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1. Introduction
The mission of Cirrus Aviation Academy is teaching, research and service. Inherent in
this mission is the responsibility of the Academy to educate its students to be
responsible employee of an airline/ GHA. The Code and Conduct of Student outlines
student conduct and disciplinary policies that pertain to students at Cirrus Aviation
Academy. It is designed to provide information to students, faculty and staff regarding
the ideals that underlie our academic mission, and the epectations that the Academy
has regarding the conduct of students. The purpose of the policies outlined in the Code
and Conduct of Student is to protect the rights of all members of the Cirrus Aviation
Academy Community and to maintain an atmosphere in the community appropriate for
an institution of higher education.
2. Scope of Code and Conduct of Student Discipline
Cirrus Aviation Academy faculty, staff and students value the Academy!s relationship
"ith the surrounding community and reali#e that it has tremendous social, cultural and
economic impact on the community. $olicy setting and enforcement %discipline& are
"ays of educating students to become conscientious members of that community, and
students are epected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times,
"hether on or off campus.
The student discipline system eists to handle infractions against Academy rules and
regulations. This system is based on a philosophy of fairness for all parties affected by
any situation involving a student!s noncompliance "ith Cirrus Aviation Academy
policy or regulation.
The student discipline system is designed for an educational system and does not
function as a court of la". Therefore, procedural issues, including the introduction and
consideration of evidence, are handled in a manner consistent "ith that educational
focus. 'here the allegations are more serious, and therefore the conse(uences more
serious, the rules are structured appropriately. The student discipline system is not a
substitute for the criminal and civil courts but, an additional option for complainants
"hen the alleged violator is an enrolled Cirrus Aviation Academy student.
If a student or a group of students are cited by staff, faculty, or other students for a
possible violation of civil la"s and/or Academy policies on campus, they may be
sub)ect to either the disciplinary process of the Academy and/or appropriate legal
processes may be ta*en.
If a student or a group of students is reported by community members for possible
violations of the la" off campus, the Academy "ill cooperate "ith appropriate
officials ta*ing necessary legal action. +urther, if a student or a group of students is
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reported to the Academy authorities for violations off campus, the Academy may
intervene on a formal or an informal basis. The ,informal, intervention "ill involve in
the individual student or the group of students being referred to the parent for
discussions on the incident. -ff campus behaviour "hich can have a significant impact
on the mission of the Academy may invite formal Academy disciplinary actions.
3. rounds of Disciplinar! "roceedin#s
All students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that helps enhance
the environment of learning, "herein the rights, dignity, "orth and freedom of each
member of the campus are respected.
../. A student found responsible for the violation of any clause outlined in this section
is sub)ect to disciplinary sanctions. The Chief 0ecutive -fficer may initiate
disciplinary proceedings against student%s& suspected of violating the Code of
Conduct of the Academy outlined herein and/or else"here "ithin the )urisdiction
of the -rdinances and 1egulations of the Academy.
.././. Any violation of any sort pertinent to the Indian $enal Code.
../.2. 3iolation of any published Cirrus Aviation Academy policies, rules, or
regulations. It is the responsibility of the student to be familiar "ith all
Cirrus Aviation Academy policies that refer to appropriate behaviour on
campus including uniform.
../... Conducts that interfere "ith the operations of the Academy. Such conducts
include but are not limited to disruptions or obstructions of teaching,
research, administration, or other Cirrus Aviation Academy activities.
../.4. 1agging in any form is prohibited in the premises of Cirrus Aviation
../.5. +ailing to comply "ith orders or directives of Cirrus Aviation Academy
officials, Academy hearing bodies, Academy Security $ersonnel, or any
other la" enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duties.
../.6. +urnishing false or misleading information to a member of the faculty, staff,
student, or la" enforcement official acting in an official capacity.
../.7. +ailure to appear and/or report to any Cirrus Aviation Academy office in
con)unction "ith any disciplinary matter, at the time specified or to re(uest
alternative appointment.
