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News from the Spradlins in South America

Relief, Research, and Reflection

This month was highlighted with several important activities that could be categorized as Relief, Research, and
Reflection. Relief: We began with a disaster relief project for flood victims in Paraguay. Research: we
made a church planting survey trip to Encarnacin. Reflection: the month finished with a homecoming event
that brought some wonderful times of fellowship. In addition to reporting about these activities, Andrea and I
would also like to say THANK YOU! to all those who frequently send encouraging emails in response to this
newsletter. We greatly appreciate your love and support! We hope you are encouraged by this months edition of
our Paraguay Mission report! God bless.

Homecoming 2014! What an incredible weekend of
fellowship and joy was had by all! Many of the former
missionaries who have worked on the field here in
Paraguay such as, the Chris Fry family, the Ethan Hardin
family, the Enoch Rinks family, and the Forrest McDonald
family, all returned to Asuncion this past month for a
special Homecoming weekend. There were also other
former members and special guests who returned to
participate. There was so much laughter, hugs, and joy
shared among the brethren, one couldnt help but notice
what a special event this was! We started on Friday night
with singing and listening to all the missionaries tell their
stories from their time served here. Saturday we went to
Centro where we had a nice devotional and heard stories
about the history of the church arriving in Paraguay.
Sunday was a beautiful worship service followed by a
tasty pot luck lunch on the grounds. That afternoon, we
went to emby and heard brother Forrest McDonald
preach - the oldest missionary at the newest
congregation. It was an absolutely wonderful and
memorable event.
Church planting survey trip to Encarnacin. The
Academy students, members of the church, and some
brethren from the USA went to the south of Paraguay to
investigate the possibility of planting a church there. You
can read more about this project in the ABA Newsletter.

The brethren at emby celebrated their one year
anniversary! On July 7, 2013 the church at emby
began meeting in the home of Vicente Martinez. This
month, they celebrated this first anniversary with a
special worship service, a nice presentation, and then
some finger foods afterward. We are so excited to see
the growth and faithfulness of this young congregation.
Brother Eliezer Perez had to fly home suddenly this
month when he learned that his mother was being
admitted to the hospital. We were sad that he missed all
the Homecoming activities, but certainly understand that
family is much more important. He is scheduled to return
on August 1, so we will have more news about his
mothers health at that time.
Lunch on the grounds at Ave Sacramento
JULY 2014
Vol. 6 No. 7
Forrest McDonald, missionary to Paraguay in 1981-1985
preaching at our newest church plant, emby.
Saturday evening devotional with the brethren at the
Centro congregation.
Evangelistic Contacts / Bible Studies / Activities:
We had two wonderful visitors from the States this past month.
Brother Jack Locklin and brother Ed Temple from the Margaret
Street church of Christ (our sponsoring congregation) came to
Paraguay to visit the work and participate in our survey trip to
Encarnacin. They had the opportunity to visit with the brethren
at Ave Sacramento and were present for the one year anniversay
service of the emby congregation. It is always a joy to have
brethren visit us on the field and especially when we get to
participate in a project together!
Food and clothing campaign for flood victims. Paraguay was
hit hard with relentless rains and rising river levels on three sides
of her borders resulting in a state of emergency. More than
300,000 precious souls were affected by the flood waters with
around 48,000 homes having to be evacuated in Asuncin and
areas around Pilar and Encarnacin. On Sunday July 7,
the Church of Christ at Avenida Sacramento in Asuncin
collected food and clothing for the flood victims. We then took the
tems, along with food purchased from monetary donations, to a
Guarani indian settlement in Trinidad (Southern Paraguay). This
little community was hit especially hard due to the floods having
destroyed much of their crops and killing several of their animals,
which is the main source of their livelihood. This is also one of the
oldest communities in the country which is frequently overlooked
because of the needs of those in the capital city of Asuncin. The
village chief welcomed us with open arms and everyone was so
grateful for the outpouring of love expressed by these donations.
We witnessed many tears of joy falling from their eyes and
listened to several heartfelt discourses of gratitude from the
heads of the families. We pray the small amount of relief that was
brought to them will provide some degree of comfort as they
weather these difficult times. Please keep them in your prayers!
I began studying the Bible with Beatriz Ortiz in English. She is a
former member of the Mormon church, who left a few years ago,
and is now so full of questions that we spend the majority of our
time just chatting in English (mixed with Spanish) and looking at
what the Bible has to say in order to answer her inquiries.

Worship and Bible class attendance (Ave Sacramento):
Sun am 47 (6th), 59 (13th), 82 (20th), 99 (27th)
Sunday Bible study average 61
Current members: 74 Baptized (45 Family Units)

Worship and Bible class attendance (emby):
Sun pm 22 (6th), 27 (13th), 34 (20th), 56 (27th)
Current members: 14 Baptized (11 Family Units)

Upcoming Events:
Lord willing, Andrea and I will be traveling to the
Darien Providence in Panama this next month to
serve as translators and teachers in a mission
campaign. We will be meeting up with our
teammates from the Margaret Street church of
Christ to go work with the church in Meteti.
We will be having several visitors the next couple
of months from Costa Rica, Brazil, and Panama.
The Asuncion Bible Academy will be hosting an
Open House in August for prospective students.
Jack Locklin and Ed Temple in Paraguay
Delivering food and clothing to a Guarani Indian village in
Trinidad who were some of Paraguays many flood victims.
A view of some of the houses flooded out by the rise
of the Paraguay River and the relocation facilities
that were provided by the government.

