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I. Multiple Choice : Choose what type of Context Clues it is. Encircle the letter of the correct

1. Unlike Kitchs room, which was immaculate. Vans room was very messy
a. Inference c. Definition
b. Antonym d. Synonym

2. The arbitrator the neutral person chosen to settle the dispute, arrived at her decision.
a. Definition c. Example
b. Antonym d. Synonym

3. Lou felt as though as she had been sent to the doghouse when Luisa admonished her for
fighting at school.
a. Antonym c. Inference
b. Cause & Effect d. Synonym

4. Because of wearing lipstick in everday use, her lips became dark.
a. Example c. Cause & Effect
b. Definition d. Synonym

5. Whereas Zoe is quite lithe, her brother is clumsy and awkward.
a. Antonym c. Synonym
b. Inference d. Definition

6. The man gigged the large fish, but he needed his friend to enlarge the hole to drag it out
of the water.
a. Definition c. Synonym
b. Inference d. Antonym

7. Etymology, which is the study of the origin of words, finds many teachers taking the bull
by its horns when unravelling the mysteries of vocabulary studies.
a. Antonym c. Synonym
b. Inference d. Definition

8. The slender man was so thin his clothes were too big on him.
a. Example c. Cause & Effect
b. Definition d. Synonym

9. There was a donation held at the Pinaod Gym last year, they donated things such as:
clothes, foods, medicine and others.
a. Cause & Effect c. Synonym
b. Example d. Definition

10. If Ill wake up early, then I wont be late.
a. Synonym c. Example
b. Cause & Effect d. Inference

II. Prefixes & Suffixes : Identify whether the Underlined word is a Suffix or a Prefix. Write letter
R if the word is Suffix, and write the letter A if its Prefix.

_A_1.The Wi-fi was disconnected. _R_6. Im an egoistical person.
_A_2. His rediscovery was amazing. _A_7. Their cutting of trees are illegal.
_R_3. Those buddies are tenacious. _R_8. Our soloist is a female.
_R_4. What an arrogant official ! _R_9. My mom is such a daring person.
_A_5. Theres a postwar resettlement. _A_10. Hes giving a pre-examination to

III. Outline: Read through the texts. Then complete the outline for each text.

Drama is a presentation made up of words, sounds and actions of characters. Some
dramas are in the form of property but all dramas are must be performed or acted out by
character on stage, on film, radio, television; or outdoors. The two aspects of drama are drama
as a script and drama as a play. The drama as a script is a dialogue read by the persons
representing characters while the drama as a play is a script coming to life and is the drama may
either be a strategy (a story of struggle against circumstances and suffering) and comedy ( a story
of achievements, of self-deception, of optimistic view of life).
The elements of drama are : (1) Plot. It is the soul of the drama or summary. And this can
be found in the first part of story. The Plot has 4 types, the introduction, the inciting action, the
resolution, and the rising action. (2) Character. It makes the people believe. There are two kinds
of character; the Protagonist and the Antagonist. The Protagonist is the leading role, he/she is the
one attempting to resolve the problem (internal conflicts). The Antagonist struggles within
him/herself. (external conflict). (3) Conflicts. In drama we find a struggle, clash of wills and

Main Idea:

1. Two aspects of drama
1.1 Drama as a script
1.2 Drama as a play

2. Dramas must be performed or acted out by characters on
2.1 Stage
2.2 Film
2.3 Radio
2.4 Television

3. The Elements of Drama
3.1 Plot
3.1.1 Introduction
3.1.2 Inciting Action
3.1.3 Resolution
3.1.4 Rising Action

3.2 Two Kinds of Character
3.2.1 Protagonist
3.2.2 Antagonist

3.3 Conflict
3.3.1 Internal Conflict
3.3.2 External Conflict

IV. Scanning & Skimming:
IV.A. Scan & Skim the text below to find answers to the questions following the text.
Shade the circle of the correct answer.

Extinction is a natural consequence of evolution. In fact, of all the species that have ever
existed, 99% are now extinct. However, the 20
century showed an alarming upswing in
extinction rates. This is distressing because we know both the reason and the cure for
this specie deaths mismanagement of our natural resources. With each loss our eco-
system becomes more fragile. The focus of science must turn to maintaining balance
between the environment and the perceived needs of humans.
- Anonymous

1. The passage states that a consequence of mismanagement of natural resources is
global warming
The cure for specie deaths.
A high rate of specie death.
the 20

2. According to the author, the information found in the 2
line of the passage is
significant because
it shows that extinction occurs at a constant rate.
it shows that extinction has become less common.
it shows that the eco-system is becoming stronger.
it shows that extinction has become more common.
it shows that humans killed the dinosaurs.

3. According to the author, what is extinction ?
The reason for evolution.
The death of species.
The reason there are no natural resources.
A natural consequence of evolution.
An upswing.

4. According to the author, scientists should focus on
maintaining balance in the perceived needs of humans
maintaining balance in the environment
maintaining balance between the environment and the perceived needs of

5. Who wrote this article ?

IV. B. Use this information about the RARAs County Library to answer the questions in
the level A & B quizzes.


Welcome to RARAs County library
This information leaflet will tell you about
some of the types of books and other
resources that you can borrow. Information
about other items you can borrow and how
many items can be borrowed can be found at
the Enquiry Desk.

Music: pop, classical, rock, jazz,
Blues, street, reggae and operatic.
Stories: famous, works, modern literature,
Childrens stories

Educational: pre-school, primary,
and secondary, degree-level, adult.
Film: recent releases, favourite
classics, childrens stories.
Exercise: for all abilities, pre- and post-natal

Friction: romantic, horror, science-
fiction, adventure.
Non-fiction: biographies, geography, history,
Science, travel, languages.

Find out more on 09263511945

1. The text tells you where to get more information about how many items you can
borrow in the library.
a. True
b. False

2. What is the name of the library?
a. RARAs Town Library c. RARAs Village Library
b. RARAs Country Library d. RARAs County Library

3. Which category of video isnt listed ?
a. educational c. film
b. exercise d. violent movies

4. Which month is library month ?
a. November c. September
b. August d. April

5. Members can also borrow CD-ROMs:
a. True
b. False
c. The text doesnt say

Prepared by:
Rella Angela M. De la Cuadra