../.8. 3iolation of Cirrus Aviation Academy policies causing threat to academic
../.9. +orgery, alteration, destruction, misuse, or possession of Cirrus Aviation
Academy documents, including but not limited to Academy identification
cards or records "ithout authori#ation. 3iolations include, but are not
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limited to, forgery of applications for financial aid, admission, course
changes or course credit, copying, misuse or alteration of par*ing permits,
alteration or misuse of transcripts, and student identification cards etc.
.././:.Abuse of the Academy disciplinary system, including but not limited to
a& ;no"ing falsification or misrepresentation of information presented to
any )udicial authority.
b& Interference "ith a )udicial process through coercion, intimidation,
threats, or bribery.
c& +ailure to promptly obey any mandate of any Cirrus Aviation Academy
disciplinary authority.
d& +ailure to comply "ith "ritten or oral communications from an
authori#ed Cirrus Aviation Academy official to appear for a meeting or
hearing as part of the Code and Conduct of Student System.
e& Initiation of a complaint "ith prior *no"ledge that the information
submitted is false.
f& Influencing or attempting to influence another person to commit an
abuse of the Code and Conduct of Student system.
.././/. <amage, defacement, or destruction of any private or Academy property.
.././2. Attempted or actual theft or possession of private or Academy property.
.././.. =nauthori#ed use of private or Academy facilities including, but not limited to
telephone, internet, computing e(uipment and accessories and any mode of
.././4. $ossession, duplication, or use of *eys to any Cirrus Aviation Academy premises
"ithout authori#ation> entry or use of Academy premises "ithout permission.
.././5. 3iolation of the Cirrus Aviation Academy Code of Computing $ractices, including
but not limited to, the misuse of Cirrus Aviation Academy computers or computer
.././6. 3iolation and/or sabotage of safety systems, including but not limited to, the belo"
listed behaviours as "ell as any other behaviour prohibited by the Academy
a& =nauthori#ed use, abuse, or interference "ith fire protection e(uipment or other
safety e(uipment "hich could result in death, in)ury, or substantial property
b& Intentional setting off of false fire alarms.
c& ?omb threats or similar threats involving dangerous devices or substances.
d& ?ehaviour "hich constitutes a significant fire ha#ard.
e& =nauthori#ed possession or use of any material or substance "hich constitutes a
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significant health ha#ard.
.././7. Conducts that endanger the health or safety of members of the Cirrus Aviation
Academy community or other persons.
.././8. 3iolation of traffic rules, all inclusive of t"o, three and four "heelers, that
)eopardi#es orderly traffic and safe )ourney on the road.
.././9. <isorderly conducts including, but not limited to, verbal abuses or inappropriate
behaviours or any other activities or behaviour prohibited by the Academy
../.2:. Instigation of a disturbance in violation of Cirrus Aviation Academy policy and/or
any local sound ordinance.
../.2/. -rgani#ation or participation in activities "hich are in violation of Cirrus Aviation
Academy policy related to demonstrations and/or assemblies.
../.22. <iscriminations against any member of the Cirrus Aviation Academy community, or
a visitor, through biased or pre)udicial behaviours related to the person!s race,
colour, nationality, se, religion, disability, age or seual orientation.
../.2.. +ailing to discourage/confront illegal activity and/or violation of the Code and
Conduct of Student by active/passive participation/presence during the activity
../.24. Ha#ing, defined as, but not limited to, any act imposed on current or potential
members of a group or organi#ation that endangers the mental or physical health or
safety of a person, that defaces or destroys public or private property, that is li*ely
to result in humiliation or ridicule, or that is li*ely to result in interference "ith
academic efforts regardless of the consent of the participants, or any actions or
activities prohibited by the Cirrus Aviation Academy authority.