Personal Activities:
We made several visits this month, had some dinner
invites, attended a birthday party, and generally spent time
re-connecting with our dear brethren here after previously
being gone on furlough. The fellowship is so encouraging
and Gods family is just wonderful!
Andrea took a special trip to Santa Maria de Fe (Southern
Paraguay) with the Las Amigas Club. It was a Farewell
event for one of the ladies, Marsha, who is the wife of the
US Ambassador to Paraguay. They toured a museum and
an old church. Andrea says it was a lot of fun, although
they are going to miss Marsha.
We finally got most of our house problems resolved! From
a leaking roof, a leaking shower drain, other plumbing
issues, mold problems, plaster crumbling, and paint
peeling, we have just about wrapped up everything that
was needing repair. Things take quite a little while to
complete in Paraguay so we are thrilled to finally have our
home back to some semblance of normal!
We have also been working on a project to install a video
conference system in the classroom of the Asuncion Bible
Academy. We are hoping to use this system so that
teachers in the USA will be able to connect with our school
and provide classroom instruction. This will save a great
deal of expenses that teachers have to pay in order to come
to Paraguay to teach. It will also provide a means for more
teachers being available to teach other classes.

Personal study:
I have spent a great deal of time this past month writing
book reports and essays trying to finish up another class
towards my Master Degree in Missions with Bear Valley. It
has been a challenge, but also very rewarding.
I have been studying and preparing for teaching Biblical Greek, Ezekiel, and Daniel in the upcoming
quarter for ABA.
I have also begun taking classes in Guarani, once again. It is a difficult language to learn, but I am hoping
to at least get to the level of basic communication.

Preaching/teaching opportunities:
I preached one Sunday at Avenida Sacramento about Why I am a Member of the church of Christ and
taught classes on Habakkuk another Sunday.
I gave a special presentation at emby regarding the vision of Paraguay.
Andrea with some of the precious little children of
the Trinidad Guarani Indian village.

Paraguayan Culture Spotlight: Jesuit Ruins
Paraguay has quite an eclectic history. Part of that history includes the Jesuit
missionary efforts of the 16th to 18th centuries. They came and built self-
sufficient towns, or reductions, all across the countryside where the indigenous
people once lived in solitude and used these as the focus for educating the
tribes. They gave the Guarani Indians a new system of living that actually saw
an improvement in their conditions such as culture, society, literacy, agriculture,
and especially, religious matters. The Jesuits were eventually expelled from
Paraguay in 1767 and the mission compounds were abandoned or attacked.
One can still visit many of these sites today and get a good sense of where
many of the customs and traditions of the Paraguayans originated.
The Robert DeNiro movie The Mission is based upon this fascinating piece of
Paraguayan history. For more information on this and all things Paraguay, visit
this informative website: http://discoveringparaguay.com
Andrea with her friends of the Las Amigas club during
their trip to Santa Maria de Fe.
Our Mission Goals for 2014:

The brethren at the Avenida Sacramento congregation have set the following goals for themselves for 2014 and have
asked the mission team to help them accomplish these goals. The team will actively support them under their direction.
The goals are:
Evangelism: (1) Hold a Personal Evangelism Seminar, (2) Evangelism campaigns in various plazas, cities, (3)
Plan, investigate, and pursue areas for a new church plant, (4) Offer Learn English using the Bible campaign, (5) Use
"Searching for Truth" book, (6) Post banners that get peoples attention for Bible studies. Long term: (1) Evangelize
each Department/Capital of Paraguay, (2) have a Radio Program.
Edification: (1) Promote the Asuncion Bible Academy for the next class, and/or start a Saturday School, (2)
Host a special Homecoming event involving all congregations, (3) Improve ministries organization, (4) Special Mens
Retreat, (5) Install glass doors at the main entrance, (6) Have a Camp/Retreat with all three congregations, (7) New
convert classes, (8) Skype studies offered by brethren from USA, (9) Conduct new extension courses in leadership,
(10) Develop or obtain materials/courses for brethren with family problems, (11) Develop communication in Guarani for
the brethren. Long term: (1) Finish the building faade. The mission team will assist and coordinate these activities
according to the direction of the congregation.
Benevolence: (1) Offer the course " Comfort in Times of Grief" to the public, (2), Visit the sick / prisoners, (3)
Provide a class on the topic of "Benevolence," (4) Use donations to help some members, (5) Prepare meals for the
needy, and (6) Participate in various activities of benevolence.
These are some wonderful goals and we are so excited to see their growth in leadership. Please pray for the successful
completion of each of these and the continual development of leadership in Paraguay!
Asuncion, Paraguay South America

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