area Homes ....................... P. 17
KV Electric St. George 435-673-4696 Ad p. 28
Park City Mountain Resort Park City 800-222-7275 Ad p. 30 Cedar City Area Homes ........................... P. 22
Pioneer Solar and Electric Salt Lake City 801-792-1410 Ad p. 8
Renewable Synergy West Jordan 801-955-9786 Ad p. 33 St. George Rebate Incentive Information ........ P. 26
Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Program 1-800-842-8458 Ad p. 18
Salt Lake City Green Salt Lake City 801-535-7939 Ad p. 6
St. George Area Homes .......................... P. 26
Park City Area Homes ............................ P. 30
Solar Unlimited Cedar City 435-867-9876 Ad p. 22
The Green Building Center Salt Lake City 801-484-6278 Ad p. 4
Uinta Brewery Salt Lake City 801-467-0909 Ad p. 6
Provo Area Homes ................................. P. 34
Utah Clean Energy Salt Lake City 801-363-4046 Ad p. 12

Sponsor Listing .................................... P. 36

UtSEA Information .................. Inside Back Cover
AMD Architecture Salt Lake City 801-322-3053 Ad p. 12
Daniels Electric Eden 801-745-4150 Ad p. 20
Davis Solar Salt Lake City 801-484-4639 Ad p. 28
Del Sol Electric, Inc. St. George 435-680-1019 Ad p. 28
Hensley Battery & Electric Salt Lake City 801-908-7583 Ad p. 20
ICON Remodeling Salt Lake City 801-484-4639 Ad p. 12
Planet Pleezers Park City 801-699-1999 Ad p. 32
Tahoe Solar Utah County 801-319-7047 Ad p. 32


Solar PV - Photovoltaic electricity producing solar panels.
Alternative Power Systems, Inc. – www.first72hours.com, Cedar City, 435-216-5412
A renewable energy company dedicated to helping develop a sustainable Southwest. Providing sales, installation,
Grid-Tie - Solar PV output connected to the utility grid.
service and maintenance of solar, wind, generators and solar hot water systems.
Net-Meter - ‘Selling’ excess electricity back to the utility.
Electrical Air LLC – 4191 S. Brookfield Way, West Valley City, 801-965-6469
Off-Grid - Building is self-powered; not connected to the utility.
Your source for: LP Refrigerators – Wind Generators – Inverters – Water Pumps – Solar Panels – Composting Toi-
lets – Charge Controllers. Specializing in Cabins/Homes.
Solar Thermal - Solar hot water heating.
Solar Power Company – 2020 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-484-1818 Radiant Floor - Hot water floor heating.
“Electricity From Sunlight”. We provide sales and installation of solar panels, inverters, batteries and 12-volt
appliances for your remote home or cabin Passive Solar - Design uses the sun to heat, light or cool the home.

The LaPorte Group – 2505 So. State Street, Salt Lake City, 801-484-4775
Wind - Electricity generated by a wind turbine.
Proud owner of the Ritz and Ashby apartments which are Salt Lake City’s living examples of solar PV at work. Both
apartment buildings feature 30 kW utility grid-tied systems. Visit us at the Ritz Apartments (p.9).
Other - Other energy efficient or renewable energy features.

36 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 1

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#35 - Dahlen Home - 732 E 215 N, Lindon

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Other

Directions: Take exit #273 from I-

15. Go 1.6 mi E on 1600 N and turn L
on Canal Drive. Turn R on 215 N.
House on Right. Don’t park in steep
Equipment: 48 Siemans 75 W PV
Panels, 16 6V deep cycle batteries,
4kW Trace power panel

The Dalen’s system is a 3600 watt Solar PV and was originally installed on
April 22, 1999. They are new owners just now learning how to use the sys-
tem, but with the addition of foam core board on the exterior, they esti-
mate a yearly savings of 3400 kW-hr.

#36 - Sullivan Home - 2955 N Foothill Dr, Provo

Solar Thermal, Passive Solar, Other

Directions: Go eastbound on N Tem-

ple Blvd. Turn L at NE corner of
LDS Temple onto Iroquois. Drive 1
mi & turn R onto Foothill. Home is
5th on right.
Equipment: 3 Storey passive heated
solarium, Envelope design, super insu-
lation, EPA approved wood stove.

