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We begin with a portrait of one of the most sacred ideals making its way into

modern times of today's science and technology: Creation Ex Nihilo.

The exploration in the notion of Creation Ot Of Nothing.
For me, this was sort of a 'Round 2' in the entire 'Numi and The Messenger' old ancestral tale of
a mystical triage; Numi the Leopard, The Messenger (or the Soul-Quester's Totem), and an oracular
sacred medicine stone. Often known as 'a lapis philosophorum', it is at least here in this scenario, a
Jasper and the metaphysical properties at length that serve practical function and a deep relation in the
mystical sense. This entire scry/scribe and feat of Shamanic Questing is Oracular In Nature, utilizing
the stone and the spirit thereof in a combination of conjuration or invocation, then prophetic visionary
divination. It is both heartfelt and sharing from my soul's core, and a gift that is ready to give in an
interpersonal way for generations...even with directly relevant impact to extend to other ages to come.
It is a magical undertaking...
To offer a hyper condensed rundown of the original 'living myth' and having a preexisting
ancestral basis for entering these energies to experience giving rise to the realities in myself, the Legend
goes like this:
Not all sacred stones have a beautiful, cosmic origin associated with it. They would or should,
but they were lost to time or otherwise neglected. This one tells us of an ancient Indian legend
revealing that before man, dark beings lived alone on the earth. They didn't like the darkness, so they
sent a messenger to the black leopard, Numi, whose eyes provided the only light in the darkness. The
messenger asked Numi to intercede with the Great Spirit to bring light into the world. He answered
that the dark beings had great importance in the manner of things and without them, there would not
be the heavens. If the Light Beings were allowed to enter the earth, they would push aside the Dark
Beings and they would then be of lesser importance and treated poorly. He asked the messenger if his
people could accept this. The messenger didn't know, but he said yes anyway. It is said thus began the
war between Light and Dark. Numi asked the Earth to create a stone to help beings see the Dark Ones.
Thusly the legend says, Leopardskin Agate was created as a bridge to the deepest essences and
mysteries--to help reveal that which is NOT known.
Pretty keen, isn't it?
Let's open the first visual, which is really a revisitation in the first painting I ever did in the
Numi/Messenger/Sacred Stone, Numi was black, like in the original legend here, extremely different
than my first mandala. He has a sort of robotic, metallic structural appearance as the information
accumulated and was 'brought up'.
Different, yet same: In both, the color schema was the same, and The Messenger who showed in
both just happened to be Raven. It is sometimes said you really have one totem power. I've experienced
that you may have a primary and a secondary, yet that can go far beyond to where you have a medicine
wheel with a power at each point and like setting the stones differently every time according to
intuition, those totems may situate differently or like choosing a quartz instead of a tourmaline, can also
be different animals in a revisited cosmogony's familiar area. It's intuitive and different person to
person. Like a recurring dream, you will have at least a primary that really resonates to speak to and be
with you all your life.
Raven is my medicine, and so is Leopard. Not just, but that visionary 'call-to-arms' of Numi in
specific tone, name, patterns and mystical habits. I'll now show the initial fractal dimensional gate scry-
vocation. In terms of the sacred triad, the existentialistic question exists [slightly modified for these
purposes] : Which came first; the chicken or the egg [or the serpent]? Here, it's the Earth Guardian
Leopard deity, the Sacred Stone, or the totemic/intermediary Messenger of the denizens of Earth. In
linear thought processing, we would have read that Numi sought the Earth to offer up the stone, and
then that happened like Point A to B. Yet the stone here is Earth, and beyond the example of our
spinning globe, is Terra across the Cosmos, as such we conclude 'Greater-Earth Spirit'. Puts a whole
new spin on ideas of Earth to begin with, along with our ancestral heritage as earthbound beings.
In the first ethereal work of art, we will notice Numi, the One Who Stalks The Ancient Earth
as a heavenly resident, with the Solar Crown of Gold that is so often associated to shamans in altered
states and then later to religious saint iconography..but as a universal feature, it has always been duly
noted on arrival. Another spin on the 'order of things'. Let's look, now...
The painting and what we want to explore this framework as is titled 'Numi Is The Messenger'.
Interesting observations we might begin with: In the first mandala before this one, the black
leopard's eyes did glow, but out from the pure dark as a sort of greenish blue like most animal's actually
would. Here, they are so golden as to seem that they are vessels for the Solar Crown to be filtered
through. Eyes like the radiant sun rather than an eerily haunted nocturnal reflection.
The jack-o-lantern magically starts to intensify in frequency around entering the end of
Summer shift, and for me is a staple in the body of any familiar or node-of-power as a raw prime
symbol with an ethereal pulse all its own. There all year, but especially making itself known in tapestries
or even as the central feature, but here along the outer edges. How is this relevant here?
The jaspers in the top corner are dark where the jack-o-lanterns are a healthy orange..below, the
jaspers are lighter and more richly colored or specked where the jack-o-lanterns are pale or waning in
luster. It reveals the nature of the stone; at the thinnest point of the veil is near Halloween according to
legend. As we, like the cycle of the year, cross the thresh of death's door, we are in fact in a lighter, more
colorful and visible luminosity.
