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Intelligent Robotics Industry:

Analysis & Investment

Department of Investment Services,
Ministry of Economic Affairs
able of !ontents
I" #lobal rends in Intelligent Robotics Industry
(I) Japan: Leader of Intelligent Service Robotics Commercialization........1
(II) America: Robotics Indstr! "ocsed #ainl! on Artificial Intelligence
and $ec%nolog! Researc%.....................................................................&
II" %e Status of Intelligent Robotics
IndustryDevelopment in ai&an"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""'
(I) Sppl! ' (emand................................................................................. )
(II) An Anal!sis of *+isitng ,aps in t%e Indstr! Sppl! C%ain- Investment
.ic%es- and /rospective "oreign Investors...........................................0
(III) #a1or Sppliers in $ai2an....................................................................3
III" Optimum Investment Items for (oreign Investors""")
(I) 4e! Components................................................................................... 5
(II) Service Robots......................................................................................5
(III) *6pets.................................................................................................. 17
I*" Successful E+amples of !ross,-order Strategic
Alliances and (oreign Investment in ai&an"""""""""""$.
(I) 48R.$*C9....................................................................................... 17
(II) Cogne+ Corporation ($ai2an).............................................................11
*" Industrial Investment Incentives""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""$'
*I" Industry,Academia !ollaboration in ai&an"""""""""$/
I" #lobal rends in Intelligent Robotics Industry
According to t%e definition of t%e International "ederation of Robotics
(I"R)- robotics can be classified into t2o categories: indstrial robotics and
service rotbotics. Srve! reports from t%e Japan Robot Association (JARA)
reveal t%at as indstrial robotics are onl! sed in precision manfactring and
t%e indstrial robotics mar:et is becoming gradall! satrated in t%e mid-
and long6term- t%ere is limited room for ftre gro2t%. In contrast- t%ere is
great potential for famil!;personal service robotics. As t%e poplations of
most developed contries are aging and birt% rates are lo2- t%ere is an
increasing demand for %ome care for t%e elderl!- c%ild edcation and
entertainment- as 2ell as %ose:eeping and %ome secrit! services- all of
2%ic% serve to promote t%e formation of t%e intelligent service robotics
mar:et. #ar:et vale is e+pected %it <S=13.1 billion b! &717 and <S=>1.3
billion b! &7&>.
(I) 0apan: 1eader of Intelligent Service Robotics !ommerciali2ation
In t%e beginning- at a time 2%en t%ere 2as almost no demand for
applications of an! :ind- protot!pe intelligent service robots 2ere mostl!
researc% models developed b! academic researc% instittions. In recent !ears-
Japanese ato ma:ers- especiall! 9onda and $o!ota- %ave e+panded t%e scale
of service robotics R'( and endeavored to ac%ieve mar:et ob1ectives for
prodct commercialization? t%e! %ave also developed and been tilizing t%eir
respective ASI#8 and $or ,ide Robots. ASI#8 is a %manoid robot
developed b! 9onda- 2%ic% not onl! %as bi6ped 2al:ing and 1ogging
capabilities- bt also artificial intelligence (AI) t%at allo2s mtal interaction
in response to voice and %and6gestre commands. Lanc%ed in Agst &773-
$o!ota@s latest $or ,id Robot is capable of atomonos movement and can
dodge barriers- as 2ell as respond to voice and %and6gestre commands for
interaction 2it% visitors. 8n t%e 2%ole- t%e Japanese mar:et is crrentl!
focsed on indstrial robots and gradall! moving to2ards service robotics.
Ait% Japanese government agencies implementing complementar! measres
for indstr! promotion- t%e ftre development of t%e Japanese service
robotics indstr! is 2ort% 2atc%ing.
(II) %e 3nited States: Robotics Industry (ocused Mainly on
Artificial Intelligence and ec%nology Researc%
$%e <nited States pts more emp%asis on AI and control tec%nolog!
R'(. <S manfactrers and academic instittions %ave all been endeavoring
to develop AI robots- lanc%ing prodcts sc% as t%e (avensi robotics s!stem
for srgical operations- tor gide robots- and t%e Roomba. $%e indstr!
trend s%o2s t%at t%e <S is manfactring robotic components for diversified
ses- and is involved in t%e establis%ment of t%e robotics vale c%ain. "or
e+ample- t%e iRobot compan!@s release of a series of %ome robots- inclding
t%e first6t%rog% fort%6generation Roomba robot vacm cleaner- %as made
B%ome rotobtizationC a %ot topic.
