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Maharishi Free School Local Offer September 2014

Name and
Maharishi Free
Cobbs Brow Lane,
L40 6JJ
01695 !991!
$oes the school
specialise in
meetin% the
needs of children
&ith a partic!lar
type of S'N(
No )es *f yes+ please %i,e details#
"hat a%e ran%e
of p!pils does
the school cater
4#16 $ears
Name and
contact details of
yo!r school-s
Mrs Lisa %alters 01695 !991!
Accessibility and *ncl!sion
"hat the school pro,ides
(he Secon)ar$ *hase b+il)in, com*lies with c+rrent stan)ar)s -or wheelchair
accessibilit$ with wi)e )oor o*enin,s, a ram*, a )isable) toilet an) a li-t'
(he .rimar$ *hase )oes not ha/e -+ll access thro+,ho+t the b+il)in, b+t one o- the
)ownstairs classrooms co+l) be +se) 0with a ram*1 to accommo)ate a wheelchair'
(his co+l) in/ol/e mo/in, the classes aro+n) an) assemblies wo+l) nee) to take
*lace in that classroom' (he c+rrent toilets are bein, re-+rbishe) with a )isable)
2ltho+,h we )o not c+rrentl$ ha/e in-ormation in Braille an) other lan,+a,es we
co+l) easil$ arran,e this -or st+)ents or *arents re3+irin, it'
eachin% and Learnin%
"hat the school pro,ides
(he class teacher an) teachin, assistant work to,ether to *ro/i)e a )i--erentiate)
c+rric+l+m -or all the chil)ren in the class' (he 4)+cation we *ro/i)e is calle)
Conscio+sness#Base) 4)+cation which aims to )e/elo* e/er$ as*ect o- the st+)ent
to *re*are them -or li-e as an a)+lt' %hen a st+)ent is not makin, s+--icient
*ro,ress within that )i--erentiate) c+rric+l+m the teacher arran,es an "C56 meetin,
0"+rt+rin, Creati/it$ an) 6ntelli,ence1' (his is the be,innin, o- what is known in the
school as the S+**ort .athwa$' 2lso beca+se the S4"CO atten)s a weekl$ meetin,
in both the .rimar$ an) Secon)ar$ *hase to )isc+ss *+*ils she will be aware o-
those *+*ils teachers are e7*ressin, concerns abo+t'
(he *arents an) S4"CO are in/ite) b$ the teacher to atten) the "C56 meetin,' 6-
a**ro*riate the hea)teacher or )e*+t$ hea) teacher will also atten) that meetin,'
(he *+r*ose o- that meetin, is to ,ather to,ether an$ rele/ant in-ormation abo+t the
st+)ent so that it can be )eci)e) what is the best co+rse o- action to s+**ort him8her'
(he *rinci*le behin) the "C56 meetin, is to -oster stren,ths in the st+)ent an) look
-or wa$s the$ can be s+**orte) b$ e/er$one in/ol/e) in the meetin,' 2n$
stan)ar)ise) testin, that has been )one will be consi)ere) at the meetin, to* see i-
the chil) is *er-ormin, accor)in, to their abilit$' 0Stan)ar)ise) testin, incl+)es
ann+al testin, o- abilit$, attainment an) attit+)e' 6n a))ition, testin, -or )$sle7ia is
also )one' (he School e7*ects to soon o--er stan)ar)ise) testin, o- )$scalc+lia as
6- -+rther assessments are nee)e) the$ will be a,ree) an) i- necessar$ a *lan will be
*+t in *lace an) tar,ets will be set -or the st+)ent to achie/e' (hese tar,ets will be
re/iewe) terml$ an) the *ro,ress will be -e) back to the *arents )+rin, an e7ten)e)
*arents e/enin, a**ointment b$ class teachers in the *rimar$ school an) b$ mentors
in the Secon)ar$ school' .arents e/enin,s are hel) on the last Mon)a$8(+es)a$ o-
each term'
4i,ht (2s are )e*lo$e) thro+,ho+t the school' 6n the *rimar$ *hase the$ are
*rinci*all$ attache) to *artic+lar $ears an) in the secon)ar$ *hase to s+**ortin,
literac$ an) n+merac$'
(he S4"CO will o/ersee the *ro/ision o- S4" in the school an) will atten) re/iews
-or those st+)ents who are in ,reatest nee) o- s+**ort' 6- the st+)ent has ,one
thro+,h the s+**ort *athwa$ an) is still not makin, s+--icient *ro,ress, or their nee)s
are com*le7, o+tsi)e a,encies will be in/ol/e)' 2n 4)+cational .s$cholo,ist
assessment ma$ also be arran,e) an) an 4)+cation, 9ealth an) Social care *lan
can be a**lie) -or thro+,h the a+thorit$'
47tra time in e7aminations ma$ be awar)e) -or st+)ents -ollowin, an) e)+cational
