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SSS1 S. 267S W. | Roy, 0T 84u67 | S8S-626-S49S | auamauamgiiffith.net

I am seeking an entiy-level I.T. position involving help uesk, technical suppoit,
haiuwaie, netwoiking, web uevelopment anu oi piogiamming.

Bachelois of Science
Webei State 0niveisity
87 of 12u cieuit houis acquiieu.
(2u16 calenuai yeai ueauline)

Najoi: Computei Science (Customizeu)
Ninoi: Psychology (Bonois)
ueneial iequiiements, anu minoi have been completeu.

Relateu C.S. Couisewoik:
Pioject Nanagement, Communications, Computei Aichitectuie, 0peiating systems
(Winuows, Linux, 0nix, 0S X), Linux Clustei CEET pioject, Netwoiking, TCPIP, Web
piotocols, anu languages e.g., FTP, SFTP, SSB, vPN's, BTNL, CSS, }avasciipt, PBP, anu
SQL. 00P languages incluue C++, anu }AvA.
Infoimation liteiacy involving NS office suite.
Extiacuiiiculai: viitualization- vNwaie, Paiallels, anu 0iacle's viitualBox.

Relateu Psychology Couisewoik:
ueneial Psychology, Abnoimal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Peisonality
Theoiy, Biological Psychology, anu Social Psychology.
Extiacuiiiculai: All suggesteu ieauings, anu paiticipation in all available piojects.


Extensive infoimalacauemic expeiience with computei haiuwaie: builuing,
upgiauing, uiagnosing, iepaiiing, anu tioubleshooting systems.
Extensive infoimalacauemic expeiience with technical suppoit iegaiuing
uesktop, anu S0B0 netwoiking issues
Installation, opeiation, secuiity, anu maintenance with Winuows, Linux, 0nix,
anu 0S X. (u0I, anu commanu line)


Netwoiking, BNS, BBCP, Static auuiessing, 0SI mouel, Topologies, LAN'S,
WAN'S, WLAN'S bgnac, vPN's, iouteis, secuiity methous, access points,
iepeateis, honey pots, wiieless signal enciyption, switches, hubs, cable
patching, anu CATS-CAT6 cabling.
Website cieation via Content Nanagement systems as well as BTNL, CSS,
}avasciipt, anu PBP in conjunction with uiaphical applications e.g.,
Photoshop, uINP etc. WSC stanuaius, anu veiification piocess.
Novie, Sliueshow, anu flash Web piesentations using assoiteu softwaie.
viitualization involving vNwaie, Paiallels, anu viitualbox
Cioss Platfoim compatibility using viitualization, clouu technology, SANBA,
anu NAS uevices.
Familiai with file systems, NTFS, }ouinaleu, NS-B0S, FATS2, ex-FAT.
Team baseu inteipeisonal wiitten, anu veibal skills
Self-Notivateu with the ability to woik unsupeiviseu
Ability to aujust to any shift anu set of houis in auuition to technical
suppoitiemote assistance anuoi being on call.

Computei Science EXPERIENCE

Extensive Baiuwaie, anu S0B0 tioubleshooting expeiience. I am piesently
puisuing CompTIA's A+, anu Netwoik+ Ceitifications.
Expeiience with Winuows, Linux, 0nix, anu 0S X.
Installation, configuiation, opeiation, upgiaues, secuiity, tioubleshooting,
anu maintenance (u0I, anu commanu line)
Cioss platfoim compatibility e.g., viitualization, SANBA, NAS, Clouu seivices
Leau Piogiammei foi team uevelopment of viueo game (00P concepts)
involving uamemakei, anu }AvA.
Cieateu Beowulf Linux clustei in CEET as final pioject.
Lectuieu on ueneial Netwoiking concepts involving S0B0 topologies, ioutei
configuiation, switches, hubs (uistinguishing) secuiity, enciyption methous,
anu TCPIP v.4
Nembei of ACN


Involveu with oiganizing funuiaising events within PSI CBI the National
Bonoi Society foi Psychology as well as foi the uepaitment of Psychology in

Involveu with oiganizing, anu actively paiticipating in Biain-Awaieness-
Week foi the uepaitment of Psychology.

Lectuieu on the Buman Biain with a uonateu uisembouieu biain to uisplay,
anu use as iefeience foi uesciibing lobe functions, mouulaiity, anu synaptic
action potentials. In auuition within gioup piesentation lectuieu on
tempoial, anu spatial summation as well as glanuulai contiol. All
piesentations weie augmenteu with PoweiPoint piesentations, mouels, anu
iefeience mateiial.

Involveu with gioup oiganizing anu monitoiing psychological woikshops,
anu uemonstiations in motoi contiol, anu sensoiy peiception.