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Cype CAD
Portal Frame
Metal 3D
Retaining Walls
Cantilever Walls
Punching Shear
Box Culverts
Building Services
Arquimedes &
Job Control
details library of
Unique Features of CYPE:
Job and Data Introduction :
Automatic job introduction

Selection of Codes for design with
different load cases.
Can add load cases as per user
P-Delta effect can be taken into account
for wind & earthquake analysis.
Own project situation can be defined in
accordance with reinforcement, load
cases .
Can define Soft storey effect.

Modelling :
Supports such as Circular & Rectangular
RCC or Steel columns , shear walls.
Walls with or without lateral pressure of
various types such as reinforced
concrete , load bearing and concrete
wall blocks . Walls may contain opening.
Versatility of the foundations like pile
foundation ,strap foundation etc.
Slopped beam, curved beams, pre-
stressed beams etc.
Joist Slab , composite slabs , waffle slab ,
flat slab etc. which may be Horizontal
or Inclined.
Metal 3D contains several modules
which calculate and design baseplates
Stair : Analysis and design stair slab
reinforcements as isolated elements of
the structure and also gives detailing
which can be exported in different file

CYPECAD and Metal 3D are connected by
means of the Integrated 3D structures,
which allow for a structure to be included
in CYPECAD with the same design
assumptions as it would have in Metal 3D.

Analysis and Design :
Great analytical power
The analysis of the structure is carried out
by means of a 3D spatial analysis using
stiffness matrix methods
Analysis and design of both Reinforced
concrete structures and metal Structures
with optimised design output.
Automatic mesh generation with
optimised mesh size .
Variety of international design codes
The seismic analysis is undertaken by
means of a complete modal spectral
analysis which resolves each mode as a
load case and carries out the modal
expansion and the modal combination to
obtain the forces.
Correction due to base shear for seismic
design using dynamic analysis method is
applied automatically.
Allows users to carry out a dynamic
analysis of buildings exposed to seismic
loads, which includes the effect of the
non-structural construction elements
used in the faades and partitions of a

Deformation without non structural element

Deformation with non structural element

Fire resistance check and design of
protective coating according to CTE DB SI
code and the Euro code.
Welded and bolted joint module allows
you to carry out the automatic design and
detailing of different types of joints in
CYPECAD and Metal 3D

CYPECAD and Metal 3D offer the use of
multiprocessors during their analysis
which allows you to save the time.

Results :
We can see the deformed shape of the
structure in 3D (with a colour scale) for
different load cases.
The Advanced beam editor provides
users with a very effective tool to revise
and modify the design of concrete and
steel beams to get optimised result.

Reports and Drawings :
Detailed results with calculations and
Automatic change in BOQ and drawings
after change in reinforcement.
Drawings can be personalised according
to the users needs.
Powerful reinforcement editor
CYPECAD, the Integrated 3D structures
of CYPECAD and Metal 3D can export
the analysed and designed structure to
Tekla Structures, TecnoMETAL 4D and
CIS/2 format
Project drawings can be configured with
different formats and paper sizes
(standard or user defined). Additionally,
these can be drawn by printer, plotter
or exported to DXF or DWG format
Job data report, combinations used in
the analysis, foundation, corbel,
envelopes, reinforcement and take-off
of all the elements, job take-off,
horizontal wind loads, participation
coefficients (earthquake loading),
second order effects, etc. All this is
obtained on screen or printed out, but
you may also create files in HTML, DXF,
DWG, RTF, PDF, etc format.