I really experienced transitioning into this astral flesh as a wave of power, the adaptation to the
crystalline, fluid or 'liquid metallic' both flexible but invincible was as an elevation and Qi upgrade.
Raven has a Janus type affect [or the famous Masonic Phoenix]..with two heads looking in both
directions. Numi has in his cross, what looks like two jasper tongues..just as a serpent might have a
forked tongue. What this really signifies is the original meaning of white - rather than the symbolic
'purity' - really every aspect of spectrum is equally capable of purity in its own rite; here, it is a Janus
affect, yet often a lunar association. It is contradictory..harmony and peace married with discord and
chaos. It is beginning and end. This the nature of White in this working, the great all-encompassing.
Numi here reveals to me how this power is indicated as it stands gifted to me. Raven here is
revealed in the ultimate message, rather than only the black bird many are superstitious of in the day if
the gather in a Murder Of..., the Raven is white, or the young yang hidden in most ancient yin. Raven
in this ancient legend is going through the night territory, finding Numi in his securely confident
territory in the heart of Dark, the Unknown, so yeah, the Occult. The shamanic golden crown
transferred with me is made of and issues forth the pure sacred leopard skin jasper...our 'Lapis
Universalis' here, again, not an actual lapis lazuli, of course.
The stone's nature: many misunderstand as the way to get astral vision, to where they can pick
up on faint spectral entities in dark with greater clarity. Doubtlessly, that can be part, but too few
emphasize seeing and interacting with the 'dark entities' or the 'Solve-Ka' - that is the Putrefaction-
forces - in broad daylight. These are entities usually reserved to the sorcerer who wants to exploit that
collective wave round the clock, or rather for the cliched Faustian bargain or getting of material goods
by being 'naughty' and working with so called 'left hand path' systems..even so, requiring some great
development. Do not mistake me as saying 'demons', but rather more well veiled advanced knowledge
bearers. They are equally involved in earth, water, air and fire as the 'Coagule-Ka' entities. It might help
to say the Shiva/Destroyer guardians of the Way and then you have the Preserver/Vishnu guardians of
the Way. Either or any way, it's still and ever indivisible The Way.
For many, enacting that way still requires strong belief or faith, they won't ever develop their
vision to that Clarity. So, that is a huge central factor of this entire project being mentioned here.
Rather than seeing energetically, they simply project mind's eye onto a supposed aspect of final desire.
Not that that isn't without some merit, too. It clearly works for a whole bunch of adepts who never got
far with the whole 'squeegee of the 3
eye' thing; especially when they are not great in either
empathy/extra sensory feeling or seeing 'n hearing, either. The mind can be just as powerful in
transmitting as receiving, to the degree so many practitioners 'fake it till they make it'. You won't find a
lot of shamans who are not full blown receivers. Also,. Today we hear a lot with tons of follow up
material on the decalcifying of the pineal gland. Once you get good at ceremonial workings, you can
affect great change on realities without being an extra sensory adept or visionary attractor. Many prefer
this; as it can keep them from having to move around their entire life schedules around such a nuisance
and calling, and would rather be (or want the illusion of being) in control as the one doing all the
calling of day and night forces, rather than just having surprises 'show up one day'. We so very often
want the ability and higher calling or other set of powerful gifts, until it becomes a reality and along
with some standard or obligation in turn.
This has nothing to do with exclusive 'n literal sunrise or sunset for our purposes, here. Day spirits
aren't exclusive to day 'time' and vice versa.
There are two more echo leopard faces in the lower corners..the pale pumpkin faces are the chins, if
that helps make them out. It reminds that even in your most well defined sense of deity outcome of
your own being, you will have those refractions and echoes...
Do not lose touch with the original face..or the nature of mind. Otherwise, you can't see and get lost in
the night energies. That's when the ego obscures the soul...more like the Soul obscures the path of
Spirit's relations to enter and transform the ego into Gold.
The new envisioned liquid crystalline armor is working out beautifully! I'm thankful and overjoyed.
Purple and orange/golds seem to be working out for me as a constant in my work. Especially where
metals are involved [white is the presence of all the metals, too].
Numi is seen here putting the Messenger over his own head as priority that has deep significance.
Especially as the Messenger [his back forms] becomes a pineal 'pine cone'. It refers to medicine and
putting the community in need over your own status or self image of needing to be perceived with
status and as the one in control of everything and in charge the both put the magical stone over each
others' combined efforts.. this reveals the Messenger as the Community, the magical stone as the
Buddha, and Numi as the Dharma/transmission of, being the gift giver.
Just as with Lakota Christians, Wohpe [Whope] who is the Turquoise wavelength and a shade
of White Buffalo Calf Woman, who gave the Peace Pipe that was equated as none other than Christ.
This is another triad, and for many would bring up ideas of Green and White Tara in a heartbeat.
