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Evelyn Nepomuceno

Spch 006
July 27, 2014.

I. Introduction
A. Attention Statement
1. Welcome and thank you for joining us as we discuss a very important and
issue not only in California but also in the country.
2. In July 9 of 2012, the New American reported the how President Obama
announce that on June 15 that illegal immigrants who were brought to the
country as young adults and if they meet several criteria will be granted the
reprieve from deportation.
B. State your proposal
The United States Government should stop deportations and help
immigrants obtain their residency or citizenship.
II, Significance
Once the United States Government stop deportations the country
will have lots of benefits. Illegal immigrant whom will now become legal
once the law passes, will start to pay taxes which eventually will help the
country make so much revenue.
Harm #1: Help illegal immigrants to obtain their permanent residency or
1. According to President Obama in June 15 of 2012, Many illegal
immigrants, especially young adults who have been in the country for
several years and meet some criteria, will have the opportunity to obtain a
work permit .
2. It also benefit them in school purposes. It will help those young
adults to pursue a career without having to worry so much about financial
problems because the Government will provide, and cover part of the cost.
3. So many illegal young adults are pursuing a career which will
bring the country so many young professionals the opportunity to actually
be able to work in their field after graduation.
Harm #2: In 2008 Rachel Butt wrote and article regarding the terror an
illegal immigrant has and feels while living in this country.
1. She mention how the minorities in America suffer from lack of
2. It is very realistic and logical what is being mention in such
article and the argument that is being made. Minorities do live in terror
and fear that someday they will be deported and loose every hope they had
to pursue the American Dream.
3. An immigration status changes so many peoples lives, they
know they do not have the same rights, they feel different and
discriminated because most of the time they are not being treated equally.
4. Giving illegal immigrants the opportunity to become legal is a
huge benefit to the country itself. Not only it will make revenue out of it
but also so many jobs will be fill out and so many jobs will be offer as
Harm #3: According to the June 26, 1998 New York Times, David Rohde
mentions the amount of fear illegal immigrants live on.
1. The New York Times contains an article regarding a story of a
woman who was found dead.
2. She decided not to report her emergency because of the fear of
getting deported.
3. So many people actually do this, they choose to live as ghosts or
hang on to violence that they might be going through.
A. Helping illegal immigrants to become legal and obtain their
permanent residency or citizenship will benefit the countrys revenue.
B. It will give so many people an opportunity to become someone
in life and to actually have a goal in life, a goal in America.
C. Discrimination will stop and people will actually feel free, they
will feel they finally found the freedom they came to look for.
A. The United States Government
B. The Goverment will take votes on giving illegal i9mmigrants the
opportunity to become legal.
C. Once this took place illegal immigrants who became legal will have to go
meet several criteria that the Government will state.
D. Government could process any type of investigation to take a wise
decision on giving giving a certain person the opportunity of becoming legal,
if and only if the person authorizes it.
E. Each person will have to do a renovation every certain amount of time.
F. Anyone who still meets the criteria will be granted with residency or
citizenship, otherwise if there is an existence of criminal record then they
will have to face consequences.
Timeline: Immediately
Harm #1: Help immigrant obtain their permanent residency or citizenship.
A. Having a background check, investigation of lifestyle etc. Government
makes sure they are not letting criminals into the country.
B. This will help the country by not having to deal with costs of deportation and
feeding those who they have detain because of their immigration status.
Harm #2: Letting people live their everyday lives without any terror.
A. It is really unfair having to live in terror everyday being in a free country.
B. Becoming legal will give hope to those people of pursuing the American
C. It will let illegal immigrants live fearless and will help the country actually
punish those who really commit crimes because now they can be identify.
D. Illegal immigrants will not be ghosts anymore and will have an identity
which will help the country will fake identities and people working with
unofficial documents.
In addition to solve our problem the plan also has many advantages.
A. Legalization will help the country make more revenue from people who will
report taxes.
B. It will be easier for the Government to identify citizens, especially those who
commit crimes.
C. It will help so many young adults pursue professional career which in the
long run will help the country as well
D. It will help students to actually finish school and graduate in order for them
to pursue a better future.
- The United States Government should take in consideration that there are always
going to be illegal immigrants in the country who will find a way to survive in a country in
which they are being treated unequal.
- The Government should be able to take in consideration all these people
suffering and living in fear everyday and actually give the an opportunity.