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Class XII (Theory)

Total Periods : 180

One Paper Time: 3 Hours 70 marks
Unit No Title !arks
Unit I Solid State 4
Unit II Solutions 5
Unit III Electrochemistry 5
Unit IV Chemical Kinetics 5
Unit V Surface Chemistry 4
Unit VI General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements 3
Unit VII p -loc! Elements "
Unit VIII d -and f -loc! Elements 5
Unit I# Coordination Compounds 3
Unit # $aloal!anes and $aloarenes 4
Unit #I %lcohols& Phenols and Ethers 4
Unit #II %ldehydes& Ketons and Car'o(ylic %cids )
Unit #III *r+anic Compounds containin+ ,itro+en 4
Unit #IV iomolecules 4
Unit #V Polymers 3
Unit #VI Chemistry in E-eryday .ife 3
Total: 70
Unit I: "oli# "tate (Perio#s $%)
Classification of solids 'ased on different 'indin+ forces/ molecular& ionic& co-alent and metallic solids&
amorphous and crystalline solids 0elementary idea12 Unit cell in t3o dimensional and three dimensional
lattices& calculation of density of unit cell& pac!in+ in solids& pac!in+ efficiency& -oids& num'er of
atoms per unit cell in a cu'ic unit cell& point defects& electrical and ma+netic properties2 and theory of
metals& conductors& semiconductors and insulators and n 4 p type semiconductors2
Unit II: "olutions (Perio#s $%)
5ypes of solutions& e(pression of concentration of solutions of solids in li6uids& solu'ility of +ases in
li6uids& solid solutions& colli+ati-e properties - relati-e lo3erin+ of -apour pressure& 7aoult8s la3&
ele-ation of 'oilin+ point& depression of free9in+ point& osmotic pressure& determination of molecular
masses usin+ colli+ati-e properties& a'normal molecular mass& -an8t $off factor2
Unit III: &le'tro'hemistry (Perio#s $()
7edo( reactions& conductance in electrolytic solutions& specific and molar conducti-ity& -ariations of
conducti-ity 3ith concentration& Kohlrausch8s .a3& electrolysis and la3 of electrolysis 0elementary
idea1& dry cell -electrolytic cells and Gal-anic cells& lead accumulator& E:; of a cell& standard electrode
potential& ,ernst e6uation and its application to chemical cells& 7elation 'et3een Gi''s ener+y chan+e
and emf of a cell& fuel cells& corrosion2
Unit I): Chemi'al *ineti's (Perio#s $%)
7ate of a reaction 0%-era+e and instantaneous1& factors affectin+ rate of reaction/ concentration&
temperature& catalyst< order and molecularity of a reaction& rate la3 and specific rate constant&
inte+rated rate e6uations and half life 0only for 9ero and first order reactions1& concept of collision
theory 0elementary idea& no mathematical treatment12 %cti-ation ener+y& %rrhenious e6uation2

Unit ): "ur+a'e Chemistry (Perio#s ,)

%dsorption - physisorption and chemisorption& factors affectin+ adsorption of +ases on solids& catalysis&
homo+enous and hetero+enous acti-ity and selecti-ity< en9yme catalysis colloidal state distinction
'et3een true solutions& colloids and suspension< lyophilic & lyopho'ic multimolecular and
macromolecular colloids< properties of colloids< 5yndall effect& ro3nian mo-ement& electrophoresis&
coa+ulation& emulsion - types of emulsions2
Unit )I : -eneral Prin'iples an# Pro'esses o+ Isolation o+ &lements (Perio#s ,)
Principles and methods of e(traction - concentration& o(idation& reduction - electrolytic method
and refinin+< occurrence and principles of e(traction of aluminium& copper& 9inc and iron2
Unit )II: p ./lo'k &lements (Perio#s $()
-roup .$0 &lements: General introduction& electronic confi+uration& occurrence& o(idation states&
trends in physical and chemical properties< nitro+en preparation properties 4 uses < compounds of
nitro+en& preparation and properties of ammonia and nitric acid& o(ides of nitro+en 0Structure only1 <
Phosphorus - allotropic forms& compounds of phosphorus/ preparation and properties of phosphine&
halides PC3 & PC5 and o(oacids 0elementary idea only12
-roup $1 &lements: General introduction& electronic confi+uration& o(idation states& occurrence&
trends in physical and chemical properties&dio(y+en/ Preparation& Properties and uses& classification of
o(ides& *9one& Sulphure -allotropic forms< compounds of sulphure/ Preparation properties and uses of
sulphur-dio(ide& sulphuric acid/ industrial process of manufacture& properties and uses< o(oacids of
sulphur 0Structures only12
-roup $7 &lements: General introduction& electronic confi+uration& o(idation states& occurrence&
trends in physical and chemical properties< compounds of halo+ens& Preparation properties and uses of
chlorine and hydrochloric acid& interhalo+en compounds& o(oacids of halo+ens 0structures only12
-roup $, &lements: General introduction& electronic confi+uration& occurrence& trends in physical and
chemical properties& uses2
Unit )III: d an# f /lo'k &lements (Perio#s $()
General introduction& electronic confi+uration& occurrence and characteristics of transition metals&
+eneral trends in properties of the first ro3 transition metals - metallic character& ioni9ation enthalpy&
o(idation states& ionic radii& colour& catalytic property& ma+netic properties& interstitial compounds&
alloy formation& preparation and properties of K=Cr=*> and K:n*42
2anthanoi#s . Electronic confi+uration& o(idation states& chemical react-ity and lanthanoid contraction
and its conse6uences2
3'tinoi#s . Electronic confi+uration& o(idation states and comparison 3ith lanthanoids2
Unit IX: Coor#ination Compoun#s (Perio#s $%)
Coordination compounds - Introduction& li+ands& coordination num'er& colour& ma+netic properties and
shapes& IUP%C nomenclature of mononuclear coordination compounds2 ondin+& ?erner8s theory&
V5& and C;5< structure and stereo isomerism& importance of coordination compounds 0in 6ualitati-e
inclusion& e(traction of metals and 'iolo+ical system12