This 5400 square feet house was built in 1981. Natural Solar Environments
in Payson modified a design for Clyde Sullivan who acted as his own general
contractor. About 14 years ago the solar hot water system was converted
from Freon to glycol. Because they do not have a furnace and use super in-
sulation, utility bills are about 1/3 of their neighbors. Every 3 years, Clyde
buys a half cord of wood to fuel his backup wood stove.

2 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 35

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#1 - Shoenburg Home - 3690 E Millcreek Canyon Rd, SLC

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Solar Tricycle

Directions: From I-215 E, take the

33rd South exit. Go N on Wasatch
Blvd and turn R on Millcreek Cyn. Rd.
Equipment: 1400 kW PV panels, Out-
Back inverter, Ecotrike solar tricy-

This is a must-see stop on your tour. Not only will you be able to see Andy’s 1400
kW PV Grid-tie system, but you will also see his solar powered tricycle! This amaz-
ing Ecotrike has solar PV on the roof, a pedal driven electric generator, uses ½ the
parking space and 1/100 of the power of a car. A prototype version has been devel-
oped and has been used as a licensed street-legal electric “motorcycle” in Utah. It
is designed for a single rider with a range of 40 miles on level terrain, has zero
emissions and can achieve up to 30 mph.

#2 - Tolpinrud Home - 3649 S Pearblossom Circle, SLC

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter

Directions: I-215 E to 39th So. Exit. Go

east off ramp to Wasatch Blvd. Turn N
and go 1 block past E. Millcreek Canyon
Rd. and turn E on Monza. 1st left is
Pearlblossom. Look for lawn sign. Street
parking OK

Equipment: BP 170 watt panels (6)

Some people go solar with animosity for “the grid” but the Tolpinruds found
Rocky Mountain Power terrific to work with as they put in their 1.1 KW net
metering system. Neither the tax savings and payback hasn’t yet been cal-
culated for the $8,700 panels put in this spring, but a significant amount
was saved on labor since they installed the panels themselves.

34 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 3

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#34 - Libecci Home - 4203 Sunrise Dr, Park City

Solar Thermal
Directions: Turn north off of I-80 at
Jeremy Ranch exit 141. Turn left at and
follow Rasmussen Rd, 1/4 mile to the end.
Turn left at Sunrise Dr.
Equipment: 2 Viessmann “Vitosol 100”
flat plate panels, SSU45 Superstor tank,
USDT 2005 differential controller, Wilo
Star Z 3 speed pump
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

While the closed loop glycol/water system is only 4 months old the
Questar bills have dropped by greater than 50% this summer and
significant savings are expected this winter. The owners love their
system and can’t wait to put photovoltaic panels on the roof to lower
their electric bills.

4 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 33

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#3 - Green Building Center - 1952 E 2700 S, SLC

Solar PV

Directions: 1952 E. 2700 S. Parking

is on 2700 S or in lot behind gymnas-
tics gym. Not in front of building
Equipment: Sharp solar panels, SMA
Installer: Green Building Center - p.4

Ashley Patterson set up 12 - 80 watt PV panels in April of 2004. The sys-

tem shaves about $10 a month off the utility bill which makes $300 in sav-
ings to date, in addition to the tax incentives. She found her 960 watt sys-
tem simple to install with no design or startup challenges.

#4 - Black Diamond - 2084 E 3900 S, SLC

Solar PV, Grid Tied, Net Metered

Directions: Take I-80 east to 2300 E.

Exit 2300 E and continue south to 3900
S. Turn right and head west. Black Dia-
mond will be on south side of the street

Equipment: Fronius IG Inverter 240

Volts, Evergreen Solar Panels (20-2’X5’)

Installer: Green Building Center - p.4

Solar Energy International and the Green Building Center installed this grid
tied, net metered system for Black Diamond in April of 2005. This 2200
watt system is expected to have a complete payback within 8 years. How-
ever, with energy costs soaring plus a 10% business tax credit, it is more
likely they will see the pay back in 6 (even 5) years, rather than the original
8 year estimate.

32 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 5

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#32 - Behn Home - 4821 E Meadows Dr, Park City

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter, Solar Thermal, Radiant Floor, Passive Solar,
Wind, more!

