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The Union of the Snake is on the Climb

Copyright © 2009 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved. http://www.lulu.com/astrology

We recently saw a funny video apparently about some British scientist who was trying to
fight of astrology. So what is funny in being against astrology? The funny thing is that the
British never had such a thing. How can you fight something that was never there? Much
as the rest of Europe1, Britain never knew zodiac proper and is still in the dark as concern
the ascendant set.

For those new to the subject, let us suppose that astrology should be based on some kind
of zodiac and ascendant set. This is the traditional view where you are asked to state your
Sun sign and ascendant in order for the alleged astrological authorities to inspect your
personality and fate.

Why Europe never had a zodiac? No one inspected the subject2. Why nobody inspected
the subject? It was believed that everybody knew about the subject. The zodiac was
something that everybody assumed as a given fact. The model that they used was not
even borrowed from an Egyptian primary school. It was a simple circle divided in 12
parts. The same zodiacal signs that form the Sun signs were assumed to rise at east, that
is, the zodiacal stations served as ascendants.

Possibly with the theoretical as well as generous exception of Netherlands.
With perhaps one single secret exception as concern Holland.
In the past 50000 years or so, apparently no one bothered to keep a check upon the
ascendant in order to see what is really rising there3. The precession of the ascendant was
unknown to e.g. too much quoted Ptolemy, who also had but a vague idea of the zodiac.

From Brahma4 to this day, observation was reserved to an inner circle of initiates. It is
very unlikely that the dark friars hid Hydra between Monoceros and Leo in order to douse
the real national ascendant out of sight. Monoceros and Leo are of course ascendants for
the current epoch.

If the Lion and Unicorn secure and bracket a reptilian dynastic secret, then other
ornithological as well as reptilian constellations5 contend for the serpentine glory of the
USA ascendant6. While USA and Italy share Serpens ascendant, they also share lack of
information as concern the basic heraldry of a nation. A nation is built on sound
astronomic principles with lodges oriented according to a master plan. Nevertheless,
history would e.g. suggest that our Masonic forefathers had no telescopes in Philadelphia.

It took a second to calculate the ascendant of the USA i. Much as Britain or Italy, the USA
never had any astrologers or astrology, apart from temporarily scattered Hopi and Navajo
shamans. At least the shamans observe the skies. Due to massive incompetence in any
subject, people who call themselves “astrologers”ii refuse to even discuss the real sky7.

One qualifies as “astrologer” when one has no idea at all about such basic things as his
own zodiacal position of the Sun. In order to match swindle on both sides, the client will
stay mum even about the following information. A common horoscope has two to six
signs of zodiacal error. Default mind will skip this information by default as it is happy to
toss its victim between sidereal and tropical nonsense. The asinine inorganiciii has but a
vague idea of solar system dynamics, but knows how to be appreciated by its victims.

At east.
Vedic astrology is valuable upon due update.
Lot has been written about the ascendant of the USA. Among the historical publications, Genesis
Ascendant, Serpens and USA are the most quoted.
That will not thwart them from offering advice.
Klaudio Zic
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i There was no one in the USA who would calculate the national ascendant ever since the very birth of the nation in
Philadelphia. For comparison sake, let it be noted that Scorpius and Sagittarius do not figure among the eastern rising
constellations for the present epoch. In other words, Scorpius and Sagittarius failed to rise at east in Philadelphia. In
words still more plain, our Masonic forefathers could not observe Scorpius or Sagittarius rising at east in Philadelphia.
ii Mostly folk who downloads a program and immediately proclaims astrological competence. It would seem that already
printing a horoscope chart from any web site impresses the client.
iii Personal devil.