The consecrated 'object' is the Christ. This is only possible in animistic/shamanic paths. Even in
Christianity, ppl go to the old rugged cross and leave their sins at the foot of it, blessed to the point of a
status of miraculous elevation to heal or destroy, on having been drenched with Christ's blood. If that's
not the same principle in action, we are voluntarily wandering in self imposed ignorance of the most
extreme kind., just so one can feel elevated over a 'filthy heathen'.
Another interesting aspect was seeing the Jack-o-lantern scarecrow figure riding on a Mastodon
to either angle, that old beast of raw size and torque before even the aurochs, who preceded the
Elephant. We almost all right off the bat associate the Elephant with the Root chakra. It is a slow but
unstoppable or unwavering stride of our energy body's momentum, and an obstacle remover and truest
path-clearer. A skill of plodding determination and a holy care being taken in motions, yet with an
instinctive awareness to not worry about anything that will come in the intentions to upset you or veer
you off course.
It had been a while since I had done anything in the Runes, an area I shine in. So, I decided
given the material so far, the most potent thing would be a single draw. I might have even just guessed
a wild stab in the dark...
Dagaz Dawn.. Dagaz references the most basic of all cycles: Night and Day. This powerful
rune is a reminder of the cyclical nature of all things. What rises must fall. What increases must
decrease. To be in equilibriums of the waxing and waning. All things are interconnected and in a state
of constant flux. Dagaz is the rune of awakening -- new worlds, new possibilities and new opportunities
arise as others fade away. Day and night are (and will always be in grand cosmic evaluation) in perfect
proportion. There is balance in all things, celestial and material. Night has passed and a new day is
I made on very potent Sigil of a configuration called 'The Astronaut's Sigil'. It began with this
Rune, too. It has helped me beyond words alone, in being master of my own reality and attuned to
other masters beyond my own current sphere of direct involvement. The following information helps
compound the nature of this Rune as well, as it just helps magnify the painting and experience pouring
forth of the crafting involved.
My inclusion of astrology in this is a simple one: I'm good at forecasting and reading
prophetically with a drop of anything you give me, so whether or not it is real is less relevant to me than
that many people agree and think and are living according to that it is and should be, and as I'm
connected to them, it is being made a 'thing' for me on some level..so I would rather just be educated in
it and figure out your system to at least benefit me and maybe the both of us.
Tonight could be the night we both die...
Wednesday the 13
the Great Separator/Motivator... [preamble to special conjunction]
Those who have more spiritual callings are beginning to prioritize to 'get away' and put behind
the childish things of the 'Me, me, me' ppl. The latter kind are running rampant (especially on the
former), and they are at an all time high, for now. However, there is a catch-22, a set up if you will. It
will play to the ultimate tragic downfall of many. The overdosing on 'shallow and conceitedly vain' are
going to flourish to the degree that in wrong choices, they won't just scrape their knees..they'll get
skinned almost completely if they survive some wrathful backlash. Be aware of your own self centered
choices, because they are either going to play out in a grander vision of the entirely interconnected web-
walkers of life..including shadow walkers, sky walkers, storm riders, deep divers, high risers etc.. to boost
these higher callings, or much the opposite. A whole bunch of the Me's are in for a harsher
awakening..disenchanted; many will become more like hardcore materialists, saying 'Screw It' to
anymore spiritual continuation, thinking it just too hard and okay to shelve..it's like an appendix to
them, it only means something as need arises to make sure it's not about to burst and kill you, and
confuse living in the now out and away from the Eternal Timelessness but bliss of riding currents and
exploring cycles. They are going to get their fill of their preferred cake, and many will choke. So many
ppl are going to get lost, enjoying as my war ning went Yang apart from a greater context and
awareness of their roles in the shadowy, aquatic/receptive and lunar Yin. So, bullying to have a greater
sense of self value or pushing the 'weak' down hard to come out on top will be at an all time high in
those flailing beneath the surface without regard.
So, they are kind of being tossed around on whims and immediate desires, calling it, living in the now.
Overdosing on Soul and Sun removed from direct care or presence of needed involvement in Spirit and
To them, they call that; the residence of 'drama' that they are trying to get away from. As such, they will
doubtlessly over -simplify a heliocentric model, and they are the only light source in it that matters.
Even I see how I have been prone to this attitude, and so have chosen to dive deep as I have.. the path
of the One is to return to the Source.
So, the nature of the Separator paying off requires the non-externalizing of 'Me-ness'..that you can't
blame others as you are the same and have a sameness this way, and that can be good and is part of
what is sacred, so don't project any 'Other-Me' as the sun of all your problems that you are just a
satellite moon orbiting around. You have that power of self control. Watch yourself closely and I bet
you'll catch if you are 'getting your own rocks off' on making others feel their path is less sophisticated
or stupid compared to yours. There is a good chance you are justifying something very stupid you are
doing that you are dissembling through covering your tracks that way.
You have to remember both polarities in that modern Hollywood mythology are the erring of
the Architect. The Demiurgenone so represents this as does Leo..the Lion who has the symbol of a
serpent. It's funny that Trilogy was on the television today. August 11
. I had this information over a
week ago, and am only putting it out now.