Directions: Go North from I-80 Kimball

Junction exit 145 then turn R (East) and
go 4 mi. on Bitner Rd. (Frontage Rd).
Stay Left at the fork and follow the
gravel Bitner Ranch Rd. another half
Equipment: Too much to list!!! Come and
see for yourself!
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

This amazing 2,800 sq ft home has it all! Constructed with insulated con-
crete forms (ICFs) and structural insulated panels (SIPs) this home has a
passive solar thermal mass of 200 yards of concrete. There is a 3.6 kW
Grid-tied PV system with battery backup supplemented by a Lakota 900 W
wind turbine. Hot woter is produced using 8 Viesmann flat plate panels,
with about 300 gallons of storage.

#33 - Martin Home - 1207 E Whileaway Rd, Park City

Solar PV, Solar Thermal

Directions: Take US40 Heber/Silver

Creek exit on I-80 past Kimball Junction.
Go N past Sinclair station. Turn R at
stop sign, then L at Whileaway Rd. Look
for the lawn sign. Park on the street.
Equipment: (6) 150 kw Shell panels,
Xantrax inverter, (20) Thermamax
evacuated tubes, Trojan Batteries
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

Although the Martins had some challenges with permits, design, and instal-
lation, and found that there was a learning curve on maintenance and opera-
tions, they expect to have a tremendous savings in utilities and that it will
power all of their lights. The system was mounted in March of 2003 when
they had a State tax incentive of $2,000. They take great delight in
watching their digital meter show just how much goes back to the grid!
6 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 31
Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#5 - Mahyera Home - 2278 Signal Point Circle, SLC

Radiant Floor, Solar Passive

Directions: Take Foothill Drive S

toward I-80 to 2280 South. Go East
on Thunderbird Drive to Scenic
Drive. Turn right on Scenic Drive
and then immediately left at Signal
Point Circle.
Equipment: Hark brand Euro-stove
from Germany

Come see this beautifully designed, 3,600 sq ft classic envelope passive solar home
built in 1982. Radiant floor heating warms a bamboo floor while a brick wall and
tiled floor capture and store the sun’s warmth during the day and release it
throughout the night. Burning wood in the neutral emissions high efficiency stove
gives off no more carbon dioxide than if the wood were to rot through natural proc-
esses. Heated towel bars and a steel roof are other unusual features. Low utility
bills will be available for inspection!

#6 - Wathen Home - 2408 E Oakcrest Lane, SLC

Solar Thermal, Radiant Floor

Directions: On Eastbound I-215,

take the 2000 E exit. Go north over
I-215 to 6200 S. Turn right and go
to 2300 E and turn R again. Look for
Oakcrest Ln on the left. Keep right.
Home is off to the left.
Equipment: 400 gal hot water stor-
age tanks, 18 collector panels

There is both a State and Federal tax credit on the equipment that B&M
Plumbing set up for the Wathen’s radiant floor heating. This brand new
house should save about $100 a month in utility bills over conventional heat-
ing systems.

30 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 7

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#30 - Reid Home - 76 S 2060 East, St George

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter
Directions: Go from Red Cliffs Dr on
to Mall Dr. Turn Left on 40 N then
Right on 2000 E. Go L on 60 S then R
on 2060 E. Look for 2nd house on the
Equipment: 16 Kyrocera CK130 PV pan-
els, SMA Sunnyboy 380U inverter
Installer: KV Electric - p.28

The Reid residence is the first 2 storey home that has participated in the
St. George Municipal Rebate program. Added cost savings came from both
State and Federal tax credits. There is an expected 33% savings in the
electrical bill for this 2kW system. Come and have the Reid family tell you
all about their experience with solar power!

#31 - Gardner Home - 165 N 100 W, St George

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter

Directions: 165 N, 100 W in St.

Equipment: 24 Sanyo HIP200BA3
200 Watt PV panels, 2 Xantrex 2.5
Installer: Gardner Alt. Energy - p.20

The installation of this huge 4,8 kW system will be mounted on the roof of
the Gardner’s garage after our press time. Even though a photo isn’t avail-
able, don’t miss dropping by and talking to the Gardner’s about their ex-
pected utility savings, their participation in the St. George municipal re-
bates and tax incentives applications and the $9600 rebate check they will
get from the City!