../.25. $hysical abuse, including, but not limited to, inflicting or threatening bodily harm
upon any person, or acting in a manner "hich creates a ris* of bodily harm to any
../.26. Harassment, abuse, coercion, or threats by means other than the use or
threatened use of physical force. These include, but are not limited to, any
behaviour prohibited by the la".
../.27. Sexual Harassment/misconduct@ -ffensive or derogatory comments or conducts
reflecting genderAbias "hich create intimidating "or*, or living environments
and "hich represent substantial violations of the rights or opportunities of the
victim%s&. Such conducts include but are not limited to@
a& Conducts that violate the AcademyBs policies prohibiting seual harassment,
such as un"elcome seual advances, re(uests for seual favours, and other
un"elcome verbal or "ritten communications of a seual nature.
b& The use of phone, email or any other method designed to transmit messages
or materials of an eplicit seual nature that are un"anted by the recipient.
../.28. Harbouring or bringing a pet on Cirrus Aviation Academy premises in violation
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of Academy policy.
../.29. Gambling for money or other items of value on Cirrus Aviation Academy
premises> including but not limited to, playing cards or other games of chance
or s*ill for money or other items of value.
../..:. 3isiting classrooms, library, faculty rooms, academic <epartments/Centres and
administrative Sections, in unacceptably casual dresses.
../../. =se or possession of a controlled substance, narcotic or drug paraphernalia,
including but not limited to, any actions or activities deemed prohibited by the
Academy authority /Government of India.
../..2. Sale, manufacture, or intent to manufacture a controlled substance, narcotic or
drug paraphernalia, including but not limited to, any actions or activities
prohibited by the Academy authority/ Government of India.
../.... $ossession or use of any dangerous or prohibited chemicals "ithout epress
authori#ation by an authori#ed Cirrus Aviation Academy official.
../..4. $ossession or use of any eplosive device or material, including but not limited
to, firecrac*ers, cherry bombs, bottle roc*ets, and dynamite "ithout epress
authori#ation by an authori#ed Cirrus Aviation Academy official.
../..5. $ossession of firearms or any "eapons.
$.% Disciplinar! "roceedin#s
4./ 3iolation has been broadly divided into three categories based on the "here or on
"hich contet the same "ere detected.
4././ Academic Level: <isciplinary issues related to general conduct of students
in the class rooms and Simulators shall be dealt "ith by the Chief Instructor
of the concerned <epartment and the respective actions, if any, shall be
referred to Chief 0ecutive -fficer for approval. Any other disciplinary
issues related to academic matters "ill be dealt "ith by Chief 0ecutive
4./.2 Academy Level: 3iolations at the Academy level include those issues
pertaining to the Indian $enal Code %"ithin or outside the campus&, those
that can affect the Cirrus Aviation Academy at large or those that can affect
the property of the Academy itself. +or all such ma)or acts of indiscipline,
"hich may have serious implications on the general body of students, and
"hich may "arrant a uniform and more formali#ed nature of investigation,
Cirrus Aviation Academy "ill investigate the allegations and recommend
disciplinary actions. The committee may coAopt other members, if they
deem fit, on a case to case basis.
4.2 Codalities of Investigation
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'hen the Chief Instructor of the respective <epartment receives information
regarding alleged violation of any rule or regulation of the Code and Conduct of
Student <iscipline %refer Section 2& by the students, the respective Chief Instructor
shall investigate the same.
4.2./ The Chief 0ecutive -fficer may summon the student%s& either orally or in
"riting to appear at a specified date, time, and place in connection "ith an
alleged violation.
4.2.2 The Chief 0ecutive -fficer may dispose of a violation as being unfounded,
may impose administrative sanctions "ithout a hearing, or may refer the
violation to a formal disciplinary hearing in the respective <epartment.
4.2.. Commensurate "ith the gravity of the offence appropriate punishment li*e
fine, community "or*, a"arding +Agrade, rustication or epulsion from the
Academy may be recommended.