*s$cholo,$ re*ort' 6n a))ition, s*ecial arran,ements accor)in, to e7amination
boar) re3+irements ma$ be ma)e'
.ro/ision Ma**in, is bein, )e/elo*e) in the school c+rrentl$ an) o+tlines the
/ario+s s+**ort strate,ies bein, +se) to s+**ort chil)ren with n+merac$, literac$,
social comm+nication an) attention )i--ic+lties' (hese incl+)e Beat :$sle7ia, (oe b$
(oe, Sociall$ S*eakin,, Circle (ime an) .9S4 )eli/ere) thro+,h 06nter)isci*linar$
st+)ies an) (ranscen)ental Me)itation1
/e,ie&in% and ',al!atin% O!tcomes
"hat the school pro,ides
(he chil)ren with c+rrent statements o- S4" or 4)+cation, 9ealth an) Social Care
*lans ha/e an ann+al re/iew each $ear an) the$ also ha/e an internal re/iew 0with
*arents1 the remainin, two terms'
(he other chil)ren with S4" s+**ort nee)s ha/e their tar,ets re/iewe) terml$
thro+,h an e7ten)e) *arents e/enin, meetin,' 2t these meetin,s we assess an)
e/al+ate the e--ecti/eness o- the *ro/ision an) set new tar,ets -or the st+)ent'
0eepin% .hildren Safe
"hat the school pro,ides
;isk assessments are )one -or *artic+larl$ /+lnerable chil)ren b$ the S4"CO,
teacher an) class teacher, to,ether'
(he Science (eacher :r 4aster )oes risk assessments -or all the secon)ar$ a,e
chil)ren in the science laborator$' ;isk assessments are also )one -or .4 b$ Mrs
Freel in the .rimar$ *hase an) Mr 9alsall in the Secon)ar$ *hase'
2ll teachers )o risk assessments i- the$ are takin, the st+)ents on a tri* o+t o-
school' 4ach class o- 1< will ha/e a teacher an) a teachin, assistant to accom*an$
2t break times in the .rimar$ school there are sta-- on )+t$ )+rin, the mornin, an)
a-ternoon break'
6n the Secon)ar$ school 0a**ro7imatel$ <0 st+)ents on roll1 there is a teacher on
)+t$ )+rin, the mornin, an) a-ternoon break' 2t the l+nch break there are two l+nch
time or,anisers'
(he )+t$ teachers ma$ be s+**orte) b$ teachin, assistants with s*eci-ic
res*onsibilities -or in)i/i)+al chil)ren'
2ll *olicies are a/ailable on the School website www'maharishischool'com'
1ealth 2incl!din% 'motional 1ealth and "ellbein%3
"hat the school pro,ides4
Circle (ime=
(ranscen)ental Me)itation=
Mentor S+**ort=
School n+rse /isits 0each %e)nes)a$ l+nch time an) has a )ro* in session -or an$
st+)ents who want to cons+lt with her1'
.omm!nication &ith 5arents
"hat the school pro,ides
(he school website has )etails o- all the sta--' %e ha/e a rece*tion o--ice in each
b+il)in, an) the o--ice sta-- are the -irst *ort o- call -or an new en3+iries an) will
)irect the *arent to the a**ro*riate *erson in school' (he *arents o- the chil)ren in
the .rimar$ school are also able to s*eak to the class teacher brie-l$ i- necessar$'
%e ha/e O*en )a$s twice a $ear in each *hase an) three *arents e/enin, *er $ear,
at the en) o- each term' %e )o ha/e a *arent ,o/ernor to re*resent *arents on the
,o/ernin, bo)$ an) in school'
%e ha/e a school minib+s which tra/els between the *rimar$ an) secon)ar$ b+il)in,
to accommo)ate the -amilies with chil)ren in both *hases'
"or6in% o%ether
"hat the school pro,ides
(here is school co+ncil in the .rimar$ school so chil)ren can ha/e their sa$ thro+,h
their co+ncil re*resentati/e 0one -rom each class1'
(he ,o/ernin, bo)$ incl+)es two ,o/ernors electe) -rom the *arents e/er$ two
$ears' Letters are sent home askin, -or willin, can)i)ates an) then all *arents are
aske) to /ote their re*resentati/e onto the school ,o/ernin, bo)$' %e also ha/e a
link S4" ,o/ernor who re*orts to the ,o/ernors on re,+lar inter/als an) collects a
re*ort -rom the S4"CO at bi# monthl$ inter/als -or the ,o/ernor meetin,' 6n this wa$
the ,o/ernors are aware o- the *rioritise) nee)s o- the chil)ren in school an) all the
a,encies the S4"CO has liaise) with e',' S*eech an) Lan,+a,e thera*$,