Unit X : Haloalkanes an# Haloarenes (Perio#s $%)

Haloalkanes: ,omenclature& nature of C -# 'ond& physical and chemical properties& mechanism of
su'stitution reactions& optical rotation2
Haloarenes: ,ature of C -# 'ond& su'stitution reactions 0@irecti-e influence of halo+en in
monosu'stituted compounds only2
Uses and en-ironmental effects of - dichloromethane& trichloromethane& tetrachloromethane& iodoform
freons& @@52
Unit XI: 3l'ohols4 Phenols an# &thers (Perio#s $%)
3l'ohols: ,omenclature& methods of preparation& physical and chemical properties0 of primary
alcohols only1& identification of primary& secondary and tertiary alcohols& mechanism of dehydration&
uses 3ith special reference to methanol and ethanol2
Phenols: ,omenclature& methods of preparation& physical and chemical properties& acidic nature of
phenol& electrophillic su'stitution reactions& uses of phenols2
&thers: ,omenclature& methods of preparation& physical and chemical properties& uses2
Unit XII: 3l#ehy#es4 *etones an# Car5o6yli' 3'i#s (Perio#s $%)
3l#ehy#es an# *etones: ,omenclature& nature of car'onyl +roup& methods of preparation& physical
and chemical properties& mechanism of nucleophillic addition& reacti-ity of alpha hydro+en in
aldehydes/ uses2
Car5o6yli' 3'i#s: ,omenclature& acidic nature& methods of preparation& physical and chemical
properties< uses2
UnitXIII: Or7ani' 'ompoun#s 'ontainin7 Nitro7en (Perio#s $0)
3mines: ,omenclature& classification& structure& methods of preparation& physical and chemical
properties& uses& identification of primary& secondary and tertiary amines2 Cyani#es an# Iso'yani#es .
3ill 'e mentioned at rele-ant places in conte(t2
8ia9onium salts: Preparation& chemical reactions and importance in synthetic or+anic chemistry2
Unit XI): /iomole'ules (Perio#s $%)
Car5ohy#rates . Classification 0aldoses and !etoses1& monosaccahrides 0+lucose and fructose1& @-.
confi+uration oli+osaccharides 0sucrose& lactose& maltose1& polysaccharides 0starch& cellulose& +lyco+en1
Proteins .Elementary idea of - amino acids& peptide 'ond& polypeptides& proteins& structure of
proteins - primary& secondary& tertiary structure and 6uaternary structures 06ualitati-e idea only1&
denaturation of proteins< en9ymes2 $ormones - Elementary idea e(cludin+ structure2
)itamins . Classification and functions2
Nu'lei' 3'i#s: @,% and 7,%2

Unit X): Polymers (Perio#s ,)

