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The Grace of Calvary

Most people cannot see that when the Bible says God gave His only
Son, it meant God Himself came down to this world and clothed
Himself in a tiny body of flesh that was named Jesus, and grew up
and for the first time ever, felt in his own personal fleshly body, cold,
heat, hunger, thirst, seen with his very own human eyes the suffering
of humanity and the realization of sin and faced all of the temptations
we all do every day and felt Satan attack him and felt pain and
heartache and the loss of loved ones. He knew what it was like to
smell from sweat and a hard days work, what it was like to behold a
beautiful woman, to go fishing and feel the sun on His face and see
the sunrise with human eyes and hear the birds sing with his own
ears. To hold another in a warm embrace and taste the spices and
wonderful taste of food prepared with hands of love and from friends.
He looked into the thoughts and hearts of mankind and seen they
were continually of evil, and lust, and of doubt and fear and was in
torment. He knew he was their only hope and made a plan and set
His faith that was powered by His Great Love and He said I will go and
I will sacrifice my own self and my own body of flesh and pay for the
torments of sin and death for all of humanity because I alone created
them and I alone am responsible for their state of mind and condition
of life. I will take all of their sin, passions, lust, fears, doubts and sin
from them all and bear its wrath upon the cross in my body and my
soul, not theirs, will go to hell and be cut off from life and face all of
hells torments and I will be tormented and I will become all that evil
is and was! I will literally become sin and death and satan for them!
This will mean I change places with them and I will give them all of
my Love and all of my Faith and all of my grace and strength and I
will make them God Almighty and let them live and do whatever their
sovereignty desires and I will be all of the evil once and for all that
they were.

It is Done, it is Finished! Time is no more!

All is well, peace on Earth and goodwill to all mankind!

Now what I have done for you is complete. Now if you want to reap
the benefits of what I have done for you, you must do the same, take
up your cross and follow me.

By faith believe in what I have done for you, you forsake your own
selfish mind and believe what someone has done for you. Your cross
is to sacrifice yourself to go into the hell of your own mind and heart
and deny that unbelief and deny your own fears and Have Faith in
God and what I have done for you and By Faith release me from the
hell I am in for you. I was released from the hell Jesus went into, now
you must release me from the hell I am in for you. How? By faith,
believe that I did it for you and according to your faith so shall it be
unto you and all of a sudden my Faith my Spirit and My Body will
suddenly come forth from within your heart and be resurrected from
the dead and I will then have conquered death, sin, hell and the grave
for you. we will be One! By your believing we will have changed
places and now you will be the one who died at the Cross and your
sins will have all been paid for and you are now alive forever more!
You are now Christ and I am your Father and You are My Son.We
have become One Spirit. You are now The beloved son in whom God
is pleased to dwell and Your Father God is and can never ever be
displeased with you ever again!
God became your unbelief so you could find Grace that your faith
could live again, then by your faith you could believe in what He has
done for you by taking your place, thus by your faith in believing, You
not only set God free from bearing your sins, but yourself free as well.
When you believed in His Love for You, It also meant you had the
same love for Him, he believed in You by dying for your Sins, and you
believed in His Righteousness and your love for Him set you both free.
His Love For You and His Love in you For him met at the Cross and
Love became as strong as death. When you receive Him He receives
You! His Faith saved you when yours was killing you, now use His
Faith He gave you to save him!