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Physics Laboratory Part 3

1. In the length measurement of vibrating string, why is the segment close to the
stylus not included?
Because the clip afects the segments that the vibration produces, as the
string vibrates the clip/stylus vibrates also and because the clip does not have
any protection for the string to not jump around so that is why the segment
close to the stylus was not included so it is recommended that the segment
close to the stylus is not included.
. In the e!periment, when the tension in the string is increased, what efect does it
have on the fre"uency of vibration of the string? #!plain your answer.
$he tension on the string and the fre"uency have a direct relationship which
each other which means as the tension in the string increases, the fre"uency
will also increase as an efect. $his is because the higher the tension the
higher velocity and it would result to a higher fre"uency.
%. &ssuming that all other factors are 'ept constant, how does the fre"uency of
vibration vary with the linear mass density? (ive one e!ample of this relationship.
(iven that all other parameters were constant, fre"uency of vibration is
inversely proportional with the linear mass density. &s the diameter and linear
mass density of the string increases the number of segment decreases which
$ransverse wave is a wave in which the vibrating element
moves in a direction perpendicular to the direction of advance of
the wave. $he relationship between the tension and the linear
mass density of a material to the number of segments or standing
waves a material can create to a given fre"uency.
In the e!periment %)% entitled *$ransverse +ave, -re"uencyof
.ibration/, the parameters afecting the fre"uency were observed
and the relationships were established. $hese factors are the
tension on the string, number of segments formed, length of string
with complete number of segments and and the linear mass
density of the string. $ension and fre"uency is directly proportional
with each other, because as the tension applied on the string
increases, the fre"uency of vibration increase as well and it also