August 20
the Earth is ready to receive you. Literally, as the Moon enters Cancer, sextile with
Virgo, AND Sol, what you did with your time and your talents or lack thereof are enveloped in your
relations with our earthy home. Whether you say Gaia, The Mother, or Anima Mundi. The people who
are prone to the mistakes of the obscuration between Soul and Spirit-to-Ego will feel that all the
sudden and mysteriously, as Pluto and Neptune - the Mystic and the Underworld Ruler/Treasurer - are
presenting major challenges to their realities. So, what to look at is even tho people know it isn't
working and they are getting something good but getting overdosed in the process and basically
screwing themselves, they are going to brashly continue in that lavish, extravagant momentum they
can't afford.
Uranus in Aries is about to split in this crossroads, where it supports the more lofty goals and yanks the
floor out from the access to the heaven sent, bold new beginnings of those with more 'If it feels good,
do it, do it again, and keep doing it till you got yours and its drained dry' type outlooks. Which, is
almost everyone 'plugged in', especially social media rubbing-off. This current distance and realigning is
crucial, wise, and is paying off. Keep advancing by it.
Anyone who doesn't plan or lacks depth will start entering the phases of dry humping the
fumes of a tank of what seemed fortuitous and beautiful.. it's a question of how deep do they appreciate
Gifts given..? If they received a seed, did they value thew golden etched box it came in..did they throw
out the seed then pawn that box? Or, did they plant it and water it and give love to it in this fertile
moment and abundant sunny disposition of our world soul atmosphere? Put the box on your altar, then,
even! Dedicate the planting to your Deity who you are working to merge with as avatar of.
You must unseed what you have seeded. - play on the Star Wars quote.
We are entering a new aeonic understanding of the cyclic nature of the flow of Universal Prime,
and so what we sow needs such a drastic changing.
I want to add something further on the fly, here:
The odds of this are incredible, right now. To hell with odds; look at Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and
then Mars' position within the intensely penetrating occult minded Scorpio (my own Moon+
Ascendant), that is all pointing and supporting/supported by and peering right into and out from Pluto.
It doesn't get much more Male Archetypal Force/Power, yet it has all been backed fully and
empowered by Venus, She has kind of a, You go ahead, be the man I see you being/becoming. So
much of it isn't in the 'Hard Hat Harry/Bob The Builder' machismo sense, either. It's also not in an
'I'm getting in touch with my sacred inner man-flower' way. I know this by the other end of the fiery-
fixed spectrum of alignments. It is a New Spirit Man. A New Horizon Breaking of Man's Soul or the
masculine powers. They are being accentuated in a way with androgyne-shamanic powers as never
before, yet a man isn't being neutered, but rather adapting in more feminine oracular intuitive regions.
Ride This Wave, it is a Yin boost that is masculine. I doubt anyone would call Most Powerful Shiva a
gentle lilac of a pussy because he is often depicted beautiful, shimmering in lunar light, and dancing.
Shiva Lingams are said to symbolize the masculine and feminine energy forms within everyone.
They contour to remind us that the absolute best for us will be realized through the balance of both
male and female energies.
On the 25
of August, the Sun and Moon are conjunct in Virgo right as Saturn and Mars are
conjunct in Scorpio. Amazing time! The meaning of war itself will be reborn in a conjunction a
rebirth of the meaning of Ego-Spirit direct. Look at the oppositions with Virgo and Pisces. You'll find
the wounded healers [shamans] especially being empowered and charged up, and given a clear path to
dissect what is blocking off connections with the Earth for the greater populace on the whole. A new
visionary diagnostic is taking place, with cure in hand..shamanic initiations will carry over. Many for
those who feel spiritually called with pressures who never felt and desired to avoid that at all costs.
Many who refuse it will undergo entropy as never known before.
This will follow a 'highest of highs' while in Leo, Venus and Jupiter undergo Conjunction.
A window of ultimate wish granting; of course, bu careful what you wish for, but also, just
because you did a spell or said the right prayer does not mean God is gonna enter your Will-centre and
do the thing for you. Nothing is gonna get tossed into your lap, over there...not even in the most high
time stretch of your own little Paradise' Return scenario coming together.
What a great time for those who actively go beyond curiosity to see from on high how to win
spiritual battles in their own lives and boosting collectively the Anima Mundi/World Soul. Or Soul
Rising to grand heights really is a collective war cry that is most effective of any at all.
So, amazingly, the composite of the 'Devil' of Christian missionaries taking especially the pagan
deities of Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto and their counterparts by other names in other cultures, is the
Leo lion-serpent with all these benefic spheres currently enabling, the very image of how a gnostic
views Jehovah or even Brahman or all creative principle deities who cast a shadow to be 'all-good' and
seem extremely benevolent..a mighty bridgework exists but this is ultimate struggle and conflict to
integrate both and leads to greatest victory. The Feminine Divine introduces Him to Himself..if He
can handle the Truth and transform in an integrative singularity. God-to-Devil, Devil-to-God.
