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August 23, 2004

Attention: Joel Hogan
Its been a while since the 1992 short-term summer mission,
and now it seems a while since I made the movie Phillipines
for Christ!, but the Spirit makes it a present reality.
You see we become connected to fellow brothers and sisters in
Christ through the Spirit by our interactions in the Spirit
during the mission.
And that is what bothers me about the CRC Summer
Missionsthe lack of follow up to the initial revivals.
I sort of feel like I was used as an actor for the permanent
missionaries amusement to a certain extent. Without the names
and addresses of the persons we metor at least some of the
persons who helped organize the gatherings, I feel sort of
amputated. I cant communicate with anybody. I have pictures
and memories but no, or few, names and addresses.
A few of the kids from WYAM wrote to me shortly after the
mission but their addresses were apparently temporary. You
are back in the United States now. Joe Boeve finally made
contact by e-mail, but hes been a little antagonistic towards
me because he perceives me as a liberal. He may be wrong.
Of course, some liberals, on the other hand, may misperceive
me as a conservative. The truth is, I am in Christ.
Anyways, I just spent fifty or so days on the road doing a Holy
Spirit revival of sorts and now I am doing follow up
connectednessbecause I have names and addresses. Isnt
there a mailing list for some of the people we reached in the
Philippines? I dont even have the names or addresses of some
of the CRC kids who we traveled with for three months.
About a year ago the Superior Court of Los Angeles County
initiated a court-clergy conference at Fuller Seminary which
I attended. They said they were intent on making this an
annual gathering but there has been no indication that they
have done anything further. They even said there would be a
mailing list of attendees provided but they didnt do that
either. The people with the mailing list control the
connectedness and ability to communicate to a certain extent.
Its not fair to control people by controlling with whom we can
communicate by making the addresses of people privy only to a
few. Open up the channels to the availability of the Holy Spirit.
Let us all participate. And in some cases you have missionaries
with little or even much less education than some of the
participants in the short-term missions and yet these
missionaries remain in more powerful positions than those
with the education and sometimes more zeal.
Let us all participate, and dont use us for your own self-
serving purposes.