Classi+i'ation . natural and synthetic& methods of polymeri9ation 0addition and condensation1&
copolymeri9ation& some important polymers/ natural and synthetic li!e polythene& nylon polyesters&
'a!elite& ru''er2 iode+rada'le and non-'iode+rada'le polymers2
Unit X)I: Chemistry in &:ery#ay li+e (Perio#s ,)
Chemi'als in me#i'ines . anal+esics& tran6uili9ers antiseptics& disinfectants& antimicro'ials&
antifertility dru+s& anti'iotics& antacids& antihistamines2
Chemi'als in +oo# . preser-ations& artificial s3eetenin+ a+ents& elementary idea of antio(idants2
Cleansin7 a7ents. soaps and deter+ents& cleansin+ action2
&:aluation "'heme +or &6amination !arks
)olumetri' 3nalysis $0
Salt %nalysis "
Content ased E(periment )
Class record& proAect 3or! and -i-a )
Total 30
P;3CTIC32 "<223/U"
!i'ro.'hemi'al metho#s are a:aila5le +or se:eral o+ the pra'ti'al e6periments =here:er
possi5le4 su'h te'hni>ues shoul# 5e use#
3 "ur+a'e Chemistry (Perio#s 0)
0a1 Preparation of one lyophilic and one lyopho'ic sol
.yophilic sol - starch& e++ al'umin and +um
.yopho'ic sol - aluminium hydro(ide& ferric hydro(ide& arsenous sulphide2
0'1 @ialysis of sol-prepared in 0a1 a'o-e2
0c1 Study of the role of emulsifyin+ a+ents in sta'ili9in+ the emulsion of different oils2
/ Chemi'al *ineti's (Perio#s ()
0a1 Effect of concentration and temperature on the rate of reaction 'et3een sodium thiosulphate and
hydrochloric acid2
0'1 Study of reaction rates of any one of the follo3in+/
0i1 7eaction of iodide ion 3ith hydro+en pero(ide at room temperature usin+ different
concentration of iodide ions2
0ii1 7eaction 'et3een potassium iodate& 0KI*31 and sodium sulphite/ 0,a=S*31 usin+ starch
solution as indicator 0cloc! reaction12
C Thermo'hemistry (Perio#s ()
%ny one of the follo3in+ e(periments
i1 Enthalpy of dissolution of copper sulphate or potassium nitrate2
ii1 Enthalpy of neutrali9ation of stron+ acid 0$CI1 and stron+ 'ase 0,a*$12
iii1 @etermination of enthaply chan+e durin+ interaction 0$ydro+en 'ond formation1 'et3een
acetone and chloroform2

8 &le'tro'hemistry (Perio#s %)
Variation of cell potential in BnCBn=DEE Cu=DCCu 3ith chan+e in concentration of electrolytes
0CuS*4 or BnS*41 at room temperature2
& Chromato7raphy (Perio#s %)
i1 Separation of pi+ments from e(tracts of lea-es and flo3ers 'y paper chromato+raphy and
determination of 7f -alues2
ii1 Separation of constituents present in an inor+anic mi(ture containin+ t3o cations only 0constituents
ha-in+ lar+e difference in 7f -alues to 'e pro-ided12
? Preparation o+ Inor7ani' Compoun#s (Perio#s ()
i1 Preparation of dou'le salt of ferrous ammonium sulphate or potash alum2
ii1 Preparation of potassium ferric o(alate2
- Preparation o+ Or7ani' Compoun#s (Perio#s %)
Preparation of any one of the follo3in+ compounds
i1 %cetanilide
ii1 @i -'en9al acetone
iii1 p-,itroacetanilide
i-1 %niline yello3 or = - ,aphthol aniline dye2
H Tests +or the +un'tional 7roups present in or7ani' 'ompoun#s: (Perio#s 1)
Unsaturation& alcoholic& phenolic& aldehydic& !etonic& car'o(ylic and amino 0Primary1 +roups2
I Chara'teristi' tests o+ 'ar5ohy#rates4 +ats an# proteins in pure samples an# their #ete'tion in
7i:en +oo# stu++s (Perio#s ()
@ 8etermination o+ 'on'entrationA molarity o+ *!nO( solution 5y titratin7 it a7ainst a stan#ar#
solution o+: (Perio#s ,)
i1 *(alic acid&
ii1 ;errous ammonium sulphate
0Students 3ill 'e re6uired to prepare standard solutions 'y 3ei+hin+ themsel-es12
* Bualitati:e analysis (Perio#s $()
@etermination of one cation and one anion in a +i-en salt2
0,ote/ Insolu'le salts e(cluded1

Scientific in-esti+ations in-ol-in+ la'oratory testin+ and collectin+ information from other sources2
3 +eC su77este# ProDe'ts
F Study of the presence of o(alate ions in +ua-a fruit at different sta+es of ripenin+2
F Study of 6uantity of casein present in different samples of mil!2
F Preparation of soy'ean mil! and its comparison 3ith the natural mil! 3ith respect to curd formation&
effect of temperature& etc2
F Study of the effect of potassium 'isulphate as food preser-ati-e under -arious conditions
0temperature& concentration& time etc21
F Study of di+estion of starch 'y sali-ary amylase and effect of p$ and temperature on it2
F Comparati-e study of the rate of fermentation of follo3in+ materials/ 3heat flour& +ram flour& potato
Auice& carrot Auice etc2
F E(traction of essential oils present in Saunf 0aniseed1& %A3ain 0carum1& Illaichi 0cardamom12
F Study of common food adulterants in fat& oil& 'utter& su+ar& turmeric po3er& chilli po3der and pepper2
Note: 3ny in:esti7atory proDe't4 Chi'h in:ol:es a5out $0 perio#s o+ Cork4 'an 5e 'hosen Cith the
appro:al o+ the tea'her
Recommended Textbooks.
G2 Chemistry Part -I& Pu'lished 'y ,CE752
=2 Chemistry Part -II& Pu'lished 'y ,CE752