There is not any 'Other-Me' to blame. You are the Sacred entering the Demiurge, and you
always were both and will never stop being both, but you can let the access to this storehouse of wisdom
be tarnished, muddied, clouded, forgotten and tyrannical. Doubtless looking like a self righteous man
who is unfounded in conceit, and contains the Female and her divinity away from his own intuition to
dominate by structures suffocating all surrounding life and getting it to revolve around him, falsely
being portrayed as master of his own universe. That demiurge can embody any human with the
attitude, despite gender.
These who are directly active in advancing the Rising World Soul in Temperance will
become the Messengers, the Numi's..the self created Magical Medicine Visionary Stone Gifts to the
world. Their Golden Crowns will shine radiantly many for the first time as former illusions about
the interrelations between Ego-Soul-Spirit will be lifted up in the current Trifecta-Universal as
revealed here.
This satori beyond pipe dream disillusionment [yes, not illusions..as we are talking about the Waking
Dream Theater of Mind] will help those who invested wisely, and hurt those who were dry humping
the fumes out of that shallow momentum. So, it's got much to do with disinfo in and about our dreams,
and the nature of carving out an eye to say we 'beat the ego' to death [or crucified it properly]. There is
no part of yourself you can properly martyr off, as you are so interconnected to the Nth degree.
Oppositions are a tug-of-war..the nature of this one is that of Ultimate Nature. The Earth is
undergoing the Waking Dream, and for that the fantastical is needed as the Earth feeds off of both
sunlight and water. Water is depth, secretive, emotional catalyst, and filled with occult consequence.. it
is a home of potentials because of the always subjectively unknown as such, there are surfaces and
intuitions, unpredictable chaos and mercurial volatility that make for vulnerabilities. Without that
uncertainty, an orchard is filled with pixelated card board cut-out trees that have no variations in them.
The lush Jungle of Life holds the real secret of the Fruit of Life..in that, we come to know having one
single universal tree model for an absolute ideally conceptual collective flawlessness is driving us further
from our divine right and into and barren ocean floor with the shallow promise of absolute waking only
happening on being voluntarily separated from the magic of dream. There is no greater arrogant folly of
kings and their subjects who long to emulate them to receive parts in their fortunes.
It has a synchronicity to it this error but it is a shiny, distracting Soul-death agreement.
It will leave the deepest of all drained..therefore, how much closer are the easily seduced shallow.
Sometimes living loud (along with confusions about In The Moment) only produces the symphony
that reveals those who lack any profound talent, but look very cool with their more expensive
Unfortunate Current Trending: Having a strong, open spiritual life is almost a handicap. It's
something you should either just occasionally write about in a journal, as an afterthought.. or go to Bob
Jones University and become a Pastor, or move onto an Indian Reservation or like..something..
otherwise, you just look like an anti-social psychopath..and once we need to make someone that to feel
really purpose driven and grounded, we will make you that at the first convenience.
I might make mention again: Saturn, Pluto and Neptune in contrast to the Holy Spirit or White Wave,
the Christ figure, and the Green/Turquoise wavelength or feminine entity. Portrayed earlier as the
Mother figure or Savioress [Lady of Guadalupe is even another a great example]. The two ends
interlock as this portrayal of 'Numi Is The Messenger'.
Factor in Dagaz and everything here, the Moon is cyclical as it gets. This is the Nature of the
Conjunction. An appropriate word, as this is more like Dark Crystal than it is like 'Good' banishing
and locking up 'Evil' to the four corners. See how in the painting/gateway, they are blending,
intermingling and coagulating. Rather than Raven looking in the past with a Dove looking in the
future, with Numi being yet a Black Leopard, we have this ultimate code of transformation and clues to
the reality of the situation.
Still, the Skeksis..they didn't want it to happen, even though they were integrated..i.e. Still existing and
pulled into a Vortex of evolution they could no longer stave off. The Mystics died on the arduous journey to
make sure that it did happen. It seems like a 'kiddie movie', but most kids only get way later the
complex values at hand that are made to interest, inspire, and educate adults as much to the extent they
can process and appreciate it more.
Imagine this as the three corners of Dagaz on one side, and the other side is like the demon, the victim
on the possession bed, and the shamanic priest/exorcist..all in one body, experiencing a single
consciousness. Here, the demon then is never really 'cast out' in the traditional sense. Obviously, since it
is another aspect in a single conscious experience. Instead, the exorcist becomes the transformer, the
great transitory power entered at the core of the communication between the other two parties
blending wholly within. Such is the alignment in this sublimation.
Do not mistake that mind is muted and cardinal, with rigpa being fixed.
Rigpa is the unchanging clear nature in fixed, muted and cardinal qualities.
Mind even changes in the fixed in how it decides to try and find itself in a fixated state.
Planets...in this conjunction/quincunx manifold; East-West is a huge issue..a gap is traversed.
Internal and External are the tough integration, here - and great challenge.
The infinitely condensed lunar force is the atom...the white sun disc [oft seen with wings on either
side]. A.k.a. in the coptic and modern gnostic as Hadit. Modern science's idea that other universes are
born after the Black Hole of 'Light Fountains'.
