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Dear Participant,

We take immense pleasure in welcoming you to the SAPONEWORLD family. www.saponeworld.com is
SAP Educations endeavor to make available, SAP consultant certification & training programs to
individuals, academic institutions and companies, worldwide, through web based technology. Till date
over 15,000 students from over 65 countries have been trained in various modules of SAP through

Before you start with your learning, we suggest you go through the following quick tips that will help you
extract maximum benefit out of the various features that are made available.

Check Course, Server and Handbooks

Check if the correct courses and Handbooks have been assigned. Your welcome mail will give the details
of the courses that have been booked for you. Your welcome mail will also have the details of training
server access (for courses that need access to Training Servers). The handbooks can be downloaded
from the platform. Please note that only main courses have handbooks and there will be no handbook for
Pre-requisite courses.

Modes of Support

One of the unique features of SAPONEWORLD is the Asynchronous and Synchronous modes of support.
FAQ: Your first point of support is the FAQ section available on the platform. This section has the
frequently Asked Questions arranged in units and lessons as per the course structure.
ASK THE EXPERT: If your issue is not resolved, you could post a query to our Subject Matter Expert
(SME) through our ASK THE EXPERT functionality. Your queries will be responded within ONE
BUSINESS DAY. ADOBE CONNECT CHAT SESSION: If the query remains unresolved or you feel you
need more clarity on the subject, an ADOBE CONNECT SESSION can be scheduled with the SME. This
is a synchronous mode wherein you can have a one to one text / voice interaction with our SMEs.


We advise all new participants to schedule an Introductory Adobe Connect session with our SMEs. These
sessions will provide you clear insights into the course, the various features that are available and tips at
how to approach the learning. To schedule a session, please post a query through ASK THE EXPERT
with a subject line Introductory Adobe Connect Session and our SMEs will guide you.


We strive to provide the best of support to all our participants. To achieve this we look forward to your
feedback. While closing a query you are prompted to provide a feedback on the response by our SMEs.
Every Adobe Connect session also ends with a request for your feedback. We request you to provide us
your valuable feedback. This will help us improve our service and provide you better support.

We also encourage you to send us your feedback to support@saponeworld.com.

If for some reason, you have any issues which you think is not being addressed to your level of satisfaction or
you have a suggestion, please drop in a mail to prasheel.ak@dexler.com with the relevant details.

Some guidelines and tips are provided in the attachment. We request you to go through the same and follow it.

Once again welcome to SAPONEWORLD.

Good Luck and Happy Learning!


Guidelines for posting a query

Please go through the book, demonstrations, exercises, and the FAQ s before posting a query. If you still find it
difficult to understand any specific point, please send us a query mentioning the same.

Please be very specific while posting a query, to help us resolve it faster.

While posting a query, kindly provide us the relevant Book / Exercise / Task / Page / Question numbers to verify
the same. Queries related to exercises should ideally have Server, Client and User Name too.

In case you have multiple queries then kindly post one question in one query at a time and the remaining
questions in a new query. Please do not post multiple questions in one query. This will also help you refer back
to the exact query at a later date.

We normally resolve the issues on first in, first out basis. So at times when there are more queries, it might take
a little long, so we request you to be patient. However, we make sure that all queries are resolved within a
maximum of 24 hours.

If your queries are not resolved by the answers, then we can schedule an Adobe Connect session on that
specific topic (related to course). Kindly contact our SME for scheduling the session.

While posting a query kindly note that our support is limited to the Course / Exercises.

For any additional learnings of the glossary you find during the course as well as for advanced search on
certain topics, exhaustive help is available at http://help.sap.com. Also you may use the Help in the SAP
Menu bar to access the SAP Library.


Course study guidelines:

The pre-requisite courses have to be completed before you start the main course.

The details of each course (content, pre-requisites, target audience and duration) are mentioned in the
Course Descriptions.

While going through the main course; it is advisable to first go through the slides and corresponding content in
the handbook simultaneously.

After going through the Demonstrations and practicing the Try Mes, perform the related exercises. This will
lead to better understanding and grasping of the course content.

While executing the exercises wherever you are requested to enter# you have to enter your group number. Your
group number is the last two digits of your SAP training server user name. For example, if your SAP training server
user ID isSAPSD6-12, your group number will be 12.

Please use your group number (##) only and do not use other group numbers. Some exercises require you to
use the data available in the system. If you use some other group number, you are preventing somebody else
from successfully doing that task. Hence please use your group number only.

To view the transaction codes: In the SAP Easy Access screen, in the Menu bar under Extras, select Settings.
In the settings dialogue box that appears select the Display Technical names checkbox. Press-continue. Now
the Transaction codes will be displayed for all the functions.

All the exercises are sequential and the results can be achieved only if you complete all steps in the
same sequence as given in the exercises. Make sure you follow instructions while performing the exercises.

Very important: Kindly do not delete, tamper or modify the standard settings. If you are working with
any standard settings, please copy the same and make changes in the copy only as any change in the standard
settings will impact other users in the client / server. In case of any issue please post us a query and we will
do the needful.

The Servers on which you perform exercises will be refreshed at regular intervals and the same will be notified
to you in advance. Once the server is refreshed, all the transaction data created by you in the previous exercises
will be lost and you will need to either-redo the exercises or proceed from there on. Hence we recommend that
you take the exercises to a logical conclusion before the server refresh. Our SMEs will guide you on this

All the Best and Happy Learning!!!