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Product introduction
This product is one of USB2.0 U disc type TV box, which can be connected with netbook,
notebook and the tesktop computer, plug and play, easely make you watch and record TV via
PC; and you can record programmes and capture splendid pictures through attached software,
fully displaying the computer multimedia entertainment function.

1.1 Function characteristic
Unique USB design, small and easy to carry., its the good companion for notebook.
Embedded 10-bit video decoder to achieve stable picture and vivid color.
Receive full-channel TV programs and favorite channel group and rename function.
Full-system AV input jack, connect to DVD p;ayer, STB, Game p;ayer etc.
Card reader(Micro SD).
Record video in MPEG1/2, VCD or DVD format.
Schedule record and still image capture.
Easy-installed, simple, powerful and user-friendly software.
Full-function IR remote control and keyboard shortscuts supported.

1.2 Technical specification
USB2.0 connection.
Input RF, IEC162-2 female head;
Input AV, PJ 320D video input post.

1.3 Sys Request
Pentium4, 1.2GHz above.
1GB up free space.
1GB DDR memory.
DirectX9.0C or later.
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7
One free USB2.0 port.

1.4 Accessories list
USB cable - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 pc
AV cable - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - 1 pc
Remote control - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1pc
Software CD-------------- -- - - - ---- --- 1 pc

1.5 Software operations
USB TV BOX software installment:
In order to use this product primely, please replace your operating system to Windows
XP/Vista/Win 7.
Software automatic installment:
Use the assorted USB cable to connect the USB TV stick and computer, and insert the CD,
It will appear the window of guidance installment automatically. If your system has closed the

automatic movement function, it wont appear the following picture, then you need to glance
over the CD, double click to run autorun.exe, also appearing the following picture.

Installment guidance picture including four contents:
Directx 9.0: Directx 9.0 installation procedure.
Install: Install driver and TVHome Media3
Browse CD: If you want to glance over the CD content, please click on this item;
EXIT: Exit.
Clicks on Install, according to the prompt click the next step, and continues to install
completes installment of driver and software automatically.
Click the right key, then my computer - management - equipment supervisor - the
sound, the video and the game controller and examine whether it exists the USB TV Device,
if yes, the connect of USB TV stick and the computer is successful.
Note: After installment application software, it will appear a small icon like [ ]
automatically in the lower right angle of the computer, namely tray icon. (Do not close the
process of Schedule TV.exe from computer duty supervisor, this process is used to remote
control) If you want to reopen this process closed before, you can open it in the software
installment contents.

TVHome Media3
TVHome Media2, HD player is one of digital-analog common software, and it has many
kinds of input ways; Provided with the corresponding hardware you can watch digital television,
analog television and listens to the FMoptional. With succinct software interface, formidable
software function, many shortcuts operate and complete remote control function, you can enjoy
the seeing and hearing pleasure this software brings to you.

TVHome the Media2 software concrete operation, please open "help.txt" in the folder of
software . This documents including the following content:
Software introduction;

Main interface button: Expressed meaning of various icons in the main interface;
Channel management: Channel search and channel tabulation establishment;
Transcribing: Use introduction of transcribing function;
Screen shot: Use introduction of screen function;
Program schedule and plan operations window: Appoint operations establishment;
Document playbacking: Operation introduction including video, audio, picture file;
Channel demonstration: Channel information demonstration;
Tabulation: Including DTV, ATV, my favorites, plan operations, transcribing file tabulation
(this edition dont have DTV function);
System establishment: Window establishment, shortcuts establishment, synthesis
establishment, images establishment, sound establishment, transcribing establishment, system
Right mouse menu: Right mouse menu option;
Remote control: Function definition of various keys.

Remote control explanation

Power key: Tums power ON/OFF AP; In the choice of closes the computerin the Tray
procedure, close AP and close the computer at the same time.
Mute key: ON/OFF mute sound.
Numeric key: Change the channel number.
Program exchanges: Return to the last channel in the identical source.
DisplayMode: Change the window DisplayMode, change the primitive size, the full screen,
the brief pattern in turn.
Channel add-subtract: Open the tabulation window for the upward/under direction.
Volume add-subtract: Open the tabulation window towards the left/right direction.
Input sources: Exchange DTV, ATV, AV sources and so on(This edition does not have this

Screen shot: Capture static picture.
Transcribe/stop: When watch TV program, transcribe function; when transcribe and
playback, stop function.

2. Assemblies and terminals conection

3. Simple Trouble and Remedy

The simple breakdown and the elimination method
Breakdown phenomenon Processing method
No image but sound
Please check the antenna connection, or the antenna signal is
bad, try to enhance the siganal
Check the line connection from the computer mainframe
output to the sound box
No sound but image
May the mute is opened, please close the mute or adjust the
Battery exhausted, change the batteries
Remote control malfunction

RCU is incorrectly aimed, please aim at the receiver, or check
that nothing blocks the frontpanel

Note: If you have tried all the actions suggested above, without solving the problem, please call
the technical support department for help.