Occ+*ational thera*$, Chil) an) 2)olescent Mental 9ealth Ser/ices, the school
)octor an) the school n+rse, the S4" ser/ices an) the 4arl$ $ears a,encies' %e
also ha/e a *arents ,ro+* calle) the ?F+n)#raisin, an) Celebration Committee@ an)
a *arents -or+m which meet at co--ee mornin,s'@
2ll the s+bAect coor)inators in the secon)ar$ school as *art o- re*ortin, to *arents,
s+r/e$ *+*il o*inions which are written as *art o- their ;ecor) o- 2chie/ements' 2ll
the chil)ren -rom ;ece*tion class to $ear 11 )o the .2SS assessment 0.+*ils
attit+)es to Sel- an) School1 so we can ,et clear *ict+re o- the st+)ents -eelin,s
abo+t the teachers an) the school an) look at their sel- esteem an) their sel- re,ar)
as a learner'
"hat 1elp and S!pport is a,ailable for the Family(
"hat the school pro,ides
4ach st+)ent has a mentor in the Secon)ar$ school the$ can talk to an) the school
n+rse /isits the Secon)ar$ b+il)in, each week at l+nch time -or )ro*#ins -or the
st+)ents' 6n the .rimar$ school each class has a (eachin, assistant that the chil)ren
to talk to when the teacher is b+s$' 2ll sta-- ha/e ha) trainin, 0J+l$ !0141 on Circle
(ime to allow -or the (ime an) s*ace -or the chil)ren to talk in ,ro+*s when
a**ro*riate' %e ha/e art thera*$ classes in the .rimar$ school -or the most
/+lnerable chil)ren' 6n the Secon)ar$ school we ha/e art cl+b a-ter school -or those
chil)ren wantin, to access those rela7in, creati/e sessions'
(he a)ministrati/e sta-- are a/ailable to hel* with *a*erwork i- nee)e) either brie-l$
an) in-ormall$ or b$ makin, an a**ointment o- more )isc+ssion is nee)e)' %e
)is*la$ the *osters -or contact with the local .arent .artnershi* ser/ice in each
b+il)in, an) -or the "ational Chil) hel* line an) -or other schools an) colle,es *ost
ransition from 5rimary School and School Lea,ers
"hat the school pro,ides
2n o*en e/enin, is hel) in the Secon)ar$ b+il)in, each $ear where Br 6 st+)ents
an) *arents 0some -rom o+r own .rimar$ school an) some -rom other schools1 come
to /isit the Secon)ar$ school an) talk to sta--' (he S4"CO also atten)s this meetin,
to reass+re *arents an) talk o/er an$ worries' 2ll the Bear 6 st+)ents also ha/e a
?mo/in, +* )a$@ where the$ sam*le lessons in the Secon)ar$ school an) learn
abo+t the school ro+tines' (he Bear 6 teacher also meets with all the Secon)ar$ sta--
to *ass on in-ormation on each chil) at a sta-- meetin,' (he chil)ren st+)$ h+man
biolo,$ an) re*ro)+ction -rom Bear 6'
6n relation to the School lea/ers the :e*+t$ 9ea) (eacher Mrs 6n,ram talks to the
$ear 10 st+)ents abo+t colle,es an) *re)icte) ,ra)es an) what co+rses to consi)er'
%e ha/e CD:OS a clo+) base) s$stem -or ,i/in, a)/ice on careers that the
st+)ents can access'
2s we are a school which *romotes an) enhances Conscio+sness Base) 4)+cation
we are *re*arin, o+r st+)ents -or a)+lthoo) thro+,h o+r 6:S *ro,ramme
06nter)isci*linar$ St+)ies1 an) me)itation all the wa$ thro+,h school' O+r aim is to
enco+ra,e creati/it$, sel-#re,ar) an) in)e*en)ence in all o+r st+)ents, re,ar)less o-
abilit$ or e7am ,ra)es' O+r e)+cation )e/elo*s the whole chil) in or)er -or the
st+)ent to li/e as -+l-ille) a li-e as *ossible thro+,h their *ersonal )e/elo*ment'
'7tra .!rric!lar Acti,ities
"hat the school pro,ides
%e ha/e Be-ore an) 2-ter school .ro/ision -rom <'!0 am to 5'40 *m' 6t is base) in
the .rimar$ school, tho+,h Secon)ar$ st+)ents can also access it an) we ha/e a
minib+s to trans*ort the chil)ren between the schools' %e ha/e a homework cl+b at
l+nch times in the Secon)ar$ school an) a st+)$ skills ,ro+* an) an art cl+b at
/ario+s times o- the $ear a-ter school' 6n the .rimar$ school we ha/e se/eral a-ter
school cl+bs e', :rama, 2rt, Sin,in,' Film etc'
2ll o+r cl+bs an) acti/ities, incl+)in, tri*s o+t are accessible to e/er$one as we ha/e
s+,,este) )onations rather than -i7e) *rices'