At t%e same time- t%e big t%ree vendorsD,oogle- Intel and #icrosoftD
%ave annoced a 1oint6ventre robotics researc% pro1ect to provide fnding
for researc%ers at Carnegie #ellon <niversit! for a series of E2er:bot robots
2%ic% can be connected to t%e Internet and can be assembled sing over6t%e6
conter parts. Ait% t%e 1oint promotion of tec%nological advancements and
mar:et demand- robotics %as become !et anot%er ble6sea mar:et for
bsinesses. *dcation- entertainment- and service robots are especiall! poised
to become t%e most competitive prodcts in t%e service robotics mar:et.
II" %e Status of Intelligent Robotics Industry
Development in ai&an
(I) Supply & Demand
$%e local intelligent robotics indstr! otpt vale reac%ed .$=&0.&
billion in &773- comprising a >.>3F s%are of t%e global mar:et. As t%e ftre
of t%e service robotics indstr! loo:s promising- t%e $ai2anese government
%as designated it as a ne+t6generation indstr! and inclded it in t%e
B/romotion plan for enlarging investment in emerging indstries-C 2%ic% 2ill
invest .$=& billion in t%e indstr! over t%e ne+t five !ears. $%rog% ne2
prodct development and indstr! tec%nolog! pro1ects- assistance for t%e
implementation of development 2it%in t%e indstr!- and t%e compilation of
t%e BStarteg! for Intelligent Robotics Indstr! (evelopment and
Applications-C t%e $ai2anese at%orities %ave divided robotics indstr!
development into t%ree stages- for 2%ic% t%e final goal is to ma:e $ai2an on
international manfactring center for intelligent robotics.
Strategies for Intelligent Robotics Industry Develeopment and Application
Stages 4eriod Industry development ob5ectives
Stage 1 &77>G&77H Indstr! vale is e+pected to reac% .$=)7 billion- 2it%
development aimed at constrcting an indstrial
environment. /romotional goals inclde creating a mar:et
and e+panding t%e scope of sperior indstries- and prodct
development 2ill emp%asize tor gide services- recreation
and entertainment- in6%ome services- and indstrial
Stage & &775G&71) Indstr! vale is e+pected to reac% over .$=57 billion- 2it%
development aimed at indstr! e+pansion. /romotional goals
inclde mar:et e+pansion and large6scale indstr!
development- and prodct development 2ill emp%asize
pblic services and in6%ome care.
Stage ) &710G&7&7 $ai2an becomes a global intelligent robotics manfactring
center- 2it% development aimed at loc:ing on to nic%e
mar:ets. /romotions 2ill emp%asize lifest!le intelligence and
entering t%e global mar:et- and prodct development 2ill
emp%asize niIe services and medical assistance tools.
Sorce: #inistr! of *conomics Affairs
(II) An Analysis of E+isting #aps in t%e Industry Supply !%ain,
Investment 6ic%es, and 4rospective (oreign Investors
$%e prpose of intelligent robotics is mainl! to combine varios
components 2it% s!stem modles- focsing on integration. An intelligent
robotics indstr! c%ain is gradall! forming in $ai2an- 2it% local enterprises
getting involved in fields inclding environment sensors- distance sensors-
imaging devices- %man6mac%ine interface- s!stem drivers- po2er s!stems-
control c%ips- and platform controls.
9o2ever- %ig% tec%nological t%res%%olds in t%e fields of :e!
tec%nologies- :e! modles- s%ared platforms- and robotic protot!pes means
t%at related tec%nologies and t%e patents for :e! components are mostl!
o2ned b! foreign companies. $%e rate of prodct commercialization remains
lo2? t%erefore- t%e focs mst be on %o2 to %elp local companies redce
costs. "igring ot %o2 to attract foreign companies to invest in intelligent
robotics in $ai2an and %o2 to increase indstr! scale and otpt vale 2ill-
t%erefore- be t%e :e! to intelligent robotics indstr! development on t%e
%e Intelligent Robotics Industry Supply !%ain in ai&an
Sorce: Indstrial (evelopment Jrea- #inistr! of *conomic Affairs
$%e demand for service robots increases 2it% t%e gro2ing trend of aging
poplations and lo2 birt% rates. In vie2 of t%is- t%e $ai2anese government
%as designated service robots as a :e! ne+t6generation indstr! and made
investments in pro1ects to assist t%e development of :e! components and
prodct commercialization. In addition- t%e establis%ment of R'( alliances
cold frt%er promote prodct e+ploration? indstr! companies cold ma:e
se of government resorces to redce ris:s and en%ance competitiveness.