8 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 29

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#7 - Ritz Apartments - 435 E South Temple, SLC

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter

Directions: 435 E South Temple in

Salt Lake City
Equipment: Sanyo panels, Xantrex
Installer: Pioneer Solar - p.8

Owner, Ben Logue took advantage of state and federal tax credits in addi-
tion to National Register or Historic Places tax credit for retrofit of this
historic building. The 31 KW solar photovoltaic system provides 15-30% of
the building’s electricity needs. Each apartment unit is assigned 6 or 7 pan-
els in order to meet the tenant’s demand and the units are heated with
electricity, not natural gas!

#8 - Mayor Rocky Anderson Home - 418 S Douglas St, SLC

Solar PV, Solar Thermal
Directions: Two blocks west of
Rice-Eccles Stadium at the Univer-
sity of Utah.
Equipment: 5 Solar Roof Collectors,
Rheems 80 Gallon Tank, GE 20 Watt
Photovoltic Panel, March Pump
Installer: Envirotherm - p.8

When Rocky had Envirotherm install this solar system in June of this year,
his biggest challenge was acquiring 3 permits for the project: plumbing, so-
lar and historical. Five solar roof collectors (2’ by 12‘) are backed up by a
tank-less heater. The Solar PV panels are only used to run the pump. In ad-
dition to State and Federal tax incentives, the Andersons estimate that it
will only take 4-5 years to recoup their initial investment of $7,060.

28 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 9

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#9 - Andrade Home - 949 Millcreek Way, SLC #28 - Windmill Museum - 987 S River Rd, St George
Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Radiant Floor Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter

Directions: South on 900 E to 3495 Directions: I-15 to St George Bld. Go

S (Mill Creek Way), left (E) on Mill East to River road. Go South (south past
Target approximately 1 mile). On East
Creek Way to 949 E; N side of block
side of River Road-will see windmills.
(look for collectors!)
Equipment: 12 BP 170 W panels, 2
Equipment: Solar Thermal (8 collec- Xantrex 4024 inverters, Absolyte 600
tors), Solar PV about 2 KW (8 pan- Ahr maintenance free batteries
Installer: Solar Unlimited - p.22
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

The main system of the Andrade solar heated home was installed by In Hot This windmill museum uses a 2 kW grid-tied system with a battery back-up
Water beginning in May of 2002. At that time 8 solar thermal collectors and participates in St. George’s net metering program. Bring the kids to
were put in for radiant floor heating and hot water. The savings were so see the windmills!
significant that coupled with the current generous tax incentives, Joe and
Barbara decided to capitalize on the savings and installed 8 solar PV panels
this August.

#29 - Johnson Home - 259 S 2020 East, St George

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter

Directions: Go from Red Cliffs Dr on

to Mall Dr. Turn Left on 270 S and
Left again at 2020 E. House is on the
Equipment: 24 Kyocera KC130GT so-
lar PV panels, SMA Sunnyboy 2500
Installer: KV Electric - p.28

This 3 kW PV system, installed in Nov 2004, was a pioneering effort by the

Johnsons and KV Electric to show the hesitant City of St. George that so-
lar power was safe and feasible. As a result of this installation, the City
started looking more seriously at solar power and developed their great net
metering program. Stop by and ask the Johnsons all about their system!

10 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 27

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#10 - Dept Natural Resources - 1594 W North Temple, SLC

Solar PV, Grid-Tie
Directions: Located on the NE cor-
ner of Redwood Rd and N. Temple.
Equipment: 8 - BP SX 160 B Solar
Panels, Sunny Boy 2500 Watt In-

In April 2006 Hawk Electric and an SEI class installed this 1.28 kW system
for the DNR. Not only was the initial cost low, but this electric generating
system has saved taxpayers over 700 kWh so far. You won’t want to miss
the interactive Heliotronics Solar Monitoring Display which shows real-time
energy production, how much pollution has been averted, and allows users to
see what items can be run with the amount of energy saved.

