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The Aqwiser
Greetings from Aqwise!
The Aqwiser Flow
Dear Aqwise friend, appreciation, by winning a Fast50: Aqwise is the
couple of prestigious Fastest Growing Israeli
In the past few months we awards for our continued Technology company
have continued our penetra- innovation and growth.
tion into new territories and Aqwise was named a
market segments, both mu- This month we have Global Cleantech 100
nicipal and industrial, in India, launched our new Twitter
China, Latin America and the account (theaqwiser), so we Come and meet us at
Middle East. could communicate with our WATEC 2009 event
customers, partners and Case study as presented
Based on our vision which friends easily. at WEFTEC 09
combines excellent service,
unique and cost-effective We also look forward to New installations in
solutions and technological host you in the upcoming Europe and Latin America
leadership, we continue to WATEC exhibition, which
invest considerable resources will take place in Israel this
Lagoon upgrade in the
in developing tomorrow’s so- month.
lutions. For example, one of
the key sectors which our Sincerely,
solutions will address is drink- Elad Frenkel,
ing water treatment in envi- CEO
ronmentally-friendly ways.

Recently we have received

both global and local market’s

Aqwise new under construction

Awards and Events Package Plant in a Pacific island

Aqwise was ranked first at the “Deloitte Technology Fast

50” competition for Israel 2009. Aqwise, which
demonstrated impressive growing rates during the past five
years, is the only cleantech company on the winners list, and
the first cleantech company ever to win the first place.

Aqwise was named a Global Cleantech 100 company by

Guardian News and Media and Cleantech Group™, providers
of leading research, events and advisory services for the
cleantech ecosystem. Aqwise received the award on the basis
of its innovative water and wastewater technology.

Aqwise will present its new products and solutions in the

WATEC 09 event, which will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on
November 17-19 2009.
Aqwise’s presentation at WEFTEC 09 -
Upgrade of an Oxidation Ditch using IFAS

WEFTEC, October 2009, Orlando, USA -

Aqwise team presented during the
WEFTEC conference a case study of a
wastewater treatment plant in Spain
which required a quick upgrade in
order to comply with new inflow and
quality requirements.
A schematic representation of the
The plant needed an upgrade in order to increase its upgraded configuration
treatment capacity from 600 m³/d to 1,100 m³/d and in order
to reach the EU Total Nitrogen limit of 15 mg/l.
The upgrade process required overcoming signicifant
biolligcal and hydraulic challenges.
For more information about this case study, please contact
Mr. Remi Blanc, Aqwise’s Director of Municipal Solutions.

Governor Schwarzenegger is already following us!

Did you know?
And you? The
The U.S. water
industry is pro-
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jected to be
worth $127 billion
Business Updates
in 2009, a 2.4%
In the last months Aqwise effective solutions for increase over 2008 figures.
has continued its penetra- upgrading existing waste-
tion to new global markets, water treatment plants and
while keeping the focus on establishing new ones. For Meet an Aqwiser!
existing ones. example, Aqwise is estab-
Moty Nevo:,
lishing its first installation in
In the EMEA region a new Sales Manager,
the municipal market in
partnership was estab- Middle East
Peru and new installations
lished with a Polish com-
in the commercial market in Likes to:
pany, followed by a new
Mexico. Go out to the
project of upgrading a
nature and take
municipal wastewater
In the USA, Aqwise’s some beautiful
treatment plant.
licensee in North America, photographs of the
In another new territory of
Siemens Water Technolo- mountains.
activity, Cyprus, Aqwise is
gies, will implement the
implementing the AGAR® He is a chef!
AGAR® technology in a
process in upgrading a You have to try his
new WWTP of a cheese
Slaughterhouse wastewa- triple chocolate mousse
production facility in
ter treatment plant. cake
Fresno, Ohio . The aerobic
Latin America remains MBBR treatment will pro- One more thing:
one of Aqwise’s main vide final polishing to the Moty is not only a gifted
target markets, due to anaerobic process which
pianist, he is the tallest man
growing demand in cost- will be used in the plant.
in Aqwise (1.96M or 6.4ft)
New Case Study - Lagoon Upgrade in the USA
Aqwise technology was A 3-stage MBBR was
successfully implemented in constructed, utilizing the
a municipal wastewater lagoon effluent as its influent.
treatment plant in Georgia,
USA. The MBBR was commis-
sioned at the beginning of
The city of Folkston, Georgia,
2009, and is consistently
needed to upgrade its lagoon
producing the required
system to meet new regulation
effluent level.
regarding Ammonia removal.
The extensive system consists
The project was conducted by
of primary lagoons, followed by
Aqwise’s licensee in North
a constructed wetland, and
America, Siemens Water
discharging the effluent into the
Technologies Corp.
Okefenokee Swamp.
The upgrade project was to be
accomplished with minimal
downtime and minimal
expansion of the existing
An application of the AGAR®
technology in an MBBR
configuration was installed in
order to achieve the required
level of Ammonia.


About Aqwise Tweet us!

Aqwise is a world leader in the development and implementation of advanced wastewater

treatment solutions for the Industrial and Municipal markets. Aqwise’s proprietary AGAR®
(Attached Growth Airlift Reactor) family of solutions significantly increases the capacity and
efficiency of existing wastewater treatment plants, while offering compact and scalable
deployments of new plants.
Aqwise is headquartered in Israel and has regional offices in Latin America, as well as
commercial representation in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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