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Filling out a Job Application?

- Be Prepared
Do you have an email account? Most employers now require all applicants to have an email account
for communicating application status.
If you dont have an email account, go to one of these websites to sign up for a Free Email
Account: www.gmail.com, www.hotmail.com or www.yahoo.com, Write own your !ser "#
an $asswor because if you forget them, library staff oes not have access to them.
If you have an account, ma%e sure you %now your !ser "# an $asswor in case you nee to
access your account while filling out your application.
What Do I Bring With e?
Before you !it do"n to fill out your application ma#e !ure you have "ith you the follo"ing$
&our Email Aress
'ocial 'ecurity (umber )if you on*t have it memori+e,
#rivers -icense )in case they nee your #r -icense number,
.ob /istory )incluing for each relevant 0ob you have ha: the Employer (ame, Aress,
'upervisor (ame, $hone, .ob 1itle, #escription of #uties or Ma0or Accomplishments, 'tarting 2
Ening 'alary, #ates Employe, )use our .ob /istory form to recor this information in one
place, &ou may want to save this on a portable storage evice )E3. flash rive, or in your email.
-ist of 4 5haracter 6eferences incluing (ame, Aress, 5ontact "nfo
-ist of 4 Wor% 6eferences incluing (ame, Employer, Aress, 5ontact "nfo
$revious 4 /ome Aresses if haven*t live in same aress long
A pa an pencil for 0otting own notes, passwors an $"(' you create, etc
&our resume, if you have one )save on a flash rive or in your email account,
-etters of 6ecommenation, if you have any
Practice Filling out a Job Application Form
"f you are not familiar with computers an you have never fille out an online form, you can familiari+e
yourself with what is involve in filling out a form. 1ry this practice form first to learn what to e3pect
from a real form: https:77spreasheets.google.com7spreasheet7viewform8form%ey9:t+a!.0EF;b<tt(E=>1l?3!+6>c@cAM;
%o" Do I &reate a 'e!ume? 1here are many ways you can create your resume. /ere are two ways.
!se 6esume 5reator at Employ Floria website: http:77www.employfloria.com
!se Microsoft Wor on public computers
o >pen Microsoft Wor
o 5lic% on File, then (ew )a blan% page will appear on the screen,
o >n the right sie of the screen, uner the (emplate! heaing clic% on:
>n my computerB
o 5lic% on the )ther Document! 1ab
o 5lic% on 'e!ume Wi*ard an follow the prompts to create the layout of your resume.
After you have create the layout, you can fill in with your information.
o 'ave your resume to a flash rive or email it to yourself as an attachment.
Where Do I +tart to ,oo# For a Job?
Job +earch +ite!$
o &lic# on %elp By (opic
o &lic# on Job %elp
o &lic# on /mployment
o A free employee credentialing program that te!t! and !core! 0ob !#ill!
o It al!o provide! free online cour!e"are to improve your !core! and 0ob !#ill!
o )nce completed, you have a credential to !ho" employer! you1re 2ualified
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