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Practice Test in MSEP 6

I. Identification. Choose you answer from the box.

Walking Jumping Sliding Stretching Pushing
Running Hopping Galloping Twisting Lifting
Leaping Skipping Bending Pulling

________________1. The transfer of weight from one feet to another.
________________2. Walking at an increased tempo.
________________3. Jump from one foot to the other foot while moving forward.
________________4. The springing movement executed with both feet leaving and returning to
the floor at the same time.
________________5. Jumping from one foot to the same foot after brief suspension in the air.
________________6. A combination of a step and a hop with altering feet after each step-hop.
________________7. A sideways movement in which the weigh of the body in shifted in the
direction of the slide.
________________8. A combination of a step and leap and it is performed in a forward
________________9. A pendular movement of the body or its part around a stationary center.
________________10. A flexing movement around one or more joints.
________________11. An extension of one or more joints of the body
________________12. A rotation of body parts.
________________13. A controlled and forceful action that moves an object closer to the body
or the body closer to an object.
________________14. A controlled action performed against an object to move the body away
from it.
________________15. It is to raise an object or body part from one level to another

II. Matching type. Write the letter on the space provided before the number

Column A Column B
_____1. It is the family of colors.
_____2. It is a lighter value made by mixing white to a hue. A. Hue
_____3. It is a darker value made by mixing black to a hue. B. Value
_____4. A mixture of two primary colors. C. Tint
_____5. Colors that cannot be obtained by mixture of any D. Shade
other colors. E. Intensity or Chroma
_____6.These are the colors blue, green, violet, blue-violet, and F. Primary Hues
blue-green. G. Secondary Hues
_____7. These are the colors yellow, orange, red, red-orange H. Intermediate Hues
and yellow-orange. I. Warm Hues
_____8.Colors made from mixing primary and secondary colors. J. Cool Hues
_____9. It is the brightness or dullness of a color.
_____10. It is the degree of lightness and darkness.