City of St. George Net Metering Incentive Program #11 - KRCL - 1971 W North Temple, SLC
Solar PV, Grid-Tie
The City of St. George Energy Services Department has implemented a net metering program
that provides a rebate to customers who install photovoltaic (solar) systems on their homes or Directions: South side of N. Temple
businesses. Rebate amounts vary for residential and commercial customers. These rebates are just East of the I-215 overpass.
in addition to applicable tax credits.
Don’t miss the turn.
Residential customers $2,000 per installed kW up to 3 kW
Equipment: BP 150 watt panels (1.8
Commercial customers $2,000 per installed kW up to 10 kW
kW), OutBack 3700 Grid Interactive
Customer participating in this program will be billed the difference or “net” of the total
Inverter, Surrette DeepCharge 4V
amount of energy needed and the amount the system generates.
battery bank (12 batteries), OutBack
MX 60 Charge Controller
The net metering policy can be downloaded from the City’s website at http://www.sgcity.org/
Dennis Daniels of Daniels Electric set up this solar back-up system so that
In addition, both State and Federal Tax credits are available for both residential and com-
mercial installations. For more information regarding these incentives go to: KRCL FM would never go down. He mounted 12 - BP 150 watt panels to take
www.dsireusa.org over if (or more accurately, when) the lights go out. A similar system would
work well for other businesses, homes, or cabins.
For more information on this program or any other programs offered by the City of St.
George Energy Services Department, please contact René Fleming at rene.fleming@sgcity.org.

26 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 11

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#26 - Harbour Home — 3448 S 6500 W, Cedar City

Solar PV, Net-Meter, Radiant Floor
Directions: Take I-15 Exit 51 & go N on
Hwy 91. Take third left at 5300 W.
Road curves to left and becomes 3200 S.
Follow dirt road & turn left on 6500 W.
Look for large red barn on the right.
Equipment: Xantrex 4024 inverter, 1500
W solar array on pole mount, Absolyte
1100 A-hr batteries
Installer: Solar Unlimited - p.22

In May, 2005, the owners installed this solar PV system with battery
backup because of frequent power outages. They received the $2000 Fed-
eral Tax Credit and expect a 10-12 year payback period. Each month this
all electric home saves an average of 40-50% on its monthly power bill and
continues to reap benefits through the Net Metering program.

#27 - East College Business Ctr - 168 E College Ave, Cedar

Solar PV, Grid-Tie
Directions: 1 block S of Hwy 14 and
2nd block E of Hwy 130 in Cedar City
Equipment: Fronius inverter, Sharp
PV panels

The East College Business Center’s new 1.6 kW solar PV installation will save
about 75% of their power bill on this building housing three small busi-
nesses. This is the first Net-Metered system on a commercial building
within city limits. Federal and State tax credits will be applied to their
2006 tax return.

12 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 25

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#24 - Thornton Home - 5228 W 3600 N, Cedar City #12 - Salt Palace - 100 S West Temple, SLC

Solar PV, Off-Grid, Passive Solar, Wind Solar PV, Grid-Tie

Directions: Take Hwy 56 West & turn R on Directions: Panels are on the South
Lund Hwy & left on 1600 N. Go 2 mi and Side of the Salt Palace expansion.
road curves to the R and becomes 4500 W. The closest point would be 100
Go 1 mi after road changes to dirt & follow South between 200 and 300 West
to the left. Go 1 mi. House on the right.
Equipment: 102 Sanyo photovoltaic
Equipment: Xantrex 4020 inverters, 3000
A-hr Absolyte batteries, 1800 W PV array. panels (195 watts each)
1kW African Wind Power turbine on 64 ft Installer: Pioneer Solar - p.8
Installer: Solar Unlimited - p.22

This 6300 sq ft off-grid, passive solar home is made from ICF blocks and The Salt Palace installation is a 20 kilowatt solar array, grid-tied system
serves as the headquarters for a travel agency. In November 2004, the that's expected to produce 36,236 kW-hours annually. This is enough
owners chose to install a 1.8 kWSolar PV array on a Zomeworks tracker power to run the lights in the two levels of the parking garage below the
and a 1 kW wind turbine instead of paying $45,000 to bring in a power line. Salt Palace Convention. Center. The solar array measures about 150 feet in
They took advantage of a $2,000 state tax credit incentive and use an 8.5 length and 10 feet in height. The output over a period of year is equivalent
kW Gillette generator when more power is needed. to what 4.31 typical Utah homes use in the same time period.