If you can't tell if it's angelic or demonic, coming from Heaven or Hell, you are probably peering
into an authentic practice that isn't just spinning wheels in the air. You are likely entering the bode of
The Authentic Shaman, and it is unsettling, even for the Shaman. That 'mystique' is even a sort of
animal-magnetic charge to keep their Mojo on tap. Yet, we all have this internal interest to try and work
our way back into it; through occult/speculation books, modern 'gods media' like comics and other
superhero myth updates brought more and more into our own image as a technological advancement
becoming, horror and other sci-fi/fantasy films, and of all music portraying this, none more so than
Electronic Dance Music, with events around the street on a regular basis. Regardless of if the genre has
the word 'Trance' in it somewhere, it is all altered-states inducing forum for experience, only on a lesser
level without the full blown collective ritual endeavor and even without aims to heal beyond
reconnecting an individual with a good mood and general lively/energetic social atmosphere before
facing again the Hole In The Heart for some of the youth not understanding why it continues and how
to really deal with it. Part of the Beauty of it all at once part of its greatest sadness. Every time any of
this is being engaged; to some degree spirits do show up. As someone with deeply specialized practice
that develops The Sight, that I had to or it would have driven me to suicide or madness, I can tell you
that without speculating, and the majority of people who have experimented beyond drug
hallucinations to revelatory break through will absolutely agree.
Another aspect of the very beauty and sadness; as spirits show up, and so do those who know
how to manipulate that stage to gains, without wanting to care about or share anything of crucial nature
with those who do not yet know...whether you want to call those vampires and victims or sorcerers and
their livestock supply. Think of being told you are showing up at a wedding or a family picnic, and you
don't know beyond that there will be music, that certain warring organized crime families are invited to
be part of this affair, and we aren't going to tell you the guest list, you just have to intuit which table
you're sitting at and talking to, and if fate has it your place for the night was reserved at a 'mixed table'
and now suddenly rather than just an innocent good time, you are walking on thin ice playing mediator
between a handful of Capulets and a handful of Montagues, so to speak.
The difference between the 'good trip' or the 'nightmare descent'. It generally has far less to do
with the right combination and experience of your black market pharmacology methods. That's why
years of experience logging hours learning to trip well and not break character in your pleasant Summer
Garden vibes is not what makes a Shaman. You are just perfecting ideal flight in a simulator you got
getter at making more realistic feeling and more fun. You haven't even taken to the skies yet or dealt
with the turbulence that has the power to change your entire idea about what being on course means
and when it's okay to veer off it and how to get back on.
A loa is a spirit: furthermore, it's like a powerful sentient hologram in ethers that elemental
powers accumulate that is projected by the stars/so(u)ls in the Cosmic Ginen..which is the starry
firmament known as the heavens as they are stretching down into Africa and is the touched and sacred
Africa itself, the Life in the Land the Life is the Land. Had only we known Now what we knew Then.
Ginen is very special to the African/Haitian as the ultimate ancestral etheric records access point
stretched across the Cosmos, cradle of the Primitive and Raw living alongside the birth of all
civilization and the refined, without huge efforts needed to try and find one based from the other,
All cultures do have their Ginen of sorts. This is evidenced in the Tree of Life countless variations and
the Flower of Life showing up everywhere. So don't think this is a message that you should or have to be
in Vodou/Voudon or even be an initiated animistic priest in order to tap in. I've seen that the
Kabbalistic Tree fits well into the Flower of Life, and that is definitely not a coincidence, but to say the
Kabbalist is any closer with a lock down in all this material is simply not true.
That is but one mystical branch that is clipped and pruned to be an aesthetic preference among people
who favor that style on a larger Tree as organic and variable as the ones in your back yard.
To think working in Kabbalah has given you a civilized metaphysical advantage in gnosis compared to
other Trees that are completely alien to that system is arrogant and lead to a great downfall in a more
globally conscientious mystical Time of Sharing, as it is.
The notion that your particular system is 'the elite correct rite' ruling the brainless non-initiate masses
has cast a shadow creating far more Draconian responses in turn, that every time will prove on its own
efforts to be smarter, faster, tougher in design, and you are in the crosshairs of many smaller machines
now banding together to dismantle and eat The Machine...
and they are all very hungry with very little to lose.
A star cannot come down from the heavens without similar effect of a giant meteor crash, so,
the life force of that star is presented forth as a loa..a once human life who is able to operate here
through these ritual/ceremonial methods to open that gate..the Treasuries of soul force after light years
of advancement and being more involved with the advanced characters playing on the cosmic
evolutionary stage. Hard for most people to fathom that stage in its most grandiose or even most
satellite moments. It gets extremely weird and alien, and to participate is to have your comfort zone
about what you would like to and are willing to call empirical metric-scientific 'reality' seriously invaded
Think of a person who sits on a throne far away, looking extremely small but in a position of
vast powers. They accept responsibility for the 'way things are', especially cosmically. Now, imagine an
interactive hologram projected onto a flat surface a 3D+ greater dimensional technology blown up
huge. This is a lot like how we interact with ethers/spirits. They are not demons, as they are projected of
stars themselves in highly advanced evolution of logos circumference, with akashic or ancestral archival
bearing bodies..much of that information is vibrational and beyond senses for the most part to 'them'
and extremely psychic and extra sensory in 'us'...a point/node is created at any experiential merging of
the two of us..offering an increased opportunity for a person to develop demigod powers or even serve
humanity as the function of a luminary etheric signature force or white wave retainer in a corporeal
phase of advancing along side..it's a hard challenge and a responsibility, not a privilege of endlessly
accumulating siddhi.
