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Answer to Open Letter to U.S.

Secretary Lew from Anna von Reitz


Karin E. J . Kolland answered:

Hello, thank you for your clearness! Iam working since long time in spiritual level for
changing global slavery Law- and Financial System into Freedom and bring it back to
the Universal Law!

I am working together with Indonesian Royal MR A1, SINO.AS
SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST and I am part of UN-Swissindo God Sky Earth
council. I`d like to give you an update, as I see that you should know about this. We
did pronounce the direct payment to all people of the earth by giving them a basic
income and all staates to become a quota of the payment1-11 several time, but no
one newspaper or mainstream media did publish it! So last week started official
announcement in Austria

We invite the Pope Francis to pronounce the Payment1-11 and the foundation of
"Neo United Kingdom of God Sky Earth". Actually I am to prepare a letter to the Pope
with historical explanations. This is to close exebit A&B and to reopen it for the world.
Please listen to speech:
King of King`s speech MR A1, SINO.AS SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST address
to the world
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frjJ zacZuFo

Press Download and information: http://www.hanael.at/channels.php?ch_id=31
We work together with all 12 portals and we respect every lifing-being. We reach a
hand to everybody on this planet and invite them to come into peace and go with us
into golden age of everlasting freedom. Those who do not understand and want to go
on fighting, lieing and killing, are responsible for what they do by the Law of God and
it is our responsibility to arrest them by military order (but no war - legal and lawful
arrest and bring them to Human Rights Court). This is to protect humanity.

The structure of Neo United Kingdom of God Sky Earth follows divine holy geometry
principles of the order of harmony - the flower of life. We, in the level of highest
responsibility do act only in full freedom and responsibility directly out of our heart. It
is only God who moves me. Mister Sugih, as I am allowed to call him by his first
name, never did give any advice to me. We work together on highest level of love
awareness of unity and offer people a chance to raise up from 3d to 5 d. So what we
do is building a bridge!

And when I say "we" than I am doing it with authority of Mister Sugih, to explain what
is his highest welfare desire, for global peace and freedom movement of humanity.
And when I say "we" than I am aware also, that deep in my heart and soul I am
connected with so many millions of people, angels and divine beeings, who all want
to life in harmony, peace and love together! This includes the Pope Francis and
many others in important positions. And we all, as we are human beeings, are able to
do good things, but sometimes fall and do bad things. As a Reiki healer and teacher
and cosmologist I know, that forgiving and healing is the way to live together as a big
ROYAL HUMAN FAMILY on earth. Let`s stand up together as true kings and queens
of peace and love.
PS. Feel free to contact me