In addition to %elping t%e indstr! develop prodcts and form R'(
alliances- t%e rapid development of precision mac%iner!- information
electronics- AI soft2are- mec%atronics control integration- and t%e Internet in
recent !ears %as brog%t niversities in $ai2an into t%e field of intelligent
robotics R'(- 2%ic% in trn is nrtring a large nmber of Ialified persons
to sppl! t%e ftre %man resorce needs of t%e indstr!.
An anal!sis of foreign bsiness s%o2s t%at t%ere is great potential in
companies sc% as iRobot- *lectrol+- Compter #otion- and Intitive
Srgical. In &77>- iRobot lanc%ed t%e BScoobaC %ose2or: robot for
dsting- 2as%ing- and dr!ing floors? *lectrol+@s B$rilobiteC is an atomatic
vacm cleaner 2%ic% calclates t%e cleaning time reIired based on t%e size
of t%e room. Control s!stems companies inclde *voltion Robotics and
#icroc%ip. *voltion Robotics %as made a brea:t%rog% in application b!
embedding mobile p%ones and interactive to!s 2it% robotics tec%nolog!? and
#icroc%ip %as created an integrated robotics s!stem 2it% its /ICmicro
s!stem micro6controller- R$8S- and AI tec%nolog!. In ot%er areas- #oli
*nerg! specializes in s!stem drivers 2%ile *voltion Robotics is t%e
at%orit! on soft2are operating s!stems. At present- a good positioning
s!stem is t%e most important t%ing for %ome service- tor gide- and secrit!
robots- and t%e positioning and mapping soft2are created b! *voltion
Robotics %as great development potential.
$%e intelligent robotics indstr! is 1st ta:ing off. Ait% t%e advantages
of competence in prodct commercialization and cost control- and a complete
precision mac%iner! and IC$ indstr! c%ain- $ai2an %as 2%at it ta:es to
develop its intelligent robotics indstr!. Je!ond t%e cooperative efforts of
government- indstr!- and academia- tec%nological cooperation and strategic
partners%ips 2it% foreign companies can be combined 2it% $ai2an@s
manfactring capabilities to generate enormos otpt vale and bsiness
(III) Ma5or Suppliers in ai&an
$%e crrent focs of t%e robotics indstr! in $ai2an is mainl! on
indstrial robotics- bt it 2ill gradall! s%ift to service robotics in t%e ftre.
$%e K6L $able and cartesian coordinates robots prodced b! Ape+- 9i2in-
and Alfarrobot are read! for e+port to C%ina and Japan. In t%e ftre- $ai2an
2ill move to2ards t%e development of %ome service robots. Crrent investors
in intelligent service robotics researc% are mainl! ma1or I$ manfactrers
inclding #ircostar- JenE- MIA tec%nologies- Eanta- #irle- and $eco. At
present- #icrostar %as developed a %manoid robot protot!pe- S%in 4ong
Secrit! Co. %as introdced a ne2 S%in 4ong SeE6& sercrit! robot- and
$eco %as 1mped into t%e mar:et 2it% motors and servers.
.oting t%e trend in service robotics- sercrit! operator S%in 4ong
Secrit! cooperated 2it% t%e Indstrial $ec%nolog! Researc% Institte (I$RI)
to develop t%e SeE61 robot? t%is robot %as formall! 1oined t%e national
secrit! s!stem- and is no2 c%arged 2it% t%e important dt! of safegarding
t%e safet!- life- and propert! of t%e people of $ai2an. SeE61 is an I$RI
innovation 2%ic% integrates I$RI@s novel environment secrit! s!stem into
t%e robotics platform- t%ereb! empo2ering t%e robot 2it% interactive real
time and secrit! montioring capabilities.