#25 - Willsey Home — 5186 N 4500 W, Cedar City #13 - Steckel Home - 269 ‘N’ St, SLC
Solar PV, Off-Grid, Passive Solar, Wind Solar Thermal, Radiant Floor
Directions: From 200 N go North to Lund Directions: 269 ‘N’ St - in the
Hwy then turn Left and go about 1.5 mi on ‘Avenues’
Midvalley Rd. At 4500 W turn Right and
follow dirt road. Go Left at end of white Equipment: 8 Viessmann Vitosol 100
fence. flat-plate panels, Viessmann high-
Equipment: Xantrex 4020 inverters, 3000 efficiency boiler (designed for solar
A-hr Absolyte batteries, 1.1 kW BP array. integration)
640 W Solarex PV array. 1kW African
Wind Power turbine.
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

Installer: Solar Unlimited - p.22

The Willseys are using seven 30 year old 90 W Solarex PV panels with 10 Living in an historic area of Salt Lake City created unique challenges for
110 W BP panels all mounted on Zomeworks trackers. A 1 kW Wind turbine Alex Steckel when he decided to install solar PV and radiant floor heating
and an 8 kW Generac back-up generator make up what extra power is in his older home. With the support of Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson,
needed in this completely off-grid home. The $2,000 state tax credit Alex successfully petitioned the Salt Lake City Landmark Commission for
helped reduce costs after this system was installed in May, 2003. approval of his solar energy project, the first accepted by the Commission.
This system has reduced heating bills by 80%.

24 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 13

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#22 - Whipple Home - 713 W 1350 S, Cedar City

Solar Thermal
Directions: From Main St. on the South
end of town across I-15 from WalMart,
take Hwy 91 to first left at Greenslake
Dr. Follow to 860 W and go left. Take
first right on 1350 S. House is on the
Equipment: Sun Station solar domestic
hot water system.
Installer: Solar Unlimited - p.22

The Whipples installed this solar hot water system in September, 2006 and
will enjoy a 45% reduction in system costs because of tax credits. As new
as the system is, the utility bill savings haven’t yet been measured.

#23 - Solar Unlimited - 2353 W Park Ave, Cedar City

Solar PV, Off-Grid, Solar Thermal, Radiant Floor
Directions: Go N on Airport Rd. from
200 N past the National Guard. Turn L
on Kittyhawk and another L at Park Ave.
Go to the end of the street.
Equipment: Xantrex 5548 inverter, 1100
A-hr Absolyte batteries, 3.0 kW pole
mounted PV array,
Installer: Solar Unlimited - p.22

Gerald Whipple & Tom Willseys radiant floor heated office & warehouse
space built in August 2006 is the first off-grid commercial building in
Southern Utah. The 3.0 kW solar PV array and 8.5 kW Gillette generator
has an expected 5 year payback period. Installing this system avoided a
$10,000 transformer charge form the power utility and costs were re-
duced another 45% by taking advantage of federal and state tax credits.

14 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 23

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#14 - Lund Home - 5119 S Wintergreen Cir, Murray

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter, Passive Solar
Directions: From I-15 go West on 5300
S to 700 W. Turn North and follow 700
W to Glendon Way and turn L (going NW)
on Glendon Way to Vine Street and turn
Right. Take first Right which is Winter-
green Circle.
Equipment: Gridpoint
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

The 1.2 KW system was installed this August. Even though net metering is
mandated by the State, the city of Murray had to pass an ordinance allow-
ing net metering in order for Tony Lund to take advantage of the savings.
Each home builder and/or business that forges these inroads makes the
next step for the person behind them a little easier. It is people like Tony
Lund who will help take our cities from grey to green.

#15 - Lange Home - 1980 S Ridgehill Dr., Bountiful

Solar Thermal, Passive Solar

Directions: Cross Bountiful Blvd onto

Mueller Park Rd. Take 1st L at Ridge
Hollow. Go through E Ridgehill Dr
before getting to S Ridgehill Dr. Not
clearly marked.
Equipment: 2 -Vitosol 100 Flat Plate
Panels from Germany
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

This newly installed (from 1988) $7,000 system has 2 panels mounted that
work with a 60 gal + 65 gal water exchanger. Marvin Lange is not particu-
larly interested in the payback time. He has NO bills in the summer and
that suits him just fine. He invites all participants to visit his basement and
see the tanks for themselves.