4.4.4 The students "ho fail "ithout a good cause, to comply "ith such summons
or letter of notice issued by the Chief 0ecutive -fficer may be charged
"ith a violation of Code and Conduct of Student and may be recommended
to the net higher disciplinary committee for placing on disciplinary
probation, temporary suspension, or barring against readmission.
&. Disciplinar! Sanctions
a& <isciplinary sanctions may be imposed after investigation by the appropriate
<epartments. The purpose of imposing sanctions is to promote educational and
social development of the student and the Cirrus Aviation Academy community, to
provide appropriate penalties, and to deter other acts of misconduct "hich th"arts
the aims, purposes, and policies of the institution.
b& Do refund or credit of tuition fees, or other costs associated "ith attendance of the
Academy "ill be made to students "hen disciplinary sanctions are imposed "hich
result in the studentBs being deprived of privileges and/or access to services.
c& In the case of serious violations, a notation of the discipline matter "ill be placed
on a studentBs transcript until it is cleared. In case of dismissal from the Academy,
the record is permanent.
d& <iscipline records are confidential in accordance "ith la"s of the nation. The
contents of the student discipline record may not be released to anyone not
associated "ith campus discipline ecept upon "ritten approval of the student or a
courtAordered subpoena.
e& The initiating administrator may dispose of a violation by imposing any of the
follo"ing sanctions "ithout a hearing.
5./. Reprimand: from the appropriate administrator to the student, on "hom the
penalty is imposed, placed in the studentBs permanent discipline record.
5.2. Probation: "ritten notification that further violations of any subAsection of
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this Code and Conduct of Student "ill result in more severe disciplinary
action. 'arning probation may be imposed for a period of not more than one
calendar year.
5... <isciplinary probation@ "ritten notification that further violations of any subAsection
of this Code and Conduct of Student may result in suspension. The terms of
disciplinary probation shall be determined by appropriate authority on caseAtoAcase
5.4. Suspension of privileges@ prohibits participation in or attendance at certain events,
activities, or class/lab> restricts specific campus student privileges.
5.4./. =se of simulator +acilities
5.4.2. =se of Sports +acilities
5.4... Holding -ffice
5.4.4. $lacement Activity
5.5. Community Service@ assigned a specific number of hours of service.
5.6. 1estitution@ repair or replacement of property damaged.
5.7. Compensation for damage@ ade(uate compensation to fit the damage. If the
compensation is not made, it remains on the studentBs record as indebtedness to the
Academy, "hich then renders the student ineligible to register for subse(uent
5.8. Cancellation of registration and/or denial of credit may be imposed in cases "here
the student is found guilty of "ithholding information relating to the studentBs
admission, transfer credits, academic status, records, etc.
5.9. Suspension@ Course drop, semester drop, rustication for a specified period may be
given as punishment, depending on the severity of the offences.
5./:. 0pulsion@ may be used for ma)or offences.
Appeal "rocedures
A student can appeal to the Appellate Authority against any punishment imposed upon
him/ her. He/she should appeal "ithin t"o "ee*s! time "ith proper )ustification of the
Anne'ure ( I
Acade)ic *alpractices
+or purposes of filing formal charges, each of the follo"ing offenses "ill normally be
considered as an act of eamination malpractice@
I./ Copying from another student or by any other means during the eamination.
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I.2 Assisting an eaminee in copying during eamination by any means.
I.. $ossessing / using unauthori#ed materials or documents.
I.4 +ailing to thoroughly follo" instructions related to the preparation and
presentation of "or* submitted for credit, submitting others! "or* as oneBs o"n, or
misleading faculty members about the condition under "hich the "or* "as
I.5 -btaining all or part of a (uestion paper by unfair means and /or distributing to
I.6 Substituting for another student, or permitting any other person to substitute for
oneself, for appearing in the eamination.
I.7 0ntering in to Academic Section or a Simulator +acility, faculty room, office of an
academic <epartment/Centre, "ithout permission and /or tampering/ changing
records/documents in any form.
I.8 $lagiarism in any form is strictly prohibited.
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