Ait% regards to tec%nical to!s- in addition to traditional components and
contract manfactrers- ta:ing t%e field are ot%er basic components
manfactrers sc% as S%a!ang Le for server motors- $ricore for small
motors- %ig%6Ialit! IC and sensor providers sc% as Ainbond- *lan- Soni+-
and ,eneralpls- and assemblers sc% as 9on 9ai and Active Lin:. Alt%og%
most of t%ese companies are no2 still focsed on 8*# components- seldom
release ne2 branded prodcts- and concentrate most development efforts on
IC manfactring- t%eir involvement nevert%eless goes to s%o2 t%at t%e
tec%nical to! indstr! is gradall! attracting interest- ensring t%at more and
more $ai2anese manfactrers 2ill 1oin t%e mar:et in ftre.
*+perts and sc%olars in t%e mec%anical and agricltral fields %ave also
e+erted mc% effort in relevant researc% areasDsc% as researc% into
applications and tec%nological development for green%ose cltivation and
precision agricltre nderta:en b! t%e .ational $ai2an <niversit! (.$<)
(epartment of #ec%anical *ngineering and (epartment of Agricltral
*ngineering. In addition to academic researc%- I$RI %as also devoted mc%
manpo2er to t%e manfactring of atomated6control ve%icles- and %as
applied researc% reslts to t%e deliver! of office articles and pac:ages. $%e
scope of indstrial logistics and transportation is mostl! limited to
conventional non6rail t!pe gidance met%ods sc% as optics and 2aves? non6
rail gidance met%ods are not !et poplar.
III" Optimum Investment Items for (oreign Investors
(I) 7ey !omponents
As intelligent service robotics involves t%e integration of different
s!stems and components- :e! components sc% as motors- sensors-
mec%anical components- batteries- and soft2are s!stems present t%e best
opportnities for $ai2an to brea: into t%e field. $ai2an@s optoelectronics-
precision mac%iner!- and information electronics indstries are among t%e
best in t%e 2orld? it %as e+cellent tec%nological fondations in t%e fields of
modlar components- s!stems integration- and IC design- as 2ell as t%e
added advantage of compre%ensive sppl! c%ains- otstanding
commercialized tec%nologies- %ig%l! fle+ible manfactring processes- and
cost control capabilities. "rom t%is- 2e see t%at $ai2an can serve as a
prospective profit base for robotics indstr! development- 2%ile :e!
components R'( also ma:es t%e island a prime investment c%oice.
(II) Service Robots
$%e intelligent robotics mar:et is still in t%e earl! stages of
development- and man! related standards a2ait estalis%ment. $%e $ai2anese
government declared its intention to ma:e $ai2an a Bglobal design and
manfactring center for intelligent robotics-C and plans to develop personal
and %ome robots to boost indstr! R'( for evental e+pansion into t%e
fields of medical care and pblic secrit!. $%e $ai2anese government is
planning to invest .$=& billion into t%is ne+t6generation indstr!
development over t%e ne+t five !ears. It is estimated t%at t%e otpt vale of
intelligent robotics 2ill gro2 from .$=&7 billion to .$=&>7 billion b! &71>.
Intelligent robotics is a %ig%l!6integrated indstr!. 9o2ever- formation
of a global indstr! c%ain for intelligent robotics is still in progress. At
present- $ai2an specializes onl! in specific fields sc% as /CJs- ICs- motors-
and batteries. $ai2an@s onl! 2ea:ness for intelligent robotics development is
t%e s%ortage of a commnications platform for %ard2are integration.
$%erefore- t%e establis%ment of a set of standards for intelligent robots cold
be an e+cellent target for investment.
(III) E,pets
.e2 to t%e consmer mar:et- e6pets sc% as /leo are not merel! tec%nical
to!s- bt are more similar in design to actal robots- incorporating components
sc% as memor!- S( cards- Ai6"i- sensors- and motors. Ait% its capabilities and
e+perience- $ai2an@s electronics indstr! definitel! %as t%e potential to develop
tec%nical to!s and e6pets.
