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Richard Porter

Prof. Nkenna Onwuzuruoha

English 1010
August 7
, 2014
Annotated Bibliography
"Official Rules." Major League Baseball. Web. 06 Aug. 2014. Web.
<http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/official_rules/batter_6.jsp> This is the page
from the official rule book of Major League Baseball citing rule 6 section 10 as the
governing outline for the use of the designated hitter. The rule outlines the use of the
designated hitter as it can be used by the different leagues during interleague play, the
All-Star Game, and the World Series. If the home team is national league, they do not
use the designated hitter. If the home team is American League, they use the
designated hitter. The rule also outlines how the position can be deployed in the field
during the course of normal play and during pre-game lineup selection.
Hagen, Paul. "DH Debate Could Heat up as Schedule Changes." Major League Baseball. 21
Mar. 2012. Web. 06 Aug. 2014.
news_mlb&c_id=mlb>.This article was written to outline some of the changes as the
Houston Astros moved into the American League from the National League. One of
the notable changes is the balance shift amongst the divisions causing more
interleague play between teams in the National League and the American League. This
shift has caused more teams to face the debate over the designated hitter since the
change in 2013. The article acknowledges the failure of two sides to meet and agree on
what to do and refers to baseball being the only sport having two sets of rules that
must be followed.
Moulton, David. "David Moulton: How a Fishing Trip and the Phillies Kept the DH out of the
National League." Naples Daily News. 2 Apr. 2011. Web. 06 Aug. 2014.
phillies-kept-d>.This article is used to reference the story of how close the National
League came to adopting the designated hitter in 1980. As if something from a movie,
a fishing trip helped vote down an owners meeting vote adding the designated hitter.
The owner of the Phillies was unavailable due to a fishing trip to give guidance to his
representative at the owners meeting. The representative chose to abstain from the
voting until he had received clarification on how to vote based on a small rule change.
The Pirates representatives were instructed to vote however the Phillies voted and
therefore abstained as well. The measure to introduce the designated hitter into the
National League failed 5-4. The article also offers some insight from the owners
perspective on why a straight up or down vote cannot occur today.
Unknown Author, "Why the Pitcher Ought to Bat." Sporting Life (1906). Web.
4.pdf>.This short work was reprinted in the 1906 Feb 6
edition and credits Connie
Mack, owner of the Philadelphia Athletics, as a supporter of the idea of replacing the
pitcher with another hitter for the sake of the game. The article was written to rebuff
this idea and offers up an alternative opinion as to the solution of bad pitchers at the
bat. The opposing argument is teach the pitchers to hit better. The article also says the
cardinal principle of baseball is a player should both field and bat. The article is
used as reference to show the debate over the designated hitter has gone on for nearly
100 years.
Sherman, Joel. "It's Time for the National League to Adopt the DH." New York Post Its Time for
the National League to Adopt The DH Comments. New York Post, 25 Oct. 2013. Web.
06 Aug. 2014. < http://nypost.com/2013/10/25/its-time-for-the-national-league-to-
adopt-the-dh/> This article was written as an opinion piece providing insight to why
the National League should adopt the designated hitter. The author makes several
examples of why this is necessary. Sherman refers to the games played in the World
Series that upset the balance of the way an American League team is built. He also
refers to unfair balance between the leagues as a result of the position in the American
League for the entirety of the season, not just the World Series. Sherman also refers to
the MLBPA Union not allowing the designated hitter position to dissolve for half the
league in the interests of protecting its players.
Leonhardt, David. "Myth of Men Who Saved Baseball." New York Times. New York Times, 30
Mar. 2005. Web. 07 Aug. 2014.
fans.html>. Everyone credits Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa with saving baseball in
the 1998 regular season. Leonhardt, the author, present quotes from McGuire and Bud
Selig, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, showing how they think the home
run race could be attributed to bringing baseball back into the hearts and minds of the
fans following the 1994-1995 strike that drove many away from the sport. Bud Selig
the commissioner was quoted as saying, "I would say we are back, that we have pretty
much repaired all of the attendance damage. The article, however was written to provide
a more empirical approach to show other things may have fixed the problem, rather than
the accepted reason so many fans hold.