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References: Original Short Stories, Websters Dictionary
Cora the loving grand daughter
Lola Pepay Coras grandma
Elmer Coras father
Alvin Coras brother
Uncle Roy, Uncle Theo, Auntie Lydia and their families
Coras cousin
Setting: Home
His father gave Cora P500 to buy her own gift for their grandmother who was
going to celebrate her 70
birthday but Cora lost the money.
Moral Lesson:
Respect and love for old people cannot be replaced by material things.
Reunion The act of reuniting, the state of being reunited.
Our family reunion will be held on December.
Hug hold (something) closely or tightly around or against part of ones body
The mother hugged her child.
Respect a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their
abilities, qualities or achievements.
We should respect our parents.
One week from now Coras grandmother would be celebrating 70
birthday. The
whole family would go to the province and celebrate with Lola Pepay. It always serves
as a family reunion because every member of her grandmothers family is required to
Coras dad give her five hundred to buy gift for Lola, but when she is already in
the store to buy the gift, he found out that her money was lost. She was very sad
because he cannot buy anymore a gift for her Lola.
When the birthday of her Lola has come, all of her cousins greet her Lola and all
of them gave their gifts, when all of her cousins finished giving their gifts, she quietly hug
her and kissed her Lola and said happy happy birthday Lola. Her lola cried and said it
is the best gift I received in my birthday. Cora was very happy because it is not the
material thing that made her Lola happy but it is her hugged and kissed for Lola.

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Cedrick D. Laas Mrs. Pilandas
IV Amethyst Teacher

ONE WEEK from now and Coras grandmother would be celebrating her 70
As was the custom, the whole family would go to the province and celebrate with Lola Pepay.
Lola Pepays birthday is one occasion Coras family would surely not miss attending. It
always serves as a family reunion because every member of her grandmothers family is
required to come.
Coras dad, Elmer, gave her and her brother Alvin five hundred pesos each so they
could buy a gift for Lola Pepay. They never forget to bring her a gift because they know the old
woman always expects something from them.
What should I buy for her, mom? Cora asked her mother that morning before she went
to school. Her mother, Liza, was cleaning up the breakfast table.
What did you give her last year? her mother asked.
I think it was a long, multi-colored crystal vase. Well, she said it was nice but I felt she
was just being patronizing.
You mean she didnt like the vase?
I think so, mom!
Well, its because she has everything already. Why dont you just give her a shawl this
A shawl?
Yes, a shawl. Im sure she would appreciate it. Buy something blue or gray.
Okay, Ill buy a shawl!
AFTER school that afternoon, Cora went to a department store with her best friend Lily
to buy a shawl for her Lola Pepay. They went directly to the Ladies Section and asked the
saleslady for a beautiful shawl.
They were shown the shawls of different colors and designs. Lily helped her to choose
the one that would suit her grandmothers taste and they settled for a blue cotton shawl.
But alas, when she was about to pay for the shawl, she discovered that her money was
missing. She remembered putting it in her purse but it was not there anymore. She asked for
Lilys help but her friend didnt have enough money to pay for the shawl.
She went home feeling sad. She did not tell her mother what happened to her money for
fear of being scolded.
She decided she would just buy her grandmother a beautiful handkerchief and have it
embroidered with her name. But her schedule in school did not permit her to do as she planned
and so, her grandmothers birthday came and she didnt have anything to give her.
THEY were the first to arrive at the familys ancestral house in Batangas. her Uncle Roy
and family were next and much later before lunch, her Uncle Theo and Auntie Lydia and their
They all went upstairs to say Happy Birthday to Lola Pepay and give her their gifts, but
Cora and all her cousins were aghast to see how old age and diabetes had caught up with the
old woman.
Lola Pepay was very pale and thin. her cheeks have sank, her eyes deepened and her
hair had lost its luster. Sitting in the middle of the bed like a Buddha, she looked like a witch
even if she was smiling to them.
Not one among her cousins kissed the hand of the old woman. They seemed afraid
because of her grandmothers appearance.
Ho, why dont you give your gifts to your lola, Uncle Roy told them as he put a box
wrapped with gold on the bed in front of Lola Pepay.
Everybody followed suit, but her cousins were very cautious and apprehensive.
When her turncame to give her gift, she went to the old woman and hugged her and
kissed her warmly.
Lola, happy, happy birthday and may you have more to come! she said and again
kissed her on her cheeks warmly.
The old woman suddenly bit her dried lips but was not able to contain her tears. To the
surprise of everybody, she cried.
Lola, w-why are you crying? she asked worriedly.
Its nothing, really, my dear. Im crying because I have just received the best gift for my
birthday today.
Cora understood. And she felt proud for having given her grandmother the best gift on
her birthday.
It was not a shawl or a vase.
It was a kiss.