I*" Successful E+amples of !ross,-order Strategic
Alliances and (oreign Investment in ai&an
(I) 7ornec%
4orn$ec% is a representative private enterprise for robotics R'( in
4orea. 4orn$ec%@s robots are capable of facial recognition and intrder
identification. Its clients inclde S4$- t%e largest mobile telecom compan! in
In .ovember &773- $ai2an@s "ar,lor! ,rop introdced 10 robots of
varios designs and fnctions b! 4orn$ec%- inclding t%e Ro,n (a
commercial robot lanc%ed in #a! &773) and t%e 4SR (a ne2l! nveiled
service6t!pe robot). $%rog% a dance demonstration and %ome realit! s%o2
featring t%ese robots- "ar,lor! s%o2ed $ai2an t%e capabilities of %ome
service robots. Ro,n and 4SR bot% possess remote control and facial
indentification fnctions. $%ese robots %ave alread! been applied in t%e fields
of commnit! and %ome secrit!. $%rog% tec%nical collaboration and
indstr!6academia cooperation on secrit!6oriented robots- "ar,lor! %opes
to be t%e first in t%e 2orld to provide robotics6integrated commnit!
management services.
Intelligent robotics %as been declared a priorit! indstr! in $ai2an.
8fficials e+pect $ai2an to become a ma1or indstr! manfactring center b!
&7&7- 2it% a NF global mar:et s%are. "ar,lor! and 4orn$ec% %ave a
strategic partners%ip- 2it% 4orn$ec% providing %ome robotics 2%ile "ar,lor!
offers a digital lifest!le integrated 2it% %ome robotics.
$%is bsiness model is t%e 2orld@s first instance of commnit!
management involving intelligent robotics. $%rog% tec%nological
cooperation- in addition to %ome service robots- robotic commnit! secrit!
gards and service robots for %ome secrit! 2ill be t%e target of ftre
development. At present- "ar,lor! is 2or:ing 2it% 4orn$ec% to develop a
cstomized robot 2it% a C%inese interface and C%inese langage abilities.
"ar,lor! 2ill ma:e an initial prc%ase of for to five robots to be displa!ed
in s%o2rooms. It is %oped t%at tec%nological advancement and poplarization
2ill assist 2it% t%e ftre development of fll6service robots capable of
commnit! patrol and secrit!- 2it% t%e ltimate goal of a robot in ever!
(II) !ogne+ !orporation 8ai&an9
"onded in 15H1- Cogne+ specializes in t%e design- development-
prodction- and mar:eting of mac%ine vision s!stems 2%ic% are 2idel! sed
in semicondctor applications and A8I applications for t%e /CJ and LC(
indstries. Cogne+ is %eadIartered in .atic:- #assac%setts (<SA)- and %as
regional offices t%rog%ot .ort% America- Japan- *rope- and Asia.
Cogne+@s vision s!stems can be applied to a variet! of vision tas:s-
inclding size measring- parts trac:ing- assembl! verification- and parts
identification. #ore t%an )>7-777 sets of vision s!stems %ave been sold so
far. Cogne+@s atomated vision s!stem carries ot prodct inspections dring
t%e prodction process. It searc%es for defects and ma:es size measrements-
t%en delivers t%e information collected to onsite prodction6control robotic
facilities. It is applied in a 2ide range of indstries inclding t%e atomobile-
consmer prodcts- electronics- food and beverage- medicine and
p%armacetical- pac:aging- and robotics indstries. In addition to t%e
manfactring indstr!- Cogne+ also %as its e!e trained on ne2 mar:ets sc%
as t%e transportation- arc%itectre atomation- and secrit! indstries.
Cogne+ set p its $ai2an office in 155H to provide local cstomers in
t%e semicondctor- /CJ- and LC( indstries 2it% services sc% as defect
elimination- assembl! inspection- prodction atomation- and parts trac:ing.
It offers assistance to companies for improving prodct Ialit!- minimizing
prodction errors- and redcing prodction costs so as to provide consmers
2it% reasonabl!6priced prodcts of e+cellent Ialit!. $%ere is a clstering
effect 2it%in $ai2an@s electronics indstr!- and local $ai2anese
manfactrers e+cel in prodction and cost control. Cogne+@s proposal for
cooperation 2it% local indstr! %as improved t%e prodctivit! of t%e
manfactring process- en%ancing !ields and redcing costs? Cogne+ itself
profits from component and eIipment sales.
"rt%ermore- t%e strategic partners%ip bet2een Cogne+ and A<8 promotes
t%e application of Cogne+@s vision s!stems in robotic prodcts. $%e vision
s!stems are installed in robots- prodction lines- and mec%nical facilities. $%e
vision s!stems can searc% for defects and e+amine t%e atomatic
manfactring process in order to en%ance Ialit! and redce cost. Copled
2it% $ai2an@s prodction capabilities- t%e atomatic vision s!stem from
Cogne+ en%ances !ield and efficienc! for increased profits.
