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Useful Phrases

1) Flames swept over them.

2) After a while, a loud explosion rocked the building.
3) The scene was chaotic.
4) Smoke and sparks were whirling in all direction.
5) Many corpses were charred beyond recognition.
6) Horrible screams resonated through the thin air.
Model composition
It was a fine day as I boarded a plane bound for Turkey. Everyone was cheerful on board. My seat
was near the window so I could see the stunning landscape below.
Suddenly, a loud noise pierced the air. "Wheee!" My ears ached and were ringing uncontrollably.
The lights went out and there was complete darkness. I was overwhelmed by fear and began to
breathe heavily. Everyone instinctively knew that the plane would soon crash. Then there was great
turbulence. Chaos reigned as women and children screamed and wailed.
Just then the plane started free-falling and it felt like I was travelling at the speed of light.I was
pinned to my seat like a magnet. Suddenly, the plane crashed and I flew out of the window and the
shattered glass. Strangely enough, I felt no pain. Perhaps my whole being was just too overwhelmed
by shock to feel anything else. Then, I gradually passed out. It was only when I regained
consciousness that my body felt wracked with spasms of pain. I hardly had the strength to even
move my eyelids. Just then, I saw people staring at me. "They must be the fellow survivors of the
plane crash," I thought to myself. We introduced ourselves to each other, then quickly started
talking about how we should share our food rations. We realised that it could only last us for less
than a week.
Soon enough, the rations were fast dwindling. Two others thus decided to go and try to look for
help. The rest of us fasted for three days until three committed suicide, unable to take the mental
and physical torture anymore. Thus, only another survivor, John, and I were left. We concluded with
a heavy heart that the two who had left to look for help were dead. Therefore, we decided to look
for food ourselves. It was then that John saw a huge bear. He was so ravenous that he decided to
hunt and kill it with his bare hands. I told him to stop but he ignored me. The big bear landed a heavy
blow on John's head and ran away. John was dead.
It has been 5 days since John's death. Since then, I have been consumed by torturous fear and
anguish, being the sole survivor remaining. I have decided to write the story which you have just
read, detailing the account of the events that have happened thus far.
I am now utterly weak from hunger and thirst and will have to stop writing. For now, I can only pray
that when my story is finally read for the first time that I have not already left this world.