22 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 15

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#20 - Gardner Home - 5566 S 200 W Washington Terrace

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter
Directions: From I-84, take Adams Ave
North to 5350 S and turn L. At Ridge-
line Drive turn L and follow to 150 W.
Turn L at 150 W then R at 5600 S and R
again at 200 W.
Equipment: OutBack 3648 Grid-tie in-
verter, 4 “Deka” 8G4D Gel Sel batteries.
Installer: Gardner Alt. Energy - p.20

Come and let Ken show you his esthetically pleasing 2,100 Watt grid-tie
solar PV system with battery back-up. His system generates about 75% of
the homes power needs and has been completely maintenance free since it
was installed. Both State and Federal tax credits were applied for. Ken
never notices when the grid power goes off as he has two days of backup

#21 - Utah House - 920 S 50 W Kaysville

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Solar Thermal, Passive Solar

Directions: From I-15, take the

Kaysville exit (#331); turn L onto
200 N, and then right onto N. Main;
after 3 blocks, Main takes a slight Y
to the right, which becomes 50 West
Equipment: 1 kW grid-tie solar PV,
flat-plate solar thermal panels, and

Model home and landscape feature practical and environmentally aware ways to
build, landscape, and live. The Utah House showcases technologies, materials, and
methods designed to increase home efficiency and health. Solar features: passive
design, 1 kW of grid-connected photovoltaics, and an outdoor solar lighting system.
Just new this year is a solar hot water system to heat all domestic hot water; it
includes a flat-plate solar collector and storage tank. (http://extension.usu.edu/

16 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 21

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#16 - Lewis Home - 2943 N Hwy 162, Eden

Solar Thermal, Pool Heating

Directions: Main Hwy in Eden

Equipment: 10 Viessmann Vitosol 100
flat plate panels, roof mounted, 18’ x
34’ family swimming pool
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

The Lewis family enjoys swimming much more now that their pool heating
costs have been reduced by 90% with the retrofit installation of 10 solar
thermal flat plate panels. They are even happier because of the 4 year
payback with a $2000 tax credit incentive they were able to take advan-
tage of. Jim’s propane vendor couldn’t figure out why their account had
been closed.

#17 - In Hot Water - 4776 E 2600 N, Eden

Solar PV, Grid-Tie, Net-Meter, Solar Thermal, Radiant Floor,
Equipment: 12—210 PV panels, Quad
OutBack inverter, pole mounted
tracking, 15,000 Ah battery storage,
8 flat plate solar thermal panels,
monitoring system
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

In Hot Water practices their trade to the fullest! Their new insulated
concrete form (ICF) building is equipped with a solar thermal hot water
radiant floor heating system to keep the place warm and a full 2600 Watts
of Solar PV panels on a pole mounted tracker to provide power. Battery
storage of 15,000 Ah will keep the lights burning during the longest winter
storms. Stop by to say hi to Rod and his staff and tour their new system!

20 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 17

Utah Solar Tour 2006 Utah Solar Tour 2006

#18 - Hodges Home - 5044 S 1075 E, South Ogden

Solar Thermal
Directions: From Harrison Blvd, turn
East on 5100 S and then Right at 1025 E.
Follow the street around the corner.
Home on top of the hill.
Equipment: Munchkin & Viessmann, Sun-
station for domestic hot water with 2
flat-plate collectors and 80 gallons of
water storage
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

The Hodges are excited to have a 50% reduction in their heating bills be-
cause of two flat plate solar thermal panels mounted on their roof. They
took advantage of both Federal and State tax incentives and expect an
eight year payback.

#19 - Clem Home - 8665 E 300 N, Huntsville

Solar Thermal, Passive Solar, Other
Directions: From 7800 E in Huntsville,
take 100 S East out of town. Take the
first Left past 8600 E and curve around
to the Clem Home.
Equipment: Remote control honeycomb
solar blinds, Vitosol 100 flat plate panels,
80 gallon & 120 gallon storage tanks.
Installer: In Hot Water - p.16

The Clem home is a great example of a solar passive home design. They will
save them up to 80% on their heating costs with the addition of their solar
thermal system and honeycomb remote control solar window blinds. An
eight year payback is expected after taking advantage of both State &
Federal tax incentives.

18 Utah Solar Energy Association Utah Solar Energy Association 19