A psychic vampire or another form of sorcerer goes from direct spirit initiation to effectively stealing or
dampening what can't be hacked into and taken away in terms of the siddhis belonging to others
engaging in a high calling or true purpose..not just 'draining one's prana'.
Something all of us struggle in is rather than seeing left-right schism or gap, where what is light
to one side over-shadows [literally casts a shade or pall] to the illusive distance we perceive in lower
senses, the higher-arch forms instantaneously to struggle forth a social pack, to make a logic/logos
circumference as an agreement force that one siddhi in manifest is the best..it is a white lodge or light
versus a lack of illumination. It naturally goes on a scale of equally understanding the reasons and
dealing in this perception, to instead having a white cosmos on top and a dim or vacuum-like
underworld beneath..a bottomless pit of sufferings told to not go near, think about, or exploring your
own role into, lest you be sucked in and tormented as a demon's pet during your narrowly conceived
ideas of a lifetime.
A person of the black lodge combats this by mostly ineffectually taking the low road just to get
away from them, then most put the sacred reflective nocturnal cosmic ocean as the final say above the
blaringly loud white-light hypocrisy.
The ability to recall the past heading into the present, with equal value in balance to these lower
perceptions of the angles of genius or sinister are the two tongues. Not only that, but as clear speech,
clear light operates with us at the core nature of our selves the same way. The white light is a white disk,
it is the cosmic lunar power, in fact. For their to be psychsm and higher senses worth accruing and
developing, their must be an element of secrecy, or everything is in the golden sunlight only and all is
already infinitely known and accessible. Exploration and discovery are a mute course to even think of
starting to journey on. The point of clear light is not that you have been on all and every path perfectly
and are all knowing of those paths within, as you cannot even empathize with a fraction of living in any
other being's shoes during your day.
Therefore, the clear light or the drop that is empty within yet reflects the purity in each spectral
wavelength accessed equally in values of the Great Tapestry and webbing we walk on as sacred creatures
perfectly encompasses and finds like mind in the whitest light projecting as well as the blackest night
Where the white-light is mistaken as end-all be-all positivity as clarity equals god, you are in
fact more likely to be addicted to drawing in the siddhis of others or operating in the aethers in abusive
ways, having no thought for the gifts of mind, seeking only the greater means of force applications in
their signature beings..only interacting with them insofar as gathering up to memorize access to their
archival features of resonance in consciousness, and then on doing so, labeling them mistakenly as the
uncaring archons and then banishing them from your circumference.
Yet, as these are the ascended masters initiating us with forces to the very core where through
the gate of clear light operating in our subtle, densely packed cores..like our person big-bang archival
hidden in our Bindu seed. It is a personal disservice to your place in the cosmos you can never banish
them from your circumference only banish yourself from their circumference. Not only that, but then
you are in a wandering confusion and the most murky and clouded mental and emotional states where
you are blaming demons or archons for harassing your self imagined lower states of white-light
addicted consciousness..you think you are right and pure in your spiritual battling discourse, but you are
out of touch and in a darkness that you are in self denial of you yourself being put on the black road to
again master. True animistic/shamanic rituals/and vocational affairs don't ever say; Okay, the night is
done, you got what you want, you're in the contract to give me what I want, better fulfill your end and
thanks for not leaping out of the magic bounding box and leaping into my head and making me crazy.
No highly advanced ruler is directly involved with you you may not be completely out of range
of Watchers or Guardians of Dharma however what you are seeing and wandering in is the
underbelly of your own fellow souls..the collective id that is denser reflected unconscious or out of
touch with being able to redefine themselves in the sacred ancestral-animal relation..so the context you
are translating all your fears and regrets by now wear actual masks and faces through the ill gained
perceptions that seemed very powerful at one time..but in narrow conceptions. Everything is savage or
menacing and you are in self denial yet that it is not you, but forces gone awry that your better
judgement need to put a tight leash and suppress or beat back into submission.
Then, we have the age old bully scenario of Why are you hitting yourself?, yet you are the bully and
the victim in this arena of Reality, so in clarity discovered here you might see at last that you really are
doing this! You can only be responsible for yourself, so if another actually is really abusing you, do not let
them get away with their attempts to convince you that you brought it on yourself, or your losing
situations brought on by them is the result of your karmic choices having repercussions the Universe
chose them to force upon you to teach you a lesson. The Universe doesn't and never has to choose Any
[One] Body Special that way, as we are all The Chosen, and so the Universe doesn't rely on captors,
whether peers or advanced master beings, to exact vengeance on us to get us to recognize the Final
Clarity in Pure Resolution. The Truth is, no Guides of that talent exist that can take you into and
sustain you in the purity of your own sacred core realization. Satori in its sense of beyond any sense to
the final Nature Of Knowing is a Self Inherited Gift; as in a Creation Ex Nihilo. This one we call:
Oneness With The Cosmos, as fully realizing our Spiritual Being.