*" Industrial Investment Incentives
In a bid to facilitate t%e rapid development of t%e intelligent robotics
indstr! in $ai2an- t%e $ai2anese government offers a variet! of investment
measresto asssist intelligent robotics indstr! pla!ers and attract foreign
#overnment Industrial Investment Incentives
-enefits Measures !ontacts
*merging- important- and strategic
indstries (investment ta+ credit for
s%are%olders- or >6!ear ta+ e+emption)
/ersonnel training e+penditres (bsiness
#inistr! of *conomic Affairs
*6mail: serviceOmoeaidb.gov.t2
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&3>061&>>
income ta+ credit based on )>F of all
training e+penditres in t%e same !ear)
R'( e+penditres (bsiness income ta+
credit based on )>F of all R'(
e+penditre in t%e same !ear)
Accelerated depreciation of facilities
(ma+imm depreciation period: & !ears)
$a+ credit for t%e prc%ase of facilities
and tec%nolog! investment
$a+6e+emption for imported components
$a+ incentives for tec%nolog! transfers or
Incentives for t%e establis%ment of
operations %eadIarters
R ' (
Indstrial $ec%nolog! (evelopment
/rogram (I$(/)
Small Jsiness Innovation Researc%
/rogram (SJIR)
Indstrial $ec%nolog! (evelopment
Alliance /rogram (I$(A/)
Strategic Service68riented Indstr! R'(
/rogram (SR()
Information $ec%nolog! Applications
/rogram (I$A/)
Indstrial $ec%nolog! Innovation Center
/rogram for Local *nterprises (#.C()
Indstrial $ec%nolog! Innovation Center
/rogram for "oreign *nterprises (#.C")
(epartment of Indstrial
$ec%nolog!- #8*A
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&)&16&&77
Leading Innovative /rodct (evelopment
*nterprise R'( Alliance /rogram
*nterprise 8peration 9eadIarters
Service soltionOmoeasmea.gov.t2
Indstrial (evelopment Jrea-
*6mail: serviceOmoeaidb.gov.t2
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&3>061&>>
Indstrial R' ( Loans #inistr! of *conomic Affairs
*6mail: serviceOmoeaidb.gov.t2
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&3>061&>>
Lo26Interest Loans for #id6 and Long6
$erm Capital
Concil for *conomic /lanning
and (evelopment- *+ective
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&)1N6>)77
/ro1ect Loans for Small and #edim
Small and #edim *nterprise
Administration- #8*A
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&)NH6NH>H
Jan: (raft and Loan /references for
(evelopment "nd- *+ective Lan
.ational (evelopment "nd-
*+ective Lan
*6mail: dfOdf.gov.t2
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&)H567N))
Lo26Interest Loans for Science /ar:s Science /ar: Administration
$el: PHHN6(7))6>336))11
International *+pert Recritment 9iRecrit Services
*6mail: %irecritOtaitra.org.t2
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&)3765NH3
#ilitar! $raining Service Application #ilitar! $raining /ro1ect 8ffice
*6mail: mnds!sOiii.org.t2
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&3)N6H7HHQ)010
R'( Alternative Service R ' ( Sbstitte Service
/rogram 8ffice- #inistr! of t %e
*6mail: rdssOmail.nca.gov.t2
$el: PHHN6(7)&6&3)N6N7NN Q&7N
Sorce: Compiled for t%e present std!- &77H;7)
*I"Industry,Academia !ollaboration in ai&an
$ai2an is activel! promoting intelligent robotics indstr! development
t%rog% t%e integration of its government organizations 2it% corporate and
indstr! associations.
!ollaborating 4romotional Institutions in ai&an
Institution :ebsite
Indstrial (evelopment Jrea- #8*A 222.moeaidb.gov.t2
(epartment of Indstrial $ec%nolog!- #8*A 222.doit.moea.gov.t2
(epartment of Investment Services- #8*A 222.dois.moea.gov.t2
#etal Indstries Researc% ' (evelopment Centre 222.mirdc.org.t2
Indstrial $ec%nolog! Researc% Institte 2222.itri.org.t2
/#C 222.pmc.org.t2
Robotics Association $ai2an 222.roboat.org.t2
$ai2an Association of #ac%iner! Indstr! 222.tami.org.t2
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