This doesn't mean you in your former concepts of being a soul actually killed somebody or
raped somebody or did something else like stealing on the vast corporate scale that kills the planet more
and more everyday. However, you wander in the similar shades of the frame of mind as those
succumbing to self righteously erring self denial as those who have.
A great mistake has been to say this is the bottomless pit which is hell, and the shaman in
descent is coming back with totems from there that are actually demons. It is this very thinking a
shaman would descend to find the root cause of calcification of the core which should be clear and
functioning of those instead wandering-anchorless in anything else interpreted. The same underworld
perceived by one is an entirely different ancestral, joyous prospect to enter into for one who has access
to it in spiritual clarity, and so mental, emotional, and physical are more likely to follow. They do, but
for the archetype of the wounded healer as in the perfect example of Chiron it can nearly be a
greater struggle for them. People of modern narrowly conceived collectivist attitude of poorly
conducted civilization are extremely out of touch with this, and so villainize and demonize those who
are. That's the white-lighter's consummate position of envy of them. Though, you are not likely to wake
them up to that fact. They are also addicted to a dreamless sleep, preferring to be stuck on the border
between a nightmare that vindicates their struggle and not ever having to wake to face who they really
are and how they have allowed the patterns to transpire for so long and encase their vision in sediment
and cloud..the calcified pineal gland is a great immediate corporeal indication of what all this manifests
in...but one factor only; the psychical participation, not the pleroma of spiritual advancement and true
For so long then, exorcisms and banishing have plagued us as an automatic go-to solutions
instead of a singular 'white wave' of being that needs to be returned to the ocean of liberation, which is
actually clear.
To gain this knowledge, the portrayal has manifested that you are currently downloading now; it is the
direct experience of the unity of this tri-fold link-up of both heart and mind sound effectiveness
returning to the natural origin of all things profound, suffering, and profoundly existing in suffering,
with practical solutions that have impact from the layman struggling with the mundane to the advanced
adept wondering where he started wandering on an erring path in a once extremely powerful, dedicated
Think more like unattaining to radiate liberation, rather than attaining liberation than sharing concrete
messages to give others the answers on their tests. All test configurations with answers to correct
questions and vice versa are fairly obliterated in the xeno-permutational field trip nature-setting
classroom without walls.
Rather than force bad things out, it's about realigning to the Force as purely accumulating in clarity.
This requires pure love great acceptance flawless encouragement = unparalleled harmony.
Compassion Is Hard. If it wasn't, everybody would be doing it.
You would have perfect vision of clarity and control over all spheres; their conjunctions, oppositions,
greatest challenges, and when that one perfect sky high wave is gonna roll in to take you wherever you
need to be, and you would know where that is flawlessly, and what to say to who you know already you
will meet.
You couldn't possibly come detached from the Pure Light...
Sounds like something only a Soul Deficient Creator would try and dream up...
then force on their lab experiment and call it the cheese at the end of the maze of suffering.
Not for my Self in my own Life Never made a Law to bind others against on my Watch...
Yet, you are always a Force of Me, and let your Primary always be the unobstructed path from Spirit to
Soul-transformation, the Light is the Land/World for the Shaman; not the archetype who best
represents your projected solar system out and apart from you to 'get to'.
You are not on these pahs, Red or Black or White, to arrive to the master.
You are the Master of your own Reality, moving about to refresh as Water Bearer, reminding all those
along the way who fell out of touch with the Absolute, and are blind..nneding return to -
the Truth of Rigpa.
The White and Black will always foretell that Emptiness and Fullness are interwoven, exchanging, and
before the Singularity's Coaugulation in the Knower is achieved, not as a purity detained to any end of
a polarity spectrum, but as a familiar, a wave of power riding on the rushing backs of travelling
Messengers walking, diving, rising upon the Web of Life; One will be Primary, and the Other
Secondary [much as our gender roles], and many, many other shades will be specified
intermediary..even different energies inhabiting where former masters where, reminding us the master
is not the specific frequency taking on a preconceived cemented notion.
If there is Absolute in your Mind, let it not be the notions we project to the pinnacles or depths of
properly functioning Mind itself fulfilling civilized preferential prerequisites for best outcomes or
An awesome iconographical painting of the Woman Clothed In The Sun pinning down that
Old Dragon, the Devil Himself...
A.K.A., a jpeg of a Gnostic [Luciferian] learning to subdue the shadow-self he/she casts.
The third 'Christ Element' is of course, Her Spear...
Spears and Sunshine, for a guy to really get this, on a whole new level, the shamanic practice of
ceremonial garb that is pan or asexual and resplendant should begin to invoke the right-